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Hey all,

I was so serving if the cards in these packs are merely reprints from other packs, or entirely new cards?

Any help us greatly appreciated.

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Aside from the name referencing a culture where the Scimitar is used, I am talking about the mechanics.

Dervish Dance is an extension of Weapon Finesse (Along a Feat Chain requiring Weapon Finesse).

The goofy thing here is that Weapon Finesse doesn't work with a Scimitar.
Kind of a strange combination.

Does anyone else think that perhaps the Dex to damage Feat should have been usable with perhaps all Light weapons, or at least the Rapier?


PS:I House-Ruled that Weapon Finesse worked with both Scimitar and Quarterstaff a while back, but that is another subject.

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Not sure if I'm late, but I'd like to run some of my homebrew races through the points to see how they stack up.


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I am not near my Core book and had a question...

If I have the Forge Ring Feat, and want to combine more that one effect into one Ring, is it possible/what is the cost?

I was thinking of combining a Feather Fall(2200GP) and +1 Ring of Protection(2000GP). I realize that I would need a Cleric for the Ring of Protection (My character is a Magus).

What would the cost be?


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Hola all,

As the title says, you are transported through space/time to Golarion.
What would you want to transform into, Character wise...based on your honest assessment of your abilities and actual desires.

For example: I love Wizards,but I am not a huge fan of Sorcs.
However, the reality of spending hours a day./years painstakingly pouring over dusty tomes for power...? EEr... I haven't even fully read the APG yet. However, just having my power, and a cool-assed bloodline to boot? D'uh... (Even though the gamer in me hates the Lvl behind you are for getting your new Spell levels)...See what I mean?

Paladin? Awesome... Other that I think it would be an incredibly boring outlook, am not a super religious person, and am far too disorganized for LG.

See what I'm getting at?
I'd love to be an Elf, but (Let's be honest), I'm a goofball, my Girlfriend is half my age (not to mention that it's 'Open'), I play RPGs,
talk to my cats like they are people. Although ;the Bleaching' has gotten a hold of me as-of-late, I have long blue hair...
Gnome, it is...

I'd love to be a Magus,but...I've been playing guitar since I was 15 (I'm 42), tell jokes, stories (I am THE DM in our circle), I write Limericks... Dig up obscure facts and tidbits. I think it's pretty obvious that I'd have to be a Bard.

So let's go Lvl 7, 25 pt buy, normal 23,500GP wealth. I'd love to see what 'You' would become, made real in this wonderful RPG setting.

You that Wiccan/Goth girl in school? Witches actually rock !
Doing Kung Fu since you were 5? Monks away!
Maybe you always wanted to be Gunslinger, and played 'Young Guns/Clint Eastewood/whatever.

Obviously, folks could post their optimal builds, which might happen. I'd be that ridiculous Aasimar Oracle of the Heavens that I played in a recent Planescape game. But, he sure wouldn't have thought like I do, outside of Color Spraying Ice Devils...But if Ron Boggs' essence transferred to Golarion...Gnome Bard. Nope, I'm going to 'non-optimize', because, really...Bard/Magus is what I'd actually WANT to be...And I'm taking Familar as an Arcana, because I'd WANT an awesome talking cat. See what I mean?

I bet you folks can think up some really fun interpretations of 'you'.

Heck, if I see enough great ones, I'll offer to run a 'You are transported to Golarion' game at Gencon (Definate showing), or Paizocon, if I can make it...

I'll stat myself out in a bit. Post the Golarionized You, with gear that you'd actually love to have (Who wouldn't want a Handy fave magic item ever).


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Hey all,

Just thought I'd ask what interesting/devious/wacky uses that you, and those that you game with and come up with.

'Message arrow shot into the PCs camp (By a group of Spriggans,Quicklings and other Fey badguys... PC's open the message Explosive Runes.

Best part was that I had joked a few weeks earlier about a Wizard character (Elf, so h carried a Bow) who had used in it a game.


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Hey all,

I find myself ramping up to run some games on here,but I haven't done any PbP in a long while.

Back in 2002-05, I ran a LOT of games over at ENWorld (Username:Uriel).
I was one of the 3 folks that got Living EnWorld going, as well...I was a big fan of PbP, obviously. I actually managed to complete some games (WooHoo!), and played in a lot as well, all with varying styles of dealing with the issues I am going to mention.


It was a lot more primitive then, 5-7 years is a bit like the Dark Ages with anything online. I would draw things out on graph (I ran a lot of involved battles), scan them, with numbers along the edges. Players would state which spaces they traveled through, moved too.
I can almost hear a few laughs, or at least 'Ouch, THAT sounds like a lot of work...' I was, especially given that things could change at each person's turn.
Anyways, I am looking for options for Maps, so any help would be great.

On the subject of running games (To players, as well as DMs). There seems to be a lot of APs going on. This is fine, but I usually use original material/ideas. Do folks around here seem to have a preference?

I run PF in Golarion (Kingmaker currently),but I also have a well established 3.5 World (PF now) to use, as well as 2 that I use for HARP (Fluff is Fluff, however).
I think initially, I will use Golarion, as that is familiar to people.

Me as a PbPer:

I live in California (GMT-08.00), but I am most active at night. I can change this easily to accommodate games, but I work nights (Bartender), and I tend to be up all night regardless of being on shift or not.
I can usually post at least a couple of times a night from work, much more on Monday nights (Slower Goth Night...I bring my laptop to work). Week days are usually free, Fridays and Saturdays are tougher for me, until 4am or so, my time.
Really, however, I am pretty open.



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So, let's take a 5th Lvl Human Fighter with an 18 Str, 15 Dex.
5 Feats (Human,1st,3rd,5th,F1,F2,F4) I made him a TWF Archetype,btw, which adds +1/+1 when using 2 weapons.

I have him at +11, or +9/9 with TWF (WF,+1 Swords), +6 Damage (Double Slice)
Both options have Double Slice, WF and WS for all sword attacks concerned.

So... I was looking at someone's 'Dual-Wielding Longsword' guy, with the -4/-4, and said to myself. Well, the dif is -2... Why not just take a Light weapon in the offhand, and Power Attack. Now, PA is only giving a +2 Dam on the off hand, but it still looks like this.

Using 2 Longswords without PA

+8/+8 1D8+8/1D8+8

Using LS/SS with PA

+8/+8 1D8+12/1D6+10

You could take WF and WS out of the equation for the SS (thus only a 1 Feat 'Tax', and have the SS attacks +7 1D6+8
Still a pretty nice +4 to damage on the main weapon, and a slight variance on the off-hand. Huge game-breaker? Obviously not, but I thought it interesting.


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1d3 + 15 ⇒ (3) + 15 = 18
1d3 + 15 ⇒ (1) + 15 = 16
1d10 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13
1d10 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7
4d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 6, 4) = 18
4d6 ⇒ (5, 2, 5, 6) = 18
4d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 6, 3) = 20

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So, something that has bugged me about many RPGs is the lack rules for closing on an opponent, to a distance where their longsword, their great axe, their flail is not effective. Real World fighters both in the past, as well as the present carry secondary weapons (Indeed, the Romans made a point <No Pun intended> of their primary weapon, the Gladius, capitalizing on this tactic) to exploit such close distances. Why does your fighter bother to carry a dagger? Why would someone choose a short sword over a longsword in D&D? (To DM) What do you mean there's not enough room to swing my Greatsword in the tunnel!?!

Her are some rules/options that I am going to try out in my Kingmaker game.
Please feel free to comment, discuss, help out if something looks imbalanced, or even try with your fellow gamers.

Combat Maneuver- Close.

When withing 5 feet of an enemy, and wielding a weapon designated as a 'close' weapon, as a Move action (Considered the combatant's 5 foot step), the combatant may Close with the enemy.This requires a CMB vs. the enemy's CMD. Weapons without the 'close' designation are -2 to hit in these circumstances. Failure to beat th CMD provokes an Attack of Opportunity (Without the penalty for fighting close).
Breaking the Close condition is a Move action (Also part of a 5 foot step or a normal Move, as the combatant chooses) requiring a CMB check vs. the opponent's CMD.Breaking the Close condition does not provoke an Attack of Opportunity.


Krogar the Wily is facing off against a Bugbear, wielding a Flail,and they are currently 5 feet apart. Krogar (Declaring his Full Attack) uses Close,
(Rolls a total of 23, vs. the Bugbears 19, thus Closing) and now may utilize his short sword at no penalty, while the Bugbear fights with a -2 penalty to his attacks. Should the Bugbear wish to break the Close condition, it will require him to break Krogaar's CMD.

Confined Spaces- Terrain (Sort of)

Fighting anywhere that does not allow full movement (A tight tunnel, etc...) gives a -2 negative to attack rolls with any weapon not designated 'close'. This penalty stacks with those from the 'Close' condition.

Example: The Bugbear from the previous encounter has broke from Krogar's attack, and run off down a corridor. Chasing him, Krogar corners him in a small room.Krogar spots a narrow tunnel behind the bugbear, and Bull Rushes him back into it. Now, while Krogar is fine with his short sword and dagger, the Bugbear is facing a serious disadvantage with his flail, as there is no room to swing it properly...As well, Krogar has a nasty habit of getting in very close.

Feat - Pass the Guard

Dex 13 required
Base Attack +1 required

You are skilled at making the most of getting in under the guard of an enemy, where longer weapons have less effectiveness.
When taking the 'Close' action, you receive a +2 to your CMB. Likewise, you receive a +2 to your CMD when an enemy tries to break the Close condition.Regardless of success of a Close Maneuver, you do not provoke Attacks of Opportunity when you attempt a Close Maneuver.

Normal: Failing a Close Maneuver provokes an Attack of Opportunity.


List of weapons designated 'Close'.

Battle Aspergillium
Brass Knuckles
Chakram (In melee)
Dagger (Punching)
Gauntlet (Spiked)
Hammer (Light)
Hand Axe
Mace (Light)
Pick (Light)
Shield, Light (Bash)
Short Spear
Spiked Buckler
Starknife (In Melee)
Swordbreaker Dagger
Wooden Stake



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Is this a Typo, in the Kingdom phase...did Paizo mean Control DC?


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Hey all,

I was converting a folder of my old 1st Ed characters, and hit a snag with my old Weapon Specialist (Throwing Knives).

Does using the 'Archer' sound fair, with just a weapon's sub?


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I was just curious, and thought that it might be fun to hear what other DMs (And Players) rsponded with.

I am DMing Kingmaker, the party is currently Lvl 6, near the end of the 2nd Module.

Lowyn Theda: Half-Elf Cavalier (order of the Dragon)6

Dribble: Half-Orc Alchemist

Gurdrin: Dwarf Inquisitor 4/Ranger 2

Emyl: Half-Elf Rogue (Scout) 6

Efrem: Lvl 6 Witch (Fox Familiar), also the Baron.

Casidius Heartwine: Cleric of Cayden Caleen (sp?) 6

Deceased: Malakai,Half-Orc Rogue2/Barbarian 2

NPCs attached to the group

Mik-Mek, Kobold Hero (Rogue) 1/Cavalier (Order of the Dragon)3

Fat Nobby: Human Rogue 3(Investigator) /Fighter 1

Yaargh: Half-Orc Fighter (Archer) 4

Dorn von Benbreck: Human Fighter (Crossbowman)4

Fiero: Gnome Sorcerer 4

A few others. I have been bringing the NPCs along in a more organic way, getting them ready for the PCs taking Leadership. Now, we have a nice pool of them, and the PCs actually care about what happens to them, rather than taking the Feat and asking for X Class or Y Class.


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Hey all, So...I have a silly Profile.
A couple of folks have remarked that they liked it, so I thought that I would post it, but (More importantly to me!) ask for those of you who have taken the time to fill them out, post yours as well!



Full Name

Ron Something-Or-Other...




Guitarist 9/ Retail Clerk 4/ Bar-Back 4/Bar Tender 3







Special Abilities

Fastest right hand in Death Metal (Just ask Paul Ryan of Origin...)


CG, would prefer to be NG, but who am I kidding...


Er, no thanks...I prefer Gnostisicm. Ok, fine , Huitzipochtli...


San Francisco. And no, it isn't cool to call it Frisco.


English, Staff, Runes. I understand a smidgen of Spanish and Elvish.



Homepage URL

Not right now, nope.

Strength 14
Dexterity 17
Constitution 12
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 14
Charisma 22

About Uriel393

Blue-haired Guitarist (Skill Focus: Tech-Death Metal)
I am quite tangentially challenged.
Ellipsis obsessed...
I have way too many miniatures (4,000+...), most unpainted.
I raise dangerous crustaceans for a hobby.
I'm a sucker for a girl with real curves.
I make one Helluva Cosmo.

Usual Gear:
+4 Hoodie of Armor,Moderate Fortification
+2 Behemoth Shirt of Natural Armor
+3 Ring of Protection (Right Thumb),Ring of Friendship (Left Thumb)
Big Black Boots of Stomping
Stripey-leggings of Girl-Charming (Variously Black with green, yellow,red,blue,purple)
Chrome Bag of Holding, Type IV or Handy Laptop Bag of Holding
+3 Dell Laptop...specs are boring, it has a Yellow Sign on it, Oh, and it is bright Yellow!)
+4 iPhone4
+2 Keen Kukri
+2 Mighty (Str +2) Short Composite Bow
23 (I lost one...)Master-Worked Arrows (And YES, they stack, because they actually do ,in the RW)
+3 Speed Bottle-Opener
+2 Drink Shaker (With Hello Kitty Stickers...seriously)
+5 Washburn RS-8V Guitar <Vlad>(Trilogy Multi-Tune bridge, EMG 81s, tallboy frets)
2 +3 Washburn RS-8V Guitars <Nero and Hannibal>
+4 Amplifier of Neighbor Annoying (Ampeg SS-150,150m Watt head)
Bag of Unlimited Q-Workshop Dice (OK, about 60, but still...)
Well-worn Pathfinder Books
Lots of expensive Japanese Folders, 'Cause the sizes/colors are different!

D4 18-24 year old 'Not Girlfriends' (Current count, 2,both 19...Ahem)
2 old cats...neither took the job as my Familiar, but both demand the perks of said job (Namely, Albacore on a regular basis)
Super-expensive apartment in San Francisco...although it is 'below market price', it still runs me, gold pieces a month.

01-50 At Home
51-70 At Work
71-85 At Gamescape, the FLGS
86-90 At the AMC 100, seeing Multiple Movies *
91-93 At Japan Center, buying 'stuff' that I don't actually need
94-95 At some Mexican,Thai or Sushi place
96-97 Being dragged around by Courtney,usually buying make-up...
98 Being dragged around by Cassaundra, usually buying make-up...
99 At Japan Center,but with Mallory added...visits morph to include the 'Kuwaii!stores..Ugh
100 Berkeley, for CD/DVD/Bookstore raids...

* Usually requires a visit to Tommy's Joynt prior, for turkey sandwiches for said Movies.

Fort+ 13 Reflex:+21 Will+17
AC 22/Flat 19/Touch 16

Kukri +17/+12/+7 D4+4 15-20/x2
S C Bow +20/15/10 D6+4 20/x3

Looked better in the page format, but I Cut-n-Pasted it.

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First off, I'm actually a 'Cat Person' in RL, but I have found it odd, since 3.0 that their isn't an option for having a small dog for a familiar.

I'm thinking a little terrier (Bostons are my fave, although there isn't a Boston in Golarion...:D ).

I know that I could just use the stats for a small dog from the Bestiary, but ideas for what bonus it gives to the Wizard/Witch (My character is
actually a Magus with the Familiar Arcana).

Dogs have both Good saves for Fort and Ref..Maybe +1 to each? Some Familiars give +2 to one, so it seems on par.

Gaining Scent seems a bit powerful.

I would have to tool down the stats, as the Small Dog is way too powerful for an Familiar..Str 13, D4+1 Dam, etc...



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Does anybody else think that this is a bit overpowered?

Sure, in a standard party it isn't a huge deal, as it is usable 4,5,6 times a day? (Still pretty nifty). However,I am Running Kingmaker, and the Witch (Lvl 6) can cast it all day, 6 times a minute, 360 times an hour... In a game with armies, this is a HUGE ability. Basically, he can walk around like a Messiah, healing everyone that he meets. That's Cure Mod for over 2,000 soldiers in an 8 hour day?



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Hey all,

So, we have a question regarding the Cavalier's Challenge (+1 damage/Level) and Spirited Charge.

First off,with Spirited Charge, the rider does double damage, triple with a lance.

Our Cavalier is Level 5, Damage is 1D8+3.

So, Charging Damage 3D8+9, that is pretty straightforward.
However, he may add +5 damage to his attack, once he issues a challenge. The player seems to think that this is also tripled. AFAICT, there is nothing stating that bonus damage coming from a supernatural,special,extraordinary or other power is multiplied on this charge.
If a Paladin does +6 with a Smite, does he now do +18 on the SC? Just because he is on a horse, his Holy Channel is multiplied? This seems ludicrous to me.Such bonus points are clearly based upon either the Attribute (CHA for the Paladin) or the Level (Challenge for the Cavalier).
In effect, this Level 5 Cavalier now gets a bonus equal to a Lvl 15 Cavalier, because of a Feat?

3D8+9+15 is pretty over-the-top at Lvl 5, considering it isn't even a Crit (Which will be 9D8+27...+ the Challenge bonus.)

Looking for some official ruling, or someone who knows where this is addressed, in Errata or elsewhere, thanks in advance.


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Hey all,

So, the Instant Fortress says that it can't be deactivated with something inside it. We had a situation where someone cast a Greater Dispel on a Fortress, this suppressing it's magic (temporarily, obviously). Does this shrink the Fortress down to it's cube form? The DM (Me) ruled that it does. However, the owner's body was inside (He was Magic-Jarring into other people), Game was a PvP Arena fight for fun.Does this crush the body?
I ruled (After much discussion from various points of view) that he took the same damage (10D10) as if 'hit' by the Cube, but his body was expelled as the item became inert.

Also, does the Fortress have a solid floor? It says that it extends down for 10 feet, but not if it has a floor or not...Someone was asking, regarding burrowing through the bottom etc...

Regarding Deactivation/something inside: Does this mean that any little prankster can toss a pebble through one of the arrow slits, and thwart the owner from shrinking down his Fortress? Imagine a bag of marbles, it would take some time to collect all of them, and thus shrink the Fortress...

Any opinions welcome, and an Official answer from Paizo would be super keen (doubles crit threat range!).


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Hey there,

We are about to do a big PvP Arena Match, 10+ players, and loads of issues with regards to Invisibility, Hide in Plain Sight etc...

If someone has a Stealth of 25,30+ or whatever, and rolls decent, it puts a pretty high DC on detecting them, even if they are right there...Shadowdancer hiding in Shadows, for example.

Does an Arcane Archer's Seeker Arrow, or other such powers ignore this?

Blindsense, Blind Fighting, Scent, etc...

Feel fee to chime in with clarifications (Officially, especially).


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Hey there folks,

Maybe I am missing something, but do stats exist anywhere for the Fox (Or Goat).

We are using small dog, but that doesn't really capture a Fox. Yes, I can make something up, but the player would feel better if there was something 'official' out there.

Thanks in advance


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Pretty straightforward.

Cleric is Grappled, then Pinned.
Can said Cleric use their Channels while in this state?
Grapple/Pinned restrict spell casting with material or somatic gestures, but RAW doesn't exactly say that Channeling requires the hands.
Channeling does mention 'presenting ' a Holy Symbol, however...

Bit of a Gray area, any help appreciated.


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So, I am wondering if there is any way to tell the difference between official Pathfinder games and games of Pathfinder Society.

Whil I liked playing PFS last year, the fact that (After several emails asking for help, and it is 7+ Months later...) I still have 2 PFS numbers has left me with a F*&k It attitude towards trying to play those.
So, along with games that I am running, I'd like to play one or three, but hopefully just one-offs, whether with Pre-gens or otherwise.

Any help will be appreciated.


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So, I had signed up for Pathfinder Society last year, been issued a number ( 1771), and basically didn't play until this recent Gencon.

At Gencon, I was unable to access my account (Stupid iPhone...), and the folks running the games issued me a new card (Number 1378).
I played one character (1378-1 Uriel Sureshot) during the Con, completing Shipyard Rats 1 and 2.

So, how can I rectify this, get just one number, and be credited for my games?



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So, I had signed up for Pathfinder Society last year, been issued a number ( 1771), and basically didn't play until this recent Gencon.

At Gencon, I was unable to access my account (Stupid iPhone...), and the folks running the games issued me a new card (Number 1378).
I played one character (1378-1 Uriel Sureshot) during the Con, completing Shipyard Rats 1 and 2.

So, how can I rectify this, get just one number, and be credited for my games?



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EDIT: By the title,I mean that said products are 3.5, not Pathfinder. The content of these products, I find excellent otherwise, writing,art and overall design.

So, basically, I have no interest in buying 'Pre-Pathfinder' products anymore, when I am only going to end up having to buy them again, when official PF versions come out.
I mean, seriously. Everyone that I know (Including the guys at the only FLGS in San Francisco) have stopped buying the PF print products, since , as one guy at the store put it 'They are just going to end up re-releasing them in official PF versions next year/following anyways. As someone who JUST bought all of the CotCT adventures in print, this sort of peeves me. Will there be any sort of discount for folks who shelled out the cash for the 3.5 versions? A free PDF conversion to PF. Yes, it is easy enough for me, but a lot of folks don't have the time to convert everything, as their gaming is a restricted thing (Kids, careers,whatever...).
Likewise, I haven't been able to get any of the 12+ regulars who game at the store for join the PF Society, because they don't want to play 3.5 any more...(Yes, we all knw that it will change in August, but still...).

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Pathfinder. I had already decided to just be done with 3.5, then PF drew me back into the D20system, and here I am. It's just a strange spot to be in, buying products that are 90% set up for the game that you will be playing in August and beyond.

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I may be putting this in the wrong place, and apologies in advance if that is true.
I have a few questions about the PS.

I believe that it is currently 3.5, but it will switch to PF in Season 1...and this begins at Gencon?

Will a Member be able to convert their character over to thr PF system, and keep playing them?

As well, I have a group that currently plays PF. How many Society adventures can we plan , of the ones already available, to play 'catch up' before Gencon, and how fast can we play them?

We play at the LGS, btw, and 2 of our players work there, so we have space to host for 2-3 groups at a time, should we jump in to this (Late, I know but still...)

Will folk be able to buy the PF game at Gencon, go to a table and convert their characters, thus playing them for the various Society Games at Gencon?

Thanks for any help/answers in advance.


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I just noticed that the Kukri isn't given a description in the Beta. Did they catch this?


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Forgive me if this is covered in the PF book, or even the PH. I am currently on crutches, and getting to my books is a bit hard at the moment.

Example: Half-Elf counts as both Human and Elf for Blood effects (Like Bane).

An archer shoots him with a Human Bane Bow, using an Elf bane arrow. I know that the + Bonus doesn't stack, but AFAIK, Special effects do.
So, is he subject to both sets of +2 to hit (Not technically a Bonus? Or is it...and the +2D6 Damage?

Likewise, one could be Magebane, and the other Elf Bane, for example.

In lighter news, in my 3.5 campaign, the archer had a Magebane Bow (Fighting a lot of Drow, and he likes to kill Wizards). There were also a lot of Gnomes about, who didn't like him one bit for that weapon, including another party member. And yes, he did Fumble (Paizo Deck), hit his buddy, and do an extra 2D6+2 vs. him..Hehe


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Hey all,

So, this is a little problem that I discovered back in 3.0, then 3.5, and one that we just changed in House Rule, but, here it is...

Quarter Staves... The off hand strike is considered a Light weapon (When two weapon fighting), but not the primary one.

Here's where it gets funny

Farnum Snoddgrass (Yes, my character's name was Farnum Snoddgrass) is a Rogue who uses a Q-Staff. He has the Feats 2 Weapon Fighting, as well as Weapon Finesse. A Dex of 18 (+4) , and a Str of 13 (+1). Base of +5, last time I played him, IIRC....

Here's how his attacks worked out

Standard strike would read +4/+4 (5+1,5+1, but -2 each for 2WF, off is a light weapon).

TWF: +4/+7... the off hand has a higher attack than the primary one, the one that he has been using all of his life, his main hand.

I understand that the designers probably just called the off-hand a Light,so that folks wouldn't be penalized too much, but they couldn't have been thinking things through, regarding Weapon Finesse.

So, I suggest that perhaps the Quarterstaff could be added to the list of Finesse-able weapons? I mean, if the Spiked Chain (One of the most unwieldy weapon concepts ever...) is such a Finesse thing, then surely the humble staff?

Thanks for reading, and any comments are welcome.