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Full Name

Uli Mawborn




Death-Touched Daredevil (Operative 3) | SP 19/21, HP 22/22 | EAC 18, KAC 18 | Fort +4, Ref +8, Will +3 | Init +7 | Perc +8 | Sense Motive +2 | RP 6/6










Common, Eoxian, Ferran, Morlamaw, Ghibrani, Azlanti


Extreme Sports

Strength 10
Dexterity 20
Constitution 13
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10

About Uli Mawborn


Stamina Points: 21
Hit Points 22
Resolve Points 6

KAC 18 (+5 Dex, +3 Armor)
EAC 18 (+5 Dex +3 Armor)

Fort +4 (Base +1, Con +1, Feat +2)
Ref +8 (Base +3, Dex +5)
Will +3 (Base +3)

+4 v. Radiation

Speed 30'

Init +7
BaB +2

Sword Cane, Tactical +8 d4+1(+3) S Analog, operative
Tactical Pistol +7 d6+1 P Analog

Acrobatics +14 (3 ranks, +5 Dex, +3 Class, +3 Insight)
Athletics +9 (3 ranks, +0 Str, +3 Class, +3 Insight) (+1 Circ. to Jump) (+4 Circ. to Climb)
Bluff +7 (2 ranks, +0 Cha, +3 Class, +2 Insight)
Computers +7 (1 rank, +1 Int, +3 Class, +2 Insight)
Culture +9 (3 ranks, +1 Int, +3 Class, +2 Insight)
Engineering +9 (3 ranks, +1 Int, +3 Class, +2 Insight) (+4 Circ. vs. Traps)
Intimidate +8 (3 ranks, +0 Cha, +3 Class, +2 Insight)
Perception +8 (3 ranks, +0 Wis, +3 Class, +2 Insight) (+4 Circ to Search)
Piloting +13 (3 ranks, +5 Dex, +3 Class, +2 Insight)
Profession +13 (3 ranks, +1 Int, +3 Class, +2 Insight, +4 Circ.) (+1 for Day Jobs)
Sleight of Hand +12 (2 ranks, +5 Dex, +3 Class, +2 Insight)
Stealth +13 (3 ranks, +5 Dex, +3 Class, +2 Insight)
Survival +6 (1 rank, +3 Class, +2 Insight)

Special Abilities:
Low-Light Vision: Uli can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.

Momentum: Uli deals an additional amount of damage equal to his character level with his first melee attack after he moves at least 10 feet in the same round.

Radiation Resistant: Uli receives a +4 racial bonus to saving throws against radiation effects.

Sturdy: Uli receives a +2 racial bonus to KAC against attempts to bull rush or reposition him.

Theme Knowledge: Thanks to his experiences with the undead and the growing power of the grave within his form, Uli has an instinctive understanding and recognition of negative energy and undead. He can use Perception, rather than Mysticism, to recall knowledge about undead and negative energy effects when he first observes them. He gains a +1 bonus to Perception checks.

Operative's Edge: Uli's diverse training as an operative grants him a +2 insight bonus to initiative checks and to skill checks.

Daredevil: Uli specializes in missions requiring courage and athleticism. He gains Skill Focus in Acrobatics and Stealth, and he gets a free skill rank in both of those skills every level.

Trick Attack: Uli can trick or startle a foe and then attack when they drop their guard. As a full action, he can move up to his speed. Whether or not he moves, he can then make an attack with a melee weapon with the operative special property or with any small arm. Just before making his attack, he attempts an Acrobatics, Bluff, Intimidate, or Stealth check with a DC equal to 20 + your target's CR. If he succeeds at the check, he deals 1d8 additional damage and the target is flat-footed. He can't use this ability with a weapon that has the unwieldy special property or that requires a full action to make a single attack.

Evasion: If Uli succeeds at a Reflex save against an effect that normally has a partial effect on a successful save, he instead suffers no effect. (Only in light armor or no armor, and able to move)

Uncanny Mobility: When Uli makes a trick attack, if he chooses the target of her attack before he moves, his movement doesn't provoke opportunity attacks from that target. When he uses his standard action to move, he can choose one creature to not provoke during that movement.

Quick Movement: As long as Uli's unencumbered and wearing light armor or no armor, his land speed increases by 10'.

Weapon Focus: Uli has increased training in basic melee weapons, making it easier to hit his target.
Uli gains a +1 bonus to attack rolls (+2 at level 9)

Great Fortitude +2 Fort.

Skill Focus (Acrobatics, Athletics): Uli is particularly adept at certain skills. He gains a +3 insight bonus to checks involving his chosen skills.

20' of retractable Titanium Cable Line (in Sword Cane), Needler Pistol, 20 Needles, Clearweave Skin Mk I, Toolkits (Trapsmith, Hacking, Athletics, Engineering), Serum of Healing mk I (x2), Tetrad Certified Translator, Fancy Clothes

Inventory Tracking:
Current Credits: 2705

Sword Cane 250
Clearweave Skin 1350
20' of Titanium cable line - 10
Serum of Healing mk I (x2) - 100
Trapsmith's Toolkit -20
Climbing Kit -200
Athlete's Kit -20
Engineering Kit -20
Professional Clothes (Athlete) 5
Reconfigurable Clothes 135 (Athletic Clothes x3 (Jumping, Climbing, Swimming) , Environmental Clothes (Cold, Dust))
Dexterity Crystal Mk 1 - 1400
Hacking Kit - 20
Broad-Spectrum Scanning Kit - 200 (3)
Thieves' Tools 200 (3)
Fancy Clothes 5 (4)

Scoured Stars Veteran (Rescued): 2160
Ashes of Discovery: 787
Incident at Absalom Station 2180
Save the Renkrodas 1523



Prestige and Active Boons:
Fame 12/14
Wayfinders 14
Acquisitives 1
Infamy 0

Wayfinders Champion (Faction Boon): Uli has declared his allegiance to the Wayfinders and dedicates his missions to furthering their goals. This boon allows him to gain Reputation with the Wayfinders faction.

Legacy Heritage (Personal Boon): Uli is a Ferran.

Record Keeper (Promotional Boon): Vixi can use this boon, once per session, in one of two ways. The first option is to reduce the Resolve Point cost of resting to regain Stamina by 1 (down to 0 RP). The second option is to reduce the DC of any single starship combat check (including a gunnery check) by 4; this decision must be made before making the check.

Street Cred: Absalom Station (Social Boon): Once per scenario as a free action, you may recollect your dealing with the gangs of Absalom station to provide insight into dealing with other gangers. Doing do grants you a +1 insight bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy and Intimidate checks made when interacting with street gangs or other suitable gang-like groups at the GM’s discretion. You also gain a +1 morale bonus to attack and damage rolls against members of a street gang. Both bonuses increase to +2 if the gang members belong to a gang based on Absalom Station. These bonuses last for 1 minute.

Star Monster Slayer (Starship): Uli defeated a spacefaring monster known as a Besmaran whelp. Since this battle, he's mastered the art of battlig against living starship-sized enemies when operating a starship of his own. While this boon is slotted, Uli gains a +2 bonus to all skill checks made in a starship combat against an enemy living starship. Any allies without this boon gain a +1 on such checks.

Claimant to Salvation (Slotless Boon): If you bring this Chronicle sheet to an adventure in which the Starfinder Society continues exploring the false moon of Salvation’s End, you can qualify to receive a special boon at the end of the adventure to reflect the additional investment the Starfinder Society makes into exploring the satellite.

Other Boons:
Morlamaw Linguist: All of my SFS characters have access to the Morlamaw language

Society Contract (Slotless): Anytime you play a pregenerated character in an adventure, even if the scenario credit is not assigned to the character on this Chronicle sheet, you can reroll a single d20 roll. You must follow all the rules associated with rerolls (Starfinder Core Rulebook 243). You can only gain one reroll per adventure from this boon, and only when you play a pregenerated character. You cannot slot another boon that grants a reroll (such as a promotional boon). Alternatively, any time you play a pregenerated character in an adventure and that character dies, you can cross this boon off the Chronicle sheet to be returned to life, as per raise dead. Being healed in this way takes 10 minutes.

Mobile Translator: Uli's connections with the Wayfinders granted him easier access to a rudimentary translation device useful in first contact situations. He acquired a Tetrad certified translator without spending any credits.

Scoured Stars Veteran: When partaking in the Starfinder Society’s second expedition into the Scoured Stars, the agent Lucky Sevens helped evacuate those Starfinders stranded from the previous mission. She formed a close bond with Uli, a rescued Starfinder, and the Society has regained an experienced agent as a result.
Rescued Starfinder: You can start a new character who begins at 2nd level. This new PC begins play with 3 XP, 2,160 credits, 5 Fame, and 5 Reputation with the faction that character selects a faction boon for.

Muldoi's Debt (Ally): During Uli's mission on behalf of the Esowath Conservancy, he rescued the kasatha Muldoi and several people under her care. Muldoi vows to one day repay the debt she owes him. How this influence will play out in the future is not yet clear.

Loaned Ship: Sunrise Maiden (Starship Boon; Limited-Use): You can only slot this boon in a Tier 1–4 scenario, and everyone at the table must agree to you slotting this boon. When you slot this boon, rather than choosing the standard starships presented in the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide (such as the Drake or Pegasus), you can instead choose to take the Sunrise Maiden. The statistics for this hull are presented below. This ship can be further upgraded with Starship boons from other characters in the group as normal.
When used in Subtier 3–4, the PCs crewing the Sunrise Maiden gain a bonus reroll that can only be used on a d20 roll made during a starship combat encounter. This reroll is meant to give the starship a slight bonus when outmatched by more powerful encounters. This reroll can be used by one PC and does not count towards the reroll limit for that PC. Otherwise, this ability follows the rules for rerolls (Starfinder Core Rulebook 243).
Speed 10; Maneuverability good (turn 1); Drift 1; AC 13; TL 13; HP 55; DT —; CT 11
Shields Light 60; forward 15, port 15, starboard 15, aft 15
Attack (Forward) gyrolaser (1d8); Attack (Port) light laser cannon (2d4); Attack (Starboard) light laser cannon (2d4); Attack (Aft) flak thrower (3d4); Attack (Turret) light particle beam (3d6)
Power Core Pulse Green (150 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Basic; Systems basic mid-range sensors, crew quarters (good), extra light weapon mount (aft), mk 3 armor, mk 3 defenses, mk 1 duonode computer (tier 1, artificial personality upgrade); Expansion Bays cargo holds (2), escape pods, recreation suite (HAC/gym)
Modifiers +1 to any 2 checks per round, +2 Computers, +1 Piloting; Complement 1–6

Contractor's Respect (3/3) (Social): By successfully completing a mission to investigate an abandoned outpost in Near Space, Uli also earned the esteem of the Knights of Golarion. Uli can call upon their resources by asking the Knights to loan him a set of armor or a nonconsumable weapon for the duration of an adventure.

Trusted by the Conservancy (Social): Uli's efforts to protect the event sponsored by the Esowath Conservancy are well-known, and Radaszam has arranged for some additional training from Conservancy naturalists at his convenience. When Uli slots this boon, select either Life Science or Survival. He gains a circumstance bonus to checks with that skill
equal to his current Acquisitives Reputation Tier (+0).

Starship Combat:
Captain: Diplomacy +1, Intimidate +7
Gunner: (3 ranks) +7
Engineering: (3 ranks) +8
Pilot: (3 ranks) +11

XP 8
Scenarios: Ashes of Discovery, Incident at Absalom Station, Save the Renkrodas