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Full Name

That's PROFESSOR Relkav, to you!




Expert 6/Rogue 4/Fighter 3








Draconic, Undercommon, Gnome, Dwarven, Common, Elven, Goblin

Strength 10
Dexterity 18
Constitution 10
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 14
Charisma 8

About Vakkler Relkav

Basic Stats:
HP: 55
AC: 17

+1 Ballista: +9, 3d8+3, (with Deadly Aim: +6, 3d8+9)
+1 Heavy Repeating Crossbow: +17/+12, 1d8+3 (with Deadly Aim: +14/+9, 1d8+9)
+2 Repeating Ballista: +10/+5, 1d8+4 (with Deadly Aim: +7/+2, 3d8+10). Note: 15% chance of breaking down after first shot, requiring half an hour to fix.

Deadly Aim: -3 attack, +6 damage.
Weapon Focus (heavy repeating crossbow): +1 attack
Weapon Focus (Ballista): +1 attack
Rapid Reload: Reload as move/free.
Improved Rapid Reload: Reload as free.
Point Blank Shot: +1 attack and damage within 30 feet.
Master Craftsman: +2 Craft (crossbows)and qualify for Craft Magic Arms and Armor.
Craft Magic Arms and Armor: Enhance weaponry.
Iron Will: +2 Will saves.
Improved Iron Will: Reroll a will save 1/day.

116 skill points.
Profession (miner): +8 (1 rank + 2 race + 3 class + 2 Wisdom)
Craft (crossbows): +22 (13 ranks + 2 feat + 3 class + 4 Intelligence)
Perception: +18 (13 ranks +2 Wisdom + 3 class)
Bluff: +15 (13 ranks - 1 Charisma +3 class)
Knowledge (the planes): +13 (6 ranks + 4 Intelligence +3 class)
Knowledge (arcana): +13 (6 ranks + 4 Intelligence +3 class)
Knowledge (dungeoneering): +20 (13 ranks + 4 Intelligence +3 class)
Knowledge (history): +20 (13 ranks + 4 Intelligence +3 class)
Knowledge (engineering): +20 (13 ranks + 4 Intelligence +3 class)
Linguistics: +15 (11 ranks + 4 Intelligence)

Vakkler Relkav once lived in the safe caverns of the Underdark.
Er, not safe. "Familiar" would be a better term for it.
Despite the many dangers, Vakkler liked his home. He liked it less when Agartha's blinding sun came to shine on it. The kobold land had been sold to the 'surface dwellers'. Generously, the kobolds were allowed to remain if they wished. Foolishly, the young kobold craftsman agreed.

Ever since this unfortunate decision, Mr. Relkav has been unable to get a decent job. Not many wish to hire a kobold--not just out of old prejudices. Kobolds aren't very strong. They often refuse to work with gnomes or dwarves. And they're just extremely sarcastic.

Finally, Vakkler caught a break. Or so he thought. An elf, a very hungry female monk and a human mage (worse, a seer)approached him one day and offered him a job. They were founding a school for 'abnormally talented children'. Teaching about military history? Vakkler fancies himself a smart individual, and he does like explaining his somewhat biased view of the past. He accepted.

He doesn't quite know why he was selected, but he's been given lodgings, a decent paycheck...

There's only one problem.

The children are mages. Mages, bizarre abominations....'abnormal' is right. Vakkler is much more frightened of the brats than he lets on.

In truth--though Vakkler will hold at crossbowpoint any who suggest it--almost all magic near terrifies the kobold. He's good at hiding it, but he's certain that this school will be the death of him yet.