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Would a halflings Sure-Footed trait stay or go? I could see the argument being made that it's biological, training, or cultural.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
... and damn the thread necromancer for raising this, but i typed all this out i'm posting it.

Sorry, but I figured it was better to continue an old thread than start a new one on an unfinished topic.

Resurrect for answer. Wanting to know if form of giant halfling is still lucky.

Black_Lantern wrote:
I wouldn't allow it for a couple of reasons. It makes no sense that someone could catch arrows without training and there is next to no reason why you would want to attempt to waste your time catching arrows when five others are coming at you.

You haven't read much of this thread, have you?

Transdimensional tombs, axiomatic artifacts, and defeasible devils... Oh, my.

I haven't had this much fun in years. I just wish the rest of The Coib were having as much fun. Every time I turn one of them is bleeding or vomiting or being carried off into an indoor thunderstorm and I can't help but think, "Neat". I'm beginning to think they may have become suspicious of my "unerring ability to to not be dead so much". I may have to let them in on my secret (as I don't really know at what moment suspicions may have arose, therefore cannot rewrite that memory).

...And now we're in the town of an archmage! And Elegos is alive! and so is Nexus' twin! And we get to spend gold! And I'm gonna buy the biggest magical rock I can! Oh, this will be fun!

Just one question, why would a "magic central" community with such powerful residents pick this little plot of lake-front property to live on over a metropolis like the free city?

It's been a long time since I've championed any cause, and I wonder if I do it now for the effort or just the boredom that fills eternity.

I've meet other Thunderweilders in my time, but never one so adept at battle. This large individual, Hazard, has peaked my interest. Most I've met with this gift seclude themselves to a mountaintop and ponder the meaning of their power, without doing anything useful with it. He has potential to change the world. Is that why I stay?

Maybe The Bladedancer? It's as if she is a personification of the grace of battle; a guillotine that was taught that its being was art. But her drive seems to be forced upon her. I wonder if the angel and devil fighting inside her will one day break free?

Could it be that my curiosity was peaked by Rendul? Since we were paired together I'd heard of nothing but the end to "That pompous bastard on Auric's team", Yet when the time comes he fires not one shot in his direction. Normally mortals grasp at every chance to avenge themselves; could I have witnessed true forgiveness or just foresight. Once a man gets revenge he rarely knows what to do with it.

Never the less, here I am. Maybe if I help them it may help me understand. I'll try my hardest to be indispensable.

This is not good.

Now the guild will definitely have to intervine.

Do you think a GM should limit his players to core only while useing other source materiel himself?

What would be your reasoning for not allowing a player to take a feat or a level in a class that he has encountered other NPC's using?