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Full Name

Tyren Lourofesh


Clockspeaker Bard 6/Clockstopper Gunislinger 6/Genius 3 (Gestalt Necrotech Necros 6)(Spellcaster Incanter 3)(Prestigious Necromant 1) | Vitality: 84/84 | Wounds: 36/36 | AC: 35 | TAC: 31 | FFAC: 28 | Fort: 16 | Refex: 19 | Will: 17 | CMD: 33


24 Spell Points|2/3 Dancing Lights|1/1 Faerie Fire|1/1 Entangle|1/1 Glitterdust|1/1 Deep Slumber|1/1 Missive|26/27 Rounds Bardic Perform|4/10 Hypertoxins|9/9 Mythic Power|








Neutral Good


The Gods Are Dead


Common, Elven



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Strength 17
Dexterity 25
Constitution 18
Intelligence 28
Wisdom 20
Charisma 25

About Tyren Lourofesh

Tyren is a quiet man, keeping to himself in most places. While he is generally altruistic and shows a deep concern for his fellow man, he is also prone to using extreme methods to protect his comrades. He has no hesitation in removing souls, poisoning foes, or summoning Xxyth, if it will accomplish his objectives. He recognizes that these traits are generally frowned upon, and so tends to try as hard as he can to keep interpersonal conversation to small-talk

Tyren fears death. He has seen it and known its true form. He has no desire to trap himself into a situation which might see him perish. He fears more, however, the threat of being trapped against his will into servitude, as his parents were when he was young. His hatred not only of Xxyth, but of their servants, burns deeply. In particular, if he is presented an opportunity to slay someone he deems to be a true servant of theirs, he will be strongly tempted to do so, regardless of consequence.

In polite society, Tyren's hair is kept in a neat ponytail, and his green eyes are typically hidden behind a dusty tome or peering into the inner mechanisms of some arcane device of the age of old. He typically wears a brown, nondescript robe. Beneath it, a green tunic and grey trousers. Within ruins, however, Tyren typically releases his hair, the robe is shed and his mechanical arms, designed after the ancient technology he's encountered, are perched upon his shoulders. Before him walks his faithful undead servants, fully hidden within their protective mechanical suits and shrouded from head to toe.
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