Undine NPC's page

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Although you are not familiar with undine race, you do sense that he is more that sheer brawn and force that there is a minor but innate magic ability that is probably related to the water.

You recognize that he has a few Tulita tattoos, and you know they are the persecuted natives to the Razor Coast.

Punawai nods at everyone's attention, he seems a bit uncomfortable, and he is socially clumsy "You no want to fight? Most want to fight." He glaces a the sharks following the ship, and comments offhandedly that "Shark attacks increase over last three moon cycles."

His head moves up and down imitating Marcus. "I'm an outcast so I hail from here, there and everywhere a ship will take me....friend." he grins. His corded muscles pull on the line. "I'm Punawai."

With a quick reaction his foot slides a bucket out of another man's way, to prevent an injury. "Watch where you walk or you'll be swimming with the sharks." he comments to the unobservant crewman.