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[ACG] [CaG II] Sanctioned Curse of the Crimson Throne by Yewstance


Turn Order:
1 - Heggal/kuey (#1004)
2 - Aric/AAUGHWHY (#1004)
3 - Ukuja/Bigguyinblack (#1011)
4 - Varian/Zalarian

Standard Supporter & Base Rules:
Supporters are a new type of support card representing helpful citizens of Korvosa and its environs; unlike allies or cohorts, they will not adventure with you. The Base is a special location used in many scenarios; it represents a safe place where characters can seek help from supporters.

You start the Adventure Path with no supporters. When a reward lets you rally a supporter, check it off on the Rallied Supporters card on the back of the Base. If you are required to uncheck a supporter, it no longer counts as rallied.

When a scenario lists the Base, set it out with the other locations as usual. When you build the locations, shuffle all of your rallied supporters into the Base; do not add story banes to it. The Base cannot be closed while it has cards in it, and can never have cards in it other than supporters. Characters may start at the Base and can move to and from it normally.

The Base counts as a location only for exploring, examining, and moving; it does not count as a location when counting locations or determining if villains can escape to it. If all other locations are closed, or the Base has neither cards in it nor characters at it, the Base closes automatically. (A simplified version of these rules appears on the Base as a reminder; these are the complete rules.)

You may play supporters from your hand only while you are at the Base. Once displayed next to your character, you may use their powers regardless of your location. If you move from the Base, shuffle any supporters in your hand into the Base. At the end of each scenario, return all supporters to the vault.

Each supporter has a feat similar to a character’s power feat. If a reward gives the party a supporter feat, check a box on a rallied supporter to gain access to that power. If the feat specifies a supporter, check it off on that supporter.

PACS/Sanctioned Supporter Rule Changes:
Each character has their own Rallied Supporters list. When the party rallies or unchecks a supporter or gains a supporter feat, each character does so on their own list. (When there is a choice, each character makes their own choice.)

When a scenario includes the Base, shuffle all supporters rallied by at least one character into it. Each character may only play supporters they have rallied and may only use supporter feats they have gained.

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