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Full Name

Ron Something-Or-Other...




Guitarist 9/ Retail Clerk 4/ Bar-Back 4/Bar Tender 3







Special Abilities

Fastest right hand in Death Metal (Just ask Paul Ryan of Origin...)


CG, would prefer to be NG, but who am I kidding...


Er, no thanks...I prefer Gnostisicm. Ok, fine , Huitzipochtli...


San Francisco. And no, it isn't cool to call it Frisco.


English, Staff, Runes. I understand a smidgin of Spanish and Elvish.



Homepage URL

Not right now, nope.

Strength 14
Dexterity 17
Constitution 12
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 14
Charisma 22

About Uriel393

Blue-haired Guitarist (Skill Focus: Death Metal)
I am quite tangentially challenged.
Ellipsis obsessed...
I have way too many miniatures (4,000+...), most unpainted.
I raise dangerous crustaceans for a hobby.
I'm a sucker for a girl with real curves.
I make one Helluva Cosmo.

Usual Gear:
+4 Amon Amarth Hoodie of Resistance,
+6 Behemoth Shirt of Armor
+3 Ring of Protection (Right Thumb),Ring of Friendship (Left Thumb)
Big Black Boots of Stomping
Stripey-leggings of Girl-Charming (Variously Black with green, yellow,red,blue,purple)
Chrome Bag of Holding, Type IV or Handy Laptop Bag of Holding
+3 Dell Laptop...specs are boring, it has a Yellow Sign on it, Oh, and it is bright Yellow!)
+4 iPhone4
+2 Keen Kukri
+2 Mighty (Str +2) Short Composite Bow
23 (I lost one...)Master-Worked Arrows (And YES, they stack, because they actually do ,in the RW)
+3 Speed Bottle-Opener
+2 Drink Shaker (With Hello Kitty Stickers...seriously)
+5 Washburn RS-8V Guitar <Vlad>(Trilogy Multi-Tune bridge, EMG 81s, tallboy frets)
2 +3 Washburn RS-8V Guitars <Nero and Hannibal>
+4 Amplifier of Neighbor Annoying (Ampeg SS-150,150m Watt head)
Bag of Unlimited Q-Workshop Dice (OK, about 60, but still...)
Well-worn Pathfinder Books
Lots of expensive Japanese Folders, 'Cause the sizes/colors are different!

D4 18-28 year old 'Not Girlfriends' (Current count, 2...Ahem)
2 kittens...neither took the job as my Familiar, but both demand the perks of said job (Namely, Albacore on a regular basis)
Super-expensive apartment in San Francisco...although it is 'below market price', it still runs me, gold pieces a month.

01-50 At Home
51-70 At Work
71-85 At Gamescape, the FLGS
86-90 At the AMC 100, seeing Multiple Movies *
91-93 At Japan Center, buying 'stuff' that I don't actually need
94-95 At some Mexican,Thai or Sushi place
96-97 Being dragged around by Hannah,usually buying make-up...
98 On an Adventure with my BFF, MLE.
99 At Japan Center,but with Mallory added...visits morph to include the 'Kuwaii!stores..Ugh
100 Berkeley, for CD/DVD/Bookstore raids...

* Usually requires a visit to Tommy's Joynt prior, for turkey sandwiches for said Movies.

Fort+ 13 Reflex:+21 Will+17
AC 22/Flat 19/Touch 16

Kukri +17/+12/+7 D4+4 15-20/x2
S C Bow +20/16/10 D6+4 20/x3