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Full Name



AC 19 (18 when raging); Fort +9; Ref +5; Will +7; Perc +7;




LG Human(1/2 O) Barbarian-2; THP 5/5; HP 18/38; hero 2/3; minor healing potion 1/1;

About Ulvard


Ulvard is an ulfen with an unfortunate flaw in his bloodline. He moved to Oppara to try to join the Ulfen guard where he took on a role as squire to one of the older guards. When that guard retired, Ulfen was not offered the place so he has left to roam the world and build up his skills in the hope of one day acquiring a spot for himself.

Senses: Low light vision

◆ Greatsword +8; Damage1d12+4 (P or S)
◆ Sudden charge

Skills (Trained)
Acrobatics +5
Athletics +8
Lore(warfare) +4
Medicine +5
Stealth +5
Survival +5

Bot me
Ulvard will rush into battle. Either using Sudden charge, or if foes are closer, raging first.
With his spirit instinct he has an aversion for the dead and will always rage as soon as he can to raise his damage (positive damage)

The wisdom of Ulvard
Woman with spider in mouth hide spiders elsewhere too.
It is better to ask the bear what he wants to eat, than to ask the elk.