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After reading a few guides I have narrowed the options to the following.

1. Halfling using a Shield and Gnome Flickermace.

Gutsy Halfling

Str 16
Dex 12
Con 14
Int 12
Wis 16
Cha 10

Halfling Luck at level 1 and at level 5 Cultural Adaptability for Gnome Weapon Familiarity. Heavy armor, A sturdy shield, and a 1 handed reach weapon to maybe trip enemies with should keep me alive. And a d8 weapon isn't that bad.

The strength penalty is a big downside in such a tight numbers system.

2. Dwarf using a Shield and Gnome Flickermace.

Strong-Blooded Dwarf

Str 18
Dex 10
Con 14
Int 12
Wis 16
Cha 8

Unburdened Iron at first level and buy Full Plate asap. Adopted Ancestry as my level 3 general feat and Gnome Weapon Familiarity as my level 5 ancestry feat. I have to jump through more hoops this way but the stats are better.

3. Half-Elf using a Pick and Light Pick.

Half-Elf heritage (Elf Atavism for Cavern Elf)
Str 18
Dex 14
Con 12
Int 10
Wis 14
Cha 10

Using Ravingrook's Duel Wield build.

Level 1 Double Slice
Level 2 Ranger Dedication
Level 4 Basic Hunter's Trick: Twin Takedown
Level 9 Rogue Dedication (via human Multi-talented feat)
Level 10 Agile Grace
Level 12 Sneak Attacker

Pick and Light Pick have the Deadly ability giving me more mileage out of crits.
Primary drawback to this build is no Shield means I take more damage.

I plan to play a Rogue for society play that focuses on Medicine. And he will have the Tapestry Refugee background. But while I've played in many adventures that took place in the tapestry, Most occurred in small communities. Which was the point of course, I don't think Hao Jin grabbed many large cities.

So for my sake I'm looking for a good origin for my rogue but if someone could list some areas in the Tapestry along with some general non-spoilery info it wold help anyone considering the background.

Versatile Performance
You can rely on the grandeur of your performances rather than ordinary social skills. You can use Performance instead of Diplomacy to Make an Impression and instead of Intimidation to Demoralize. You can also use an acting Performance instead of Deception to Impersonate. You can use your proficiency rank in Performance to meet the requirements of skill feats that require a particular rank in Deception, Diplomacy, or Intimidation.

Demoralize Single Action
With a sudden shout, a well-timed taunt, or a cutting put-down, you can shake an enemy’s resolve. Choose a creature within 30 feet of you who you’re aware of. Attempt an Intimidation check against that target’s Will DC. If the target does not understand the language you are speaking, you’re not speaking a language, or they can’t hear you, you take a –4 circumstance penalty to the check. Regardless of your result, the target is temporarily immune to your attempts to Demoralize it for 10 minutes.

If my perform is playing an instrument I'm clearly not speaking a language. There is a feat that might help. But I'm not glaring with it.

Intimidating Glare
You can Demoralize with a mere glare. When you do, Demoralize loses the auditory trait and gains the visual trait, and you don’t take a penalty if the creature doesn’t understand your language.

So how do I get this to work? Perform Gurning? Mime?

While there may be more to it that will be revealed later, Today's blog suggests that one character in your Crimson Throne adventuring group can become a Blackjack in addition to their chosen role.

You can see read the blog here.

It has some generically useful feats. Up to +2 hand size, A kit similar to Alric/Red Raven, The ability to take a local characters place when they encounter a monster or some barriers.
And, At the cost of 1 power feat you gain Dexterity: Acrobatics, Dexterity: Stealth, and Charisma: Diplomacy all at +3.

For now let's assume you won't get extra free feats and must choose between taking feats from this role or your normal role.

What character do you think would get the most out of this role?

Of the few characters I own I was thinking Ukuja would benefit a fair amount from it.

Other then discarding an animal to gain a bonus vs barriers and a bigger hand size there isn't much on the Animancer role that I want. But Ukuja has a d10 dexterity to take advantage of the stealth and Acrobatics skills. With the help of maxed out Wisdom and a Wendifisa Spear he is powerful in combat so would be good at taking someone else's combat checks. And the kit would actually help him get to his Wendifisa Spear faster. Assuming the hand size of up to 11 didn't.

But I suspect he isn't the best choice. Who do you think is?

When the Core set comes out I was considering playing Rivani and adding the UM deck.
But I notice Rivani and WotR Enora have similarities.

Both have d12 Int die.
Both have Arcane and Knowledge skills.

Rivani can recharge a card to use Knowledge for many checks vs barriers.
WotR Enora can use Knowledge for all checks vs barriers once she gains her Occularium Scholar role.

Their deck lists are nearly identical to start with. Enora gets more max items while Rivani gets wasted feat options for weapons. But they both get 9 spells max.

Rivani gets some location deck manipulation ability while Enora gets some durability with the ability to recharge spells from her discard pile.

They will both have access to the same cards.

Have any of you played either character? Any thoughts on which one to play?

I saw mention of this build on discord so I plan to build it for my first 2E game at 5th level.
It seems overpowered in combat but I'm not sure what needs to be changed to fix it.

Part 1: At 5th level Rogues add 2d6 extra damage on strikes vs flatfooted opponents.
With less enemies having attacks of opportunity, Nearly all melee characters having close to the same AC, and Rogues having good HP, There is less risk for a melee rogue to move into flank then in 1E.
Of course without beating your opponent on initiative or having a flank buddy your best bet is Intimidating Glare and a lucky roll.
Also after 2 updates there is still no change to precision damage being doubled on a critical strike. Combined with the decreased progression of sneak damage it may be intended.

Part 2: Fighter Dedication at 2nd level and Basic Maneuver (Double Slice) at 4th.
For my Rogue the Fighter Dedication is just a feat tax but considering casters could cast in medium armor if they wanted to by just having 16 dex, And it allows several classes much better weapon choices, This feat may be too good.
Basic Maneuver seems fine on it's own assuming the level 1 and 2 Fighter feats are balanced.

Part 3: Double Slice using a +1 Rapier, Expert Shortsword, and Doubling Rings.
Two of the pregens are using Doubling Rings to effectively have 2 magic weapons so that is intended.
As long as your second weapon is agile Double Slice allows you to spend 2 actions for 2 attacks with no penalty.

All of the parts combined:
Move up to a flatfooted enemy. Either by beating them on initiative or by flanking.
Attack with your +1 Rapier and then your Expert Shortsword which is treated as a +1 weapon due to Doubling Rings.
Assuming 18 dexterity.
1 hit - 4d6 +4 dmg.
2 hits - 8d6 +8 dmg
1 hit 1 crit - 12d6 +12 dmg (+1d8 if it was the rapier)
2 crits - 16d6 +16 +1d8

With 18 dex and 2 +1 weapons vs a flatfooted opponent 2 hits seems realistic. 8d6 +8 is good damage at level 5.
2 crits is much less likely but an average of about 75 dmg will knock a big chunk off of any at tier enemy.

There are drawbacks of course.
In a 4 player party you won't always have a flank buddy. So you won't always be facing a flatfooted opponent.
With your hands full there isn't much you can do with your 3rd action. Move, Feint, or Intimidating Glare are about it.
And of course you are painting a target on yourself by dealing so much damage.

Grazzle's stats:

STRENGTH d6 □+1 □+2
CONSTITUTION d8 □+1 □+2 □+3
WISDOM d10 □+1 □+2 □+3
CHARISMA d8 □+1 □+2 □+3 □+4
You automatically succeed at your check to recharge a spell (□ and you may shuffle it into your deck instead).
At the start of your turn, you may discard any number of cards from the top of your deck. Each other character may shuffle random cards from his discard pile into his deck; the total number of cards shuffled must not exceed (□ 1 plus) twice the number of cards you discarded.
□ Add 2 to your check that invokes the Attack trait.

WEAPON 1 □ 2
SPELL 6 □ 7 □ 8
ARMOR 2 □ 3 □ 4
ITEM 1 □ 2 □ 3
ALLY 1 □ 2
BLESSING 4 □ 5 □ 6

As most of you know Grazzle is one of the characters from the Oracle class deck with a fairly unique ability. He can discard cards from the top of his deck to heal other players no matter what location they are at. For details on exactly how his power works read here.

But Grazzle is an odd character. His highest die is a d10 for wisdom. But he doesn't use wisdom to cast For that he uses his d8 charisma.
So using a basic attack spell he is rolling 1d8 +3 +2d4 for an average of 12.5. One of his power feats adds 2 to his attack rolls which helps but he still isn't going to be your main choice to take on enemies.

He has another less unique ability in that he always succeeds on recharging his spells.

The Oracle class deck only has one Cure spell. You can add Major Cure at 3rd and Breath of Life at 6.

Ultimate Magic adds another Cure, Restorative Touch at 3rd, and Rejuvenation at 6th.

And that isn't even counting healing from allies, items, or blessings.

And let's not forget the level 4 spell in UM Channel the Gift that lets a character at your location search their deck for a spell and put in their hand.

So Grazzle will have as much healing as you want.

But while healing will free up your allies to be more aggressive in exploring or discarding cards, Your healing ability happens before you explore, Not instead of.

Unless you plan to hide in a closed location you need to get out there and help the team by hunting for those henchmen or villain.(s!)

So exactly how do you build your deck?

Starting out things are easy. 1 cure, Maybe 2 if you are using Ultimate Magic. Holy Light plus several more attack spells to choose from. Maybe toss in an Eloquence or Detect Magic as your 6th spell.

But what direction do you take him in as you rise in levels? Do you focus on utility spells and skimp on attack spells? Hope your 2 armors will save you if things go wrong?

I would like to hear from players of Grazzle or people who have played with Grazzle.

I plan to get into the ACG organized play and really want to use the RotRL version of Lini. Apparently I can do that but I have to buy and use the cards in the class deck. Problem is there is no visual spoiler or unboxing video for the Druid class deck so all I know is the names of the cards in the deck.

Could I get some deckbuilding advice for the RotRL version of Lini (Recharge played animal allys, Reveal an animal ally to add 1d4 to any roll, Discard a card to turn str or dex die to d10) using the Druid class deck?

I plan to focus on her wisdom and the reveal an animal ability and have her focus on spellcasting.

I think I'm allowed to use cards from an Ultimate addon deck also but ultimate wilderness won't be out for awhile.

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Animal Archive version of Shield Companion


School abjuration; Level antipaladin 1, druid 1, paladin 1,

ranger 1, sorcerer/wizard 1, witch 1
Target your animal companion, familiar, or fiendish servant
This spell functions as shield other but affects only the caster’s
animal companion or familiar. Spellcasters from classes that do not
normally gain an animal companion, familiar, or fiendish servant
but who gain one through an alternate class feature, archetype, or
prestige class can prepare and cast this spell as a 1st-level spell if
they are capable of casting spells.

Advanced Class Guide version of Shield Companion


School abjuration; Level paladin 2, ranger 2, shaman 2,

sorcerer/wizard 3, summoner 3
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S
Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target your companion creature
Duration 1 hour/level (D)
Saving Throw Will negates (harmless); Spell Resistance
yes (harmless)
This spell creates a special mystical connection between
you and your companion creature—animal companion,
bonded mount, eidolon, or familiar—which allows you
to transfer its wounds to you. The creature gains a +1
deflection bonus to AC and a +1 resistance bonus on saves.
As an immediate action when your companion takes
damage, you can take that damage yourself to prevent
your companion from being harmed (similar to shield
other, except the damage is not split between you and the
target). Forms of harm that do not involve the loss of hit
points, such as charm effects, temporary ability damage,
level drain, and death effects, are not affected. If the
creature suffers a reduction of hit points from a lowered
Constitution score, you cannot take that damage on behalf
of your companion creature because it is not hit point
damage. When the spell ends, damage directed to you by
the spell is not reassigned to the subject.
If you and your companion move out of range of each
other, the spell ends.

Same name. Similar spell but some differences in caster level and function.

Animal Archive ADR entry: Spells: all spells on pages 24-25 are legal;
Advanced Class Guide ADR entry: Spells: all spells on pages 162-199 are legal for play.

No mention of the spell in campaign clarifications or the FAQ for Advanced Class Guide.

So I took the Animal Archive version for my Lunar Oracle. The Advanced Class Guide version is in my mind worse but also doesn't have Cleric as an option.

Last night I used the Animal Archive version of the spell on my Tiger and the GM had never heard of it. After a heated discussion he declared that since the Advanced Class Guide version of the spell came out after the Animal Archive version that the Animal Archive version wasn't legal.
That new always superseded old.

While it would be nice if a dev could comment on this I do feel that whichever way the ruling goes it needs some comment somewhere explicitly mentioning that both versions of the spell with the same name are legal or that one of them is not.

Exactly what the Campaign Clarification document is for.

A lot of people are saying you can't use free actions outside your turn.

From the CRB.

Free Action: Free actions consume a very small amount of time and effort. You can perform one or more free actions while taking another action normally. However, there are reasonable limits on what you can really do for free, as decided by the GM.

By that it is up to the GM.

CRB FAQ from 3 years ago.


Free Actions: Can you take free actions during an attack of opportunity? For instance, can you use the Grab, Trip, Pull, or Push universal monster rules after hitting with an attack of opportunity, since they require free actions and free actions can’t be used off-turn? What about Rock Catching? That seems like it could only work off-turn.

While you can’t take most free actions off your turn, Grab, Trip, Pull, Push, and Rock Catching’s free actions can all be used off-turn. This will be reflected in future errata.

Either that eratta never came or it was erattad to be up to the GM.

A lot of abilities can be used as a free action on attack and there are ways to attack outside your turn. Mostly via aoos.

But I'm not reading it as a clear "No you can't." despite most people saying so. It would be nice if we could get a more concrete answer. Or at least an update of the things that can be done as a free action during an aoo.

Sovereign Court 4/5 5/55/55/55/5 Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta aka The Masked Ferret

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Thanks for posting this!

Tonya Woldridge wrote:
Special: When a player uses a free reroll, she may present her Paizo Organized Play membership card (available on their My Organized Play page) and receive an additional +1 for every GM star she has earned, for a maximum of a +5. Note, this bonus applies to the higher result of the reroll, not just the second roll.

Should that be nova instead of star?

If I increase my intelligence from 14 to 16 at level 5 do I get 1 extra skill points or 5? And do I get a new language?

Same question for intelligence augments.

I couldn't find the answer in the CRB.

I wanted my first SFS character to be a melee focused Soldier early on branching out to blowing things up when needed.
Race Kasathan so I could wield a 2 handed melee weapon and a heavy weapon.
Starting Str of 18 Dex of 14. Lets me do good melee damage and heavy armor has good AC. I would bump Dex at 5th and 10th level.

But as I read more I am growing disenchanted with the style abilities.

Grenade Expert: A free grenade is nice and it levels with me. I doubt many people will be buying high level grenades. And the extra range is nice.
But: The save is based on my Dex. And any penalties to my attack decrease the save DC.

Heavy Fire: Add my strength to ranged damage vs multiple targets.
But: Automatic is a credit suck and drains the ammo in the first round, Explode weapons have the same issues as grenades. Dex based saves and any attack penalty reduces the save DC. As for Unwieldy that just leaves Blast for crowd control but blast says class abilities that increase single attack damage doesn't work.

Debilitating Attack: 1 resolve point to debuff multiple targets for multiple rounds.
But: Actually nah, This is a great ability by itself. I'm just unhappy it doesn't mesh well with Heavy Fire. Oh. They get a Fort save. At least it is based on my Str.

So my best option if I want to combine Heavy Fire and Debilitating Attack seems to be Shock Caster + Powerful Explosive and hope they roll low on the save.

Let me look at the numbers.

Level 5. Str of 21, Dex of 16, Shock Caster, Static +9 to hit AC 5. Spend a move action using heavy fire. Assuming no penalties dmg will be 1d12 +10 with a Ref save of 16. (10 + half item level + dex mod)
So about 11 dmg to maybe 2 targets.

Level 7. Slight increase in dmg. No change to save. Increased radius may include 3 enemies now.

Level 9. Upgrade to Aurora. Add Blitz style for total init of +11 including Improved Initiative. Now at +13 to hit for 2d12 + 14 dmg Ref 18 to save. Radius is now 20 feet and I can spend a resolve to debuff all enemies.

My thoughts on this build.
Pros: I can utilize any enemy grenades we find. I only have to buy 3 new weapons in my whole career and 2 of them are not until about level 9. (aurora and advanced pike). Good vs swarms. My goal of fighting in melee with a pike isn't greatly improved by the other styles so I don't lose much.

Cons: Other then my free grenade I won't be hitting multiple targets until level 5. The saves on the Explosions are so low I may as well just accept that they will be made. I will envy Technomancers for their higher damage and higher saves.

I can be tank with a pike and Bombard goes fine with that. Blitz is probably a better style for melee but what style would I take at 9th level?

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"you threaten all squares into which you can make a melee attack"
"When wielding a weapon with the reach special property, you threaten all squares that you can reach with your weapon. This typically extends a Small or Medium creature’s reach to 10 feet"

To me this seems clear that a medium or small humanoid with a reach weapon threatens 10 feet away but does not threaten adjacent squares.
But a lot of players say that rule no longer exists in Starfinder.

If true there is no good reason to use any melee weapon other then the pike.

Can a dev please clarify?

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The Hireling sounds cool in theory but I have a couple of questions.

1. When getting the next level of hireling do we use the sellback plan to sell the previous version?

2. It mentions that the hireling can be aided. If it has a skill that we don't can we use our action to have the hireling attempt to aid another PC?

3. Can a GM refuse to let the hireling make key skill checks for the party? I could easily see a master hireling being the party face but the GM may not like Mr. Noname being the decider of if we get our second fame point.

If we are able to use the sellback plan so that it never costs more then 2 fame I could see having a couple and bringing one along to at least try at skills the rest of the party is short on.

I'm building a Kasathas melee soldier (But with Bombard) and am considering the feats Step Up, and Step Up And Strike.
But I can think of a few issues.

Step up is a reaction. So an enemy could Guarded Step away and while I can step up to them I can't take an opportunity attack. So this is just a useless feat tax.

Step Up And Strike requires a BAB of +6. My current feat plan is
1. Weapon Focus Advanced Melee Weapons
2. Versatile Focus
3. Improved Initiative
4. Enhanced Resistance (Kinetic)
5. Extra Resolve
I could maybe delay Improved Initiative until 7th level and take Step Up at 3rd but that would saddle me with a useless feat for 3 levels.
Alternatively I could delay Extra resolve until 7th level and take Step Up at 5th. But Extra Resolve is pretty good for a frontliner.

Lastly I notice a lot of PC abilities can cause flatfooted. What if it is a common enemy ability? No point in wasting 2 feats if the enemies most likely to provoke use tactics to prevent opportunity attacks.

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I'm building a melee focused Vesk. Starting stats are 18 str and 14 dex.
My general goal is to be tanky and keep enemies focused on me while my allies shoot them. I will need at least one ranged option if for no other reason then to not waste my gear boost.

Feats of note: Cleave, Weapon Focus (Advanced Melee), Versatile Weapon Focus, Spellbane, Enhanced Resistance (Kinetic)

Paths I'm considering.

Arcane Assailant - Mostly just for the level 9 ability to shrug off conditions. I don't expect to see many mystics willing and able to remove them for me in combat.

Blitz - The level 1 ability is fantastic. As is the level 13. But 5 and 9 don't look great to me. A great choice for the level 9 style.

Bombard - Entangle grenade will help pin down enemies. Or at level 9 apply debuffs along with some damage.

I'm not really interested in power armor which is why I'm not taking Armor Storm

The spell Identify adds a +10 Insight bonus (Yes the same bonus as every other skill booster) to identifying magic properties, command words, and passwords of magic or mechanical objects.

Does that mean I could use it on a door panel or computer and roll Engineering to get a needed password?

The cost of special material ammo is priced by cartridge.
The listed cost for small arms ammo is 40 credits for 30 cartridges.
Small arms have cartridge sizes ranges from 9 to 16.
I'm assuming the 30 is actually # of bullets and just have a few stray bullets, But does that mean the special material cost per cartridge is per 30 bullets?

In PFS there is a program that grants benefits to the players based on money spent at the store you are playing in. Most of us use it for day job rolls but I've seen it save lives.

Will there be a similar program for SFS? And if yes how early will it be implemented?

The mechanic gets a robot buddy and the technomage can summon a swarm of nanobots. But so far I haven't heard anything about a class feature where you have an organic buddy fight alongside you.

Can a dev confirm or deny that that will be coming soon or that it was removed entirely due to the rules nightmare that is companions in Pathfinder?

I want to play a Totemic Skald Tiger. Because who doesn't love Pounce.
But I don't like the base Inspired Rage ability and I can't take Spell Warrior because they both lose Spell Kenning.

A build focused on high dexterity with Weapon Finesse and an Agile amulet of mighty fists would let me be effective once I can become a Tiger at 5th level but I'm not sure what to do until then.

For anyone not familiar with the archetypes the build would look something like this.

Level 1 Weapon Finesse feat
Controlled Inspired Rage: Pick Str, Dex, or Con and grant a +2 morale bonus to that stat. +4 at 8th level and +6 at 16th. No other bonuses or penalties.
Early on it will be strength and be +1 to hit and dmg for the melee types.
Once I hit 5th level and can be a Tiger it will be Dex.

Level 3 Feat?
Totem: I pick the Tiger totem and add a +2 Enhancement bonus to Dex. +4 at 8th level +6 at 16th.
Not an issue right now but it won't stack with belts. And most characters that care about Dex buy Dex belts. With Agile plus this power the only belt I'll need is Con.

Level 5 Natural Spell
At this point I can turn into a Tiger and will buy the Agile aomf.

When in animal form, the skald is treated as able to speak normally for the purpose of using raging song, but not for using other abilities that require speech (such as spellcasting).

So I can rage song and with the feat cast. Though I apparently can't just talk. Maybe when I make knowledge checks I can sing exposition.

Since the ability counts as Wildshaping I can buy some Druids Vestments.

I don't have Greater Magic Fang or Greater Magic Weapon so I'll have to pay the high cost of adding +1 to my amulet.

What do you think? Is the idea viable? Are there ways to improve on it?

I looked at a few years worth of threads and the closest thing I could find to an official answer was this post by Sean K Reynolds.

"Pinpoint" has a specific meaning in the game: you know what square it's in, so even if you can't see it, you can make an attack into that square (instead of groping around to find it or randomly choosing a square you hope it's in). So it shouldn't tell you what weapon they have (or probably much more than "only taking up one square, probably only two legs.

So you know the square but what if you are blind or they are displaced?

"No, actually, it's Free RPG Day, on Saturday, June 17. Reepazo will be there. Will you?"

So We Be Goblins part 5 then?

Initially I had a build in mind for a Hunter that uses a reach weapon and rides an Ape into combat. Lots of attacks of opportunity. But I recently discovered a trait that may send me into a different direction.


Regional trait

Community Minded: Requirement(s) Rahadoum
While some pray to the gods for mercy or prosperity, you follow a different tack—you believe in improving the lives of those around you through earnest labor and the efforts of you and your community. Your hard-earned discipline and the candor of your words affect all who bear witness. Any morale bonuses you confer upon your allies through your own abilities or spells last 2 additional rounds.

I have a specific morale bonus in mind.

Ferocious Beast (Ex) While the barbarian is raging, her animal companion also gains the benefits of rage (including greater rage, mighty rage, and tireless rage), though the barbarian must spend 1 additional round of rage per round if her companion begins or ends its turn adjacent to her, and 2 additional rounds of rage per round if not.

So round 1 I spend 2 rounds of rage. One for me and one for my mount. Round 2 I spend one round for me but no rounds for my animal companion because it is covered for 2 more rounds.

However there isn't much else I want as a Barbarian I want the bonuses to my animal companion that Hunter grants.

So my initial idea looks like this.

Level 1 Half-Orc Barbarian with Community Minded and Berserker of the Society traits.

Level 2 Another level of Barbarian and take the Ferocious Beast rage power. Current rage rounds per day are 9 + con mod. Probably +2.

Level 3 Switch to Hunter and take the Boon Companion feat. Companion at this level will probably be something with multiple attacks. Default animal focus ability will be +2 strength of course.

Level 4 Switch to Ape companion since it is large and gets 3 attacks. I can ride it into combat and we will pretty much always get the +4 to hit from Outflank in addition to the +2 from raging.

Level 5 Take the Amplified Rage teamwork feat. It increases the rage bonuses for us both by +4 but only when we are both raging. Ape now has 34 strength. I now have +8 not counting any enhancement bonuses I might have.

I have a few concerns.
Ideally I want to be riding a Tiger at level 7. All of those strength bonuses on up to 5 attacks is awesome. Problem is the Tiger gas Grab. Usually great but some of the best teamwork feats involve opportunity attacks and it can't take them if it is grappling.

I'll only have about 11 or 12 rage rounds a day. A 3 round combat costs me about 4 rounds of rage. I'll have to take a feat (or some item?) to sustain the combo.

Losing 2 rounds of Hunter hurts. Not only the loss to my spellcasting buffs but I won't get greater animal focus until level 10.

I considered Inquisitor (Sacred Huntsmaster) but the free Outflank from the Hunter is very helpful.

Any advice you can offer would be appreciated.

Expanded Summon Monster

Take the feat once and get 2 extra options at each spell level.

Is the feat worth taking? What summons would you choose?

I've been wanting to play a Warpriest for awhile but didn't really like any of the archetypes.
But Molthuni Arsenal Chaplain has very few drawbacks and a sweet upside if you buy Dueling Gloves. Not being able to take Advanced Weapon Training sucks but I still think it is worth it.

But what is the best direction to take it?
A 2 handed weapon seems ideal since you won't miss the scaling damage you lose.
But I've never built a 2HW focused character in Pathfinder before.
N Jolly's guide lists a lot of good feats but he doesn't have any sample builds yet.

Can anyone offer build advice? I know basics like high Str, decent Wis, Take Fate's Favored. I just don't know what feats are important other then Power Attack.

Grapple is a standard action that cannot normally be used as part of an attack. But Grapple says this.

Humanoid creatures without two free hands attempting to grapple a foe take a –4 penalty on the combat maneuver roll. If successful, both you and the target gain the grappled condition (see the Appendices).

So as a humanoid I am using my hands to grab.

So for example if I am a Monk would having the Weapon Focus Unarmed feat grant me +1 to my CMB on Grapple checks?

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With the latest announcement of new Seeker content I plan to dust off my Emerald Spire Wizard.
A general snapshot.

Level 14 Human Wizard (Void) no Archetype. Barred Fire spells.

Str 7
Dex 14
Con 14 (16)
Int 22 (28)
Wis 14
Cha 7

initiative +15 before wand of Heightened Awareness

Traits: Reactionary, Fate's Favored, and Observant from a boon.
Skills of note. Spellcraft and most knowledges +28, Perception +31, Escape Artist +18, Sense Motive +22.

Fort +17
Ref +14
Will +19
+4 Insight bonus vs spells and spell-like abilities.

Acadamae Graduate, Spell Focus Conjuration, Greater Spell Focus Conjuration, Spell Penetration, Augment Summoning, Great Fortitude, Toughness.
Metamagic feats: Extend, Persistent, Quicken

As a Void Wizard I can spend a standard action to lower a creatures AC and saves by -7 no save, or spend a standard action to add +2 Insight bonus to all rolls allies within 30 feet of me make for 1 round.
I also summon as a standard action.
My spells mostly fall into 3 categories. Long duration buffs, Summons, and Save or Suck conjuration spells such as persistent Glitterdust, persistent Aqueous Orb, or Chains of Light.

Items of note:
Circlet +6 to Int
Staff of the Master
Stone of Good Luck
Belt +2 Con
Eyes of the Eagle
Cloak of Resistance +5
Gloves of Reconnaissance
Ioun stone +1 Competence bonus to saves
Ioun stone +1 Competence bonus to initiative
Ioun stone of +2 Competence bonus to a skill
Lesser Extend rod
Lesser Silent rod
Ivory Statue of myself for Contingency
Handy Haversack

Odds are after he plays the All for Immortality trilogy he'll go back into retirement so I don't want to save up for a book.

At the moment I have a little over 35,000 gold to spend.
So what should I buy?

I've started playing a Monk in Core PFS and could use some input.
Here is a snapshot.

Dwarf Monk 2
Str 17
Dex 14
Con 16
Int 7
Wis 16
Cha 5
Traits: Indomitable Faith, Reactionary
Skills: Acrobatics and Perception
1st Improved Initiative, Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist
2nd Dodge

3rd Step Up
5th Toughness
6th ???
7th Power Attack
9th Greater Grapple
10th Medusa's Wrath
11th ???

I'm debating between Improved Bull Rush at 6th level and Greater Bull Rush at 11th level or Mobility at 6th level and maybe Great Fortitude at 11th.

Anyone play or play with a Core Monk who can offer advice?

I realize the question of what animal companion is best is subjective.
Some people like the Deinonychus because it gets pounce, does decent damage, and never grows past medium.
Some people like large cats for high damage, pounce, and grab.
Tyrannosaurus has a high damage bite plus grab.
Roc can fly and has Grab.

Is large size a deal breaker? Do you choose based on how much you expect to face DR higher then Magic?

What in your opinion is the top 3 PFS animal companions at level 7 or higher?

I read the Hunter guide but it is geared towards ranged combat. A strong option to be sure but it wastes the teamwork feats.
I want to take advantage of those teamwork feats and have a very strong animal companion. I found 3 options for improving my aimal companion.

1. Eye for Talent replaces Human Bonus feat

Humans have great intuition for hidden potential. They gain a +2 racial bonus on Sense Motive checks. In addition, when they acquire an animal companion, bonded mount, cohort, or familiar, that creature gains a +2 bonus to one ability score of the character’s choice. This racial trait replaces the bonus feat trait.

I don't know if granting +2 to my ACs Strength is worth a feat or not.

2. Totem Beast Wis 13, animal companion class feature.

Benefit: Select one animal aspect from the list presented in the hunter class’s animal focus class feature. Your animal companion has natural coloration suggestive of this aspect—a bear might have a dark spot in the shape of a bat, or a hawk might have unusual tiger striping in its feathers. Your animal companion gains the benefits of the selected animal aspect, treating its Hit Dice as its effective hunter level for this ability. This bonus doesn’t stack if the animal companion is already under the benefit of the same animal aspect because of the actual class feature.

For example, an animal companion with Totem Beast (snake) under the effect of the snake aspect from its hunter owner would get a +2 bonus on attack rolls when making attacks of opportunity, not a +4 bonus.

If I'm understanding this right my AC not only gets a permanent animal focus ability of my choice but if I choose a stat boost it will increase to +4 when it gets to 8 hit dice.

3. Huntmaster Handle Animal 1 rank; either the animal companion, divine bond (mount), or mount class feature; human.


Benefit: If you have the animal companion class feature, pick one of the following types of animal companions that this feat affects: bird, dog, small cat, or horse. If you have the divine bond (mount) or mount class feature, this feat always affects horses.

You gain a +2 bonus on Handle Animal and Knowledge (nature) checks with creatures of that type of animal. Furthermore, you are treated as one level higher when determining the abilities of your animal companion or mount, as long as it is of the chosen type.

If Bird counted things like Roc or Axebeak this would be insane. But I feel certain that it means regular birds. However Horse is not a bad choice of animal companion if you are doing mounted combat.

At 8th level a Hunter can have 2 permanent Animal Focus abilities going on it's AC.

With all 3 options a Horse would have 8HD, 3 focuses, and assuming I put the second stat bump into Str the following physical stats.
Str 28
Dex 20
Con 21
+10 natural armor bonus + 3 from Barkskin + at least 4 armor.
AC 32
And Multiattack drops the penalty from the Hoof attacks to -2.

Of course there are better mounts then Horse. I could take Roc instead. Or I think it is possible to put a saddle on a large Tiger and if the tiger with all of those bonuses doesn't kill the enemy I will.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Most of the time I build either archers or casters. I get to focus on 1 stat and don't have to worry about being next to the enemy or about them being next to me. (usually.)

But every time I see someone play the level 7 Bloodrager pregen I feel a bit of envy at that nearly +20 to hit and around 20 damage. Sure my archer would have done more overall damage at 7th level, my caster would have effectively ended the fight other then that pesky 'deal enough damage to kill the enemy' bit.

So I would like to play my first melee focused character and am looking for suggestions. Here are my priorities.

1. The SADder the better. (Single Attribute Design)
2. I'd like something to do with my swift action to increase my combat ability. (Extra attack from Ki, Bane from Inquisitor, Fervor from Warpriest, etc...)
3. Having a way to reach the enemy and full attack would be nice but I am aware that it is actually not easy to do.
4. I don't want a build that revolves around 1 or 2 expensive items.
5. I don't mind complicated builds but I don't like having to choose between 10 different options during actual play.

I'm looking for suggestions.

I've been playing PFS for awhile now but all of my characters are ranged, caster, or support. I have yet to play a melee focused character.
Partly that is because I enjoy Single Attribute Design characters and most melee characters are pretty Multiple Attribute Design since they need Str, Dex, Con, and either Wis for will saves, Int for combat feats, or both.
But I often hear of Paladins who boast of being nearly unkillable with Lay on Hands + Fey Foundling and who boast that they deal 200+ damage a round. Note those boasts are from 2 different paladins.

However Paladin is a very MAD class as a rule. They need the stats I mentioned + a high charisma.

But what if I tried to force the Paladin into near SADness, Focusing on 2 primary stats.

Nagaji are a good choice for this since they get a bonus to the 2 primary stats and once you decide to tank Int there is no difference between a 7 and a 5.

So consider the following stat array.

Strength 16 (18)
Dexterity 7
Constitution 14
Intelligence 7 (5)
Wisdom 7
Charisma 18 (20)

The high charisma helps a lot on all of my saves. Dexterity saves just means I take more damage which I can heal easily. I won't be good at perception but honestly your party wouldn't like traveling with an overly observant Paladin.

The obvious way to go with that array would seem to be a level of Oracle for the Nature's Whispers ability and use my Charisma bonus in place of Dexterity for my AC and CMD.
But while 2 levels of Paladin make a decent dip for some classes, Losing a level of abilities and delaying my casting even further would hurt a lot.

Is a pure Paladin with that stat array ridiculous? Is there an Archetype or build that an array like that would be ideal for?

Inquisitor is an awesome class. Lots of skill points, 3/4 BAB, Bane ability, Adding Wisdom to Init and monster knowledge checks.

Zen Archer is an awesome archetype. Gets given nearly all of the archery feats for free and get's to use Wisdom for AC and ranged attacks. (And for Acrobatics with the right trait.)

But Zen Archer peters out a bit after level 6. You can hang in there for 2 more levels to get that extra attack at -5 or level 10 for another free feat but I had another idea.

6 levels of Zen Archer followed by 5 levels of Inquisitor give me a ton of mileage out of a high Wisdom.

My only real issue is that I won't get Bane until 11th level. And since I've already done Eyes of the Ten I won't get much use out of the ability. I will be an archer with a very high initiative and great saves.
Especially since I would be a Dwarf with Steel Soul.

Counting just BAB
Inquisitor 11 assuming Rapid Shot and Manyshot would shoot
+6 2 arrows/+6/+1 So 3 good shots and 1 lesser shot.

Zen Archer 6/Inquisitor 5 using just Flurry of Blows would shoot
+7/+7/+2/+2 2 good shots 2 lesser shots.

So is the SAD build and free feats worth losing the 6 levels of Inquisitor?

I've been wanting to play a Dwarf Monk for awhile and the recent changes to Master of Many Styles intrigues me.

The basic concept is simple enough. I'll probably start with a 17 in Wisdom and a 14 in Dex and Con. I'll start with the Glory of Old trait and pick up the Steel Soul feat. Problem is I've never played a Melee character in Pathfinder before and the only Monk I've played is a Zen Archer. So I'm unclear on how to build it and have a few questions.

1. Presumably MoMS stacks with Qinggong (Until Qinggong gets errata'd) but what other archetypes does the new version stack with?

2. I want a high AC which would suggest the new Crane Style chain but without a boost to Str or Dex I foresee accuracy being an issue. Pumping Dex and getting the Agile ability could help but is there anything else?

3. The Archetype rewards multiple styles. Pummeling Style has not been updated in the Reference Document yet but Pummeling Charge + Dragon Style still seems to work for getting to move and full attack.

If anyone has advice or a suggested build please let me know.


Improved Snapshot feat only extends the range of the Snapshot feat by 5 feet, not 10.

Retrain Improved Snapshot, Snapshot, and any feat prerequisites.
John Compton wrote:
Bigguyinblack wrote:

Improved Snapshot feat only extends the range of the Snapshot feat by 5 feet, not 10.

Retrain Improved Snapshot, Snapshot, and any feat prerequisites.

What about Combat Reflexes? A lot of archers took it as part of the build but it is pointless if you retrain out of the chain.

Sure. Combat Reflexes should have been part of the list.

I spent 15 prestige to retrain into the feat chain 4 days before it got nerfed. But I'm happy they are letting me retrain for free. But I'm playing this weekend and now have to pick 4 feats.

I'm a Monk (Quinggong/Zen Archer) 10/ Fighter (Weapon Master) 3
I took the Fighter levels for the Weapon Mastery/Gloves of Dueling combo,

My feats are

Improved Initiative
Improved Unarmed Strike
Weapon Focus
Weapon Specialization
Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot
Improved Precise Shot
Deadly Aim
Point Blank Master
Perfect Strike
Clustered Shots
Skill Focus Perception
Additional Traits
Improved Critical

My saves are pretty good at Fort +18, Ref +17, Will +23.
I have 14 Ki and get Ki Leech next level as a 0 cost SLA so Ki isn't an issue.

Looking for suggestions.

I'm a big fan of Single Attribute Design characters. I know of a few things that can be done with a high charisma.

1. Noble Scion/Scion of War feat (Use Cha instead of Dex for Init)
2. Sidestep Secret Mystery (Use Cha instead of Dex for AC and Ref saves)

Combined with Freedom of Movement I can just ignore Dexterity.

3. Irrepressible trait (Use Cha instead of Wis for charm/compulsion)
4. Divine Grace Paladin 2 (Add Cha to saves)

I'm sure Paladin 2/Lore Oracle 1 isn't new, But it will be new to me.

But I've never played an Oracle or a Paladin before.

Str 16
Dex 7
Con 16
Int 7
Wis 7
Cha 18

uses 1 too many points.

Str 18
Dex 7
Con 14
Int 7
Wis 7
Cha 18

Uses 1 too few points

Neither option is legal in PFS.

So what are some good builds incorporating the above elements?

Divine Heralds (Su)
A herald caller can use summon monster spells only to summon creatures particularly appropriate to her deity. This includes all creatures listed as summon monster options for priests of her deity (see Expanded Summoning for Clerics), creatures whose alignment matches at least one aspect of her deity's alignment, and creatures of an elemental subtype that matches a domain granted by the deity (if any). When summoning a creature that is normally summoned with the celestial or fiendish template, a herald caller of a chaotic deity can instead summon it with the entropic template, and a herald caller of a lawful deity can instead summon it with the resolute template.

Sacred Summons
Prerequisites: Aura class feature, ability to cast summon monster.

Benefit: When using summon monster to summon creatures whose alignment subtype or subtypes exactly match your aura, you may cast the spell as a standard action instead of with a casting time of 1 round.

If I want to play a Herald Caller with the Sacred Summons feat to summon as a standard action what are my options? Previously the options were confusing and the list small. Does the Divine Heralds ability increase the options?

Several of the Black Market items from Adventurer's Armory are clearly alchemical in nature.
And they are listed as legal per the Additional Resources document.
But they lack craft DCs.
So are they legal to craft?

I get to add 3 Mythic tiers to my Alchemist. But I know almost nothing about mythic. I'm hoping someone who is familiar Mythic play can help me make some optimal choices.

Here is what I look like pre mythic.

Human (Alternate racial traits Heart of the Wilderness, Focused Study)
Str 11
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 20
Wis 7
Cha 7

Traits Firebug: +1 to hit with thrown splash weapons and bombs, Pragmatic Activator +1 to UMD and use Int instead of Cha.

Level 3 Alchemist (Grenadier)

Feats: Splash Weapon Mastery
Martial Weapon Proficiency Composite Longbow
Throw Anything
Skill Focus Craft Alchemy
Point Blank Shot

Discoveries Precise Bombs, Explosive Bombs
Skills Appraise +9, Craft Alchemy +24, Disable Device +10, Knowledge Arcana +11, Knowledge Nature +11, Perception +6, Profession Merchant +4, Spellcraft +11, Survival +6, Use Magic Device +11

I have a masterwork longbow but no magic items of note. I can't take the Legendary item mythic option but pretty much every other option in Mythic Adventures is legal.

I'm sure we'll be facing mythic enemies.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Based on a couple of ideas on this board I came up with this.

Half Orc
Str 18 (16+2)
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 12
Wis 12
Cha 7
Traits Berserker of the Society, ?????

Level 1 Barbarian (Mounted Fury)
Level 2 Barbarian taking either Ferocious Beast or Ferocious Mount rage power
Level 3+ Hunter Take Boon Companion feat and Constrictor Snake companion. Snake has 16 Str +2 from Animal Focus +4 more when I share my rage.
Level 4 Take Outflank feat advance snake
Level 5 Take Amplified Rage as my free teamwork feat. Probably buy a +2 Con belt at this point as well.

At level 5 I'm riding a large snake with 24 Str +2 from Animal Focus +8 from shared Rage = 34 Str. My Str will be 18 +2 Focus + 8 rage for a respectable 28.
I think that all works but I know almost nothing about animal companions other then I want it to have the Narrow Frame feat. And all I know about mounted combat is Lance + lots of feats = ∞ damage.

At level 7 I want to switch to a large cat for pounce.

So please help me build this in an optimal manner.

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Channeled Revival
Prerequisite: Channel energy 6d6 (positive energy).

A lot of people say that yes the Phylactery helps qualify after you have worn it for 24 hours. But where is that rule? It isn't the same as a permanent stat boost via items helping to qualify for a feat.

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