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Full Name



Shield, Invisible, Undetectable

HP 99(-)/99; AC 30(38)/tch 20(22)/FF 24(32); CMD 26 (28); F+15 (-)(+4 dis imm Pois, +2 ongoing eff) R +22 (26)W +12(13)(+4 slp/par) Res Elec 5; Init+6(8); Bmbs 3/38 Breath 2/2 Fly 11/15 60ft FF 0/9, Surge 4/5 Leg Surge 2/2


Craft: Trap+29 Stealth+26(28) Wind+1 Perc +19 (18) Alchemy+38 DD +23 Spellcraft+24 Arcana+24Nature+24 Rel +24 Fly+22 UMD+16 Surv+23


Acid res 30 , Heroism, Sacred Bond, Telepathy, Shield


2 ft 6

Special Abilities

Swift Alchemy, Swift Poisoning, Poison Resist, Poison Use, Persistent Mutagen, Bomb, Mythic Surge, Hard to Kill


Draconic, Common, Undercommon, Aklo, Infernal, Abyssal, Goblin, Giant

Strength 8
Dexterity 22
Constitution 12
Intelligence 25
Wisdom 14
Charisma 7

About Ulp

Prepped Extracts.
1: used, True Strike, used, Reduce Self, Used, used
2: used used, Resist Energy, used, used, alchemical allocation, acute senses Flask: empty
3 CSW, CSW, Used, open, bloodhound, non-detection, used Flask: Remove Curse
4: used, CSW, Used, Dragon Breath, Dragon Breath, Flask: CCW
5: Spell Res, Elemental Body, Monstrous Physique, open Flask: open

Favored Class:
7.5 Extra Bombs


Bomb + 21/16/11 8d6+7 DC 24 splash 15 (fire or Elec)
[dice]1d20+21[/dice vs touch for [dice]8d6+7+1[/dice
Flasks +21 1d6+7 splash 6
Shocking Seeking +1 Blowgun +20 2 damage +1d6 Shocking+ poisons
Shocking +1Shortbow +20 1d6+1 Damage +1d6
Point Blank shot +1 to hit +1 Damage
Rapid Shot -2 to hit for additional attack

MW CI Spiked Gauntlet +13 1d3-1

Full Bomb attack

[dice]1d20+22+1[/dice] for [dice]8d6+7+1[/dice] DC 24 for half on splash only. Direct hit Dazzled.
[dice]1d20+17+1[/dice] for [dice]8d6+7+1[/dice] DC 24 for half on splash only. Direct hit Dazzled.
[dice]1d20+12+1[/dice] for [dice]8d6+7+1[/dice] DC 24 for half on splash only. Direct hit Dazzled.

Mythic Rapid Shot
[dice]1d20+22+1[/dice] for [dice]8d6+7+1[/dice] DC 24 for half on splash only. Direct hit Dazzled.


AC 21 (1 Size, 4 Dex, 1 NA, 5 Armor) 15 Touch 16 FF
Saves F +6 (+4 Poison) R +9 W +3(+2 sleep/para)
CMD 16


Alchemist: Throw Anything
Alchemist: Brew Potion
1: Draconic Breath (Blue) 60 ft line 4d6 DC 28
3: Point Blank Shot
5: Precise Shot
7 Draconic Aspect
9 Rapid shot
11 Draconic Paragon
13 Master alchemist
15 Extra Discovery: Celestial Poison (Affects Outsiders and Undead)
Mythic: Mythic Rapid Shot (ignore the -2 or add 2 attacks)


2:Precise Bombs
4: Shock Bomb
6: Wings
8 Fast Bombs
10 Malignant Poisons
12 Smoke bomb
14 poison bomb

Mythic: Trickster:

Fleet Charge: As a swift action, you can expend one
use of mythic power to move up to your speed. At any point
during this movement, you can make a single melee or
ranged attack at your highest attack bonus, adding your
tier to the attack roll. This is in addition to any other
attacks you make this round. Damage from this attack
bypasses all damage reduction.

Path (Universal): Legendary Item

Elaborate Trapper: Benefit: When creating a trap, if your Craft (trap) roll exceeds the DC of the check by 5 or more, that trap's Disable Device DC increases by 2.

Firebug: You gain a +1 trait bonus on attack rolls made with thrown splash weapons and alchemist bombs.


8 per level (trap bonus)
Craft: Trap 15 ranks +29
Stealth 15 ranks +26
Perform: Wind 1 rank +1
Perception 15 ranks +19
Alchemy 15 ranks +38
Disable Device 15 ranks +23
Spellcraft 15 ranks +24
Arcana 15 ranks +24
Nature 15 ranks +24
Fly 15 ranks +22
Survival 15 ranks +19
Religion (Headband) 15 Ranks +21
UMD (Headband) 15 Ranks +16

Spells Known:

1: Shield, CLW, True Strike, Identify, Crafter's Fortune, Negate Aroma, Detect Secret Doors, Disguise Self, Reduce Person , Jump , Ant Haul, Enlarge Person, Endure Elements, ILW
2: Invisibility, Acute Senses , Blur, Restoration Lesser, Alchemical Allocation, Alter Self, Bull's Strength, Resist Energy, Bear's Endurance, Cat's Grace, Ablative Barrier, Darkvision, IMW, Barkskin
3: Cure Serious Wounds, Remove Curse, Heroism, ISW, Fly, Non Detection, Remove Disease, Tongues, Displacement, Bloodhound
4: Cure Critical Wounds Dragon's Breath, False Life (Greater 2d10+15), Absorbing Inhalation, Restoration, ICW, Freedom of Movement
5: Spell Resistance 27, Delayed Consumption, Monstrous Physique 3, Elemental Body, Contact Other Plane

49 sp 6 cp
Heaband of Int+6: Survival, Aklo,
Legendary Shirt +5 Deathless, Mirrored Mithril shirt,
Handy Haversack,
Alchemist Kit [alchemy crafting kit, a bedroll
belt pouch,
flint and steel
ink, an inkpen
iron pot
mess kit
torches (10)
trail rations (10 days)
Alchemists Lab,
+1 Shocking Composite Shortbow,
CI Arrows 80
+1 Shocking Seeking Blowgun
CI darts 80
MW CI Spiked Gauntlet,
Acid Flask 10
Alchemist Fire 9
Liquid Ice 10
Thunderstone 3
rusting powder 3
Unstable accelerants 3
fury drops 3
choking smoke 3
blinding cinders 3
alchemist coal
Shard Gel 5
alchemical glue
alchemical glue accelerant,
alchemical solvent,
Cold Iron Pellet Grenades 3
Masterwork Craft Trap Tool,
Thieves Tools
MW Flute,
Boro Bead Level 1,
Hybridization Funnel
Smoked Goggles,
Nobles Outfit,
Cauldron of Brewing +5
4 anti toxin

5 doses Large Scoprion Poison DC 17 1d2 STR 6rds,
5 Giant Wasp Poison DC 18 1d2 Dex, 9 Drow Poison DC 13,
1 Purple Worm DC 24 d3 STR 2 saves
1 dose Sassone Leaf Residue (contact) DC 16 2d12 HP 1 Con,
Cardinals Phylactery

Potion of Cat's Grace CL 6,
Potion of Bear's Endurance CL 6,
Potion of Acute Senses CL 6,
Potion of Jump,
1 Potions of CLW,
1 Potion of Detect Secret Doors,
Potion of Restoration Lesser,
Potion of Alter Self CL 6,
Potion of Reduce Person CL 6
potion of gaseous form,
potion of invisibility,
potion of haste
potion of shield
Greater Poisoners Jacket,
CoR +5,
+2 to Bow,
+3 to Blowgun
, Ring of Invisbility
+6 to Armor,
+4 Dex Belt, Ring of Protection +3
Ring of Force Fangs
Aegis of Recovery,
12 Doses of Shadow Essence poison,
9 purple worm poison
Admixture Vial,
Potion of Bear's Endurance CL 15,
Potion of remove Curse CL 15,
Potion of CSW CL 15,
Boro Bead Level 2 0/1,
Diamond Dust,
Boro Bead level3 1/1,
Boro Bead Level 4 1/1,
Gloves of Reconnaissance,
Boots of the Lightning Leaper 0/1,
Preserving Flasks Levels 2-5),
Wand of CLW (750)


The Early years

The smartest kobold in the history of his tribe, Ulp knew from his first thoughts that he would be the one to lead the Blue Dragon Clan to glory. After all he was a direct descendent of the legendary Loaralis. A claim that was supported as by his ability to breathe electricity. Of course Ulp is no real leader, and was nothing more than a warrior of the tribe.

He would rise to some prominence with his facility for clever traps and mastery of poison, in fact his particularly insidious ideas led to the slaughter of a group of do-gooder adventurers that tried to kill them all, just because they had killed some cows…and children…and old people…

Amongst the left overs of the bodies was a book. Ulp took it and studied it and learned to create explosives, and formulas for potions. Of course it would be months before he truly learned to control these but it facilitated his rise, and allowed the tribe to brave the human lands of this place called Talinguard.

A raid in the late night of a human dwelling in the swamp went as planned. They snuck in and everyone but Ulp was slain and Ulp was captured. That was his plan all along of course. The master of the house saw that Ulp was a dragon incarnate and instead of sacrificing him like the others he gave him to a stupid dwarf to train.

The Cardinals Mansion

Ulp’s duties it seemed consisted of getting yelled at by Zargo and making potions and poisons. Ulp did what he was told and as planned after a minor explosion he found that he had grown wings. He spent days trying to replicate the miracle for Zargo but with not luck. Luckily for Ulp that stupid group of adventures was captured, thanks to one of Ulp’s poison dart traps.

Ulp had fun watching Zargo open up the captured adventurers skulls, so much fun poking the spongy thing inside. Even more fun was going through the treasures that no one wanted, especially the wooden flute. Then Zargo decided it was time to make "B-21." Ulp told him it was a bad idea that it wouldn't work. Zargo refused to listen to Ulp when he told him that he needed to make the ration 1 part ammonia, 2 parts distilled alcohol, and another 2 parts of the neurotoxin from the puffy fish. But Zargo insisted on using 1:3:1. Ulp told him it would make it work for a little then go bad, but Zargo told Ulp to go make more poisons and let the real master work.

Ulp watched and when everything went bad Ulp laughed and informed Zargo that not only was he not as a good as SPufferbug, he was not even as good as Ulp. After that Zargo decided to show Ulp whatn kind of bombs he could make. In fact they were showing each other when the boss man came down stairs and was not happy. He cast magics to freeze Ulp and Zargo.

The cardinal decided it was time for Ulp to go support one of the other knots, and off Ulp went.

His job done, Ulp hid and waited for new instructions. A raven arrived informing him that he was to go join and assist the Ninth Knot as a position has recently opened.

The Ninth
Skulking, flying, skulking and flying. Ulp makes his way to where he is to meet his new companions. He is under strict orders to obey the one called Edmin, to watch the one called Judge, to avoid being dragged into trouble by the one called Zimu, to study with and skulk with the one called Jax, and to teach the one called Dren to be a better Kobold. Completely confused as to what all of this means Ulp sets out.


New Gear=3330 total to spend

*The availability of Craft Wondrous and Legendary Item gives extra cash. I made use of this, but also bought some things that don't make me super cheesy. Got to get some fun items because of it. Also get more spells in my book