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Full Name

Uthreth Baelcoressitas




Wizard (Diviner) 7










Desna, Pharasma, Torag and Yuelral




Aklo, Common, Elven, Celestial, Draconic, Gnome, Orc, Sylvan, Infernal, Undercommon, Giant, Terran


Traveller, Adventurer, Diviner

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Strength 8
Dexterity 16
Constitution 10
Intelligence 21
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10

About Uthreth Baelcoressitas

Originally named Eiravel Baelcoressitas, meaning "Sharp Sword, Legendary Guardian and Elven Wall." Name changed to Uthreth Baelcoressitas, meaning "Arcane Wizard, Legendary Guardian and Elven Wall." See story for details.

Family History:
Uthreth Baelcoressitas, originally born Eiravel Baelcoressitas, came into the world part of a long line of defenders of the Elven people. His surname was given to his family millennia ago, when two Elven brothers stood together at a pass leading into a forested valley and held it against an onslaught of orcs. Eiravel, his ancestral namesake and a ranger, and his brother Malasel, an Elven fighter known at the time for great bravery in combat, readied themselves against hundreds of orcs bent on sweeping into the valley below and tearing into the Elven frontier village. Though both brothers were near death when they returned to the forest, Malasel carrying the unconscious Eiravel on his shoulders, they were victorious and the elves rejoiced. A great feast was held in honor of the two warriors once they recovered, and their great surname bestowed upon them. Eiravel's first child was born later that year, though sadly Malasel Baelcoressitas was killed while doing battle with an evil necromancer, but not before he destroyed enough of the wizard's minions to allow his companions to avenge his death in that very same battle and end the threat that the necromancer posed to the realm. The Baelcoressitas family, continued through Eiravel's line, generally shunned magic though occasionally a member would choose the arcane arts over the martial arts and when that happened they would take the name Uthreth and go to study with their predecessors. This happened infrequently enough that there was only one time in the family history when more than three had the name Uthreth Baelcoressitas, and that was many generations ago. Now there is only the one, having lived through the Cataclysm that saw the death of his master, Uthreth's second uncle who shared his name.

Though he was quite agile and intelligent, Uthreth was weaker than normal and didn't possess any special toughness or physical abilities. He preferred study to swordplay, and so he left the home of his martial family and entered the tower of his arcane family when he was only 30 years old. Upon his arrival his new master gave him a signet ring of the arcane side of the Baelcoressitas family, which contained the image of a spellbook with a sword and shield emerging from it, signifying the use of magic to support the Baelcoressitas family in defending the realm. The ring provided a focus for his magical training, in time becoming bonded to him and without it the spells he learned were very difficult to cast. With the ring, however, he was able to occasionally summon forth and cast a spell that he did not take the time to memorize, which was a great boon and the reason why his master trained him in this manner. Uthreth also used the signet ring for mundane tasks as well, such as sealing letters that his master sent out and signing receipts for shipments of supplies to the tower. The Baelcoressitas family was not nearly as famous as it once had been, thousands of years ago, and indeed much of the realm had forgotten about them. Still, the signet ring provided Uthreth with proof of his birthright and together with his magical link with it, caused him to cherish it a great deal. He never took it off, even to bathe, and the weight of it on his finger was a constant reminder of both his abilities and his family's history.

After the Cataclysm 100 years ago, Uthreth began travelling the world, keeping his magical knowledge hidden for the most part and appearing as a mundane traveler. Only in recent years, having met other students of the magical arts, and in areas civilized enough to support such studies, has he made his abilities known to a few. Thandar Mallister, a hermit-like wizard living outside of New Ravenscourt, and his student Darius Blackthorn, were among his most visited acquaintances. Indeed, Darius and Uthreth became friends and whenever his travels took him near New Ravenscourt, Uthreth would find time to meet with the young human transmuter. He now finds himself on one of those visits...

Uthreth, being a diviner, spends the vast majority of his time either adventuring, studying, or divining secrets, outside of mundane tasks such as eating and sleeping. However, he does find occasion to honor three major deities and one minor: Desna, Pharasma, Torag and Yuelral. Desna, The Tender of Dreams, is the goddess of travel and so whenever Uthreth takes a journey he holds her in his mind. She's also the one who created the heavens, which contain mysteries that intrigue him. Uthreth respects Pharasma, The Lady of Graves, for her abilities with fate and prophecy, though her prophetic abilities have been waning. Torag, though primarily a dwarven god, is the god of protection and strategy and as such deserves a special place in Uthreth's thoughts as his family's history is closely linked with protection and Uthreth considers strategy and tactics of the utmost importance during battle. Yuelral, though only a minor deity, is the goddess of elven magic and so Uthreth pays his respects to her as well. Besides these four, Uthreth finds little time for any other deities but remains respectful to those that do not find themselves enemies of those he does regularly honor. Those enemies so far known to Uthreth include Urgathoa, Lamashtu, Ghlaunder, Rovagug and Zon-Kuthon. Because Urgathoa escaped Pharasma and her Boneyard and brought undeath to the world, Uthreth holds a particular distaste for the undead.