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New version of the character sheet includes companion/mount equipment and loading.

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Link to my Character Sheet

I don't plan to spend a lot more time on this, but if the feedback is good maybe I'll be inspired :)

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Sean K Reynolds wrote:
And, as Clark said, an impressive number of people who got a title this year for voting. :)

I got my title solely based on my item never showing up for me to vote on. I don't think I voted more than a couple dozen times after I finally saw my item (thus reassured that I wasn't disqualified or cut off with the bottom 25%). I really didn't enjoy the Nth hundredth time of waiting 60 seconds to vote on items that I had already sorted 10 times previously. Only anxiety drove me to continue.

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remoh wrote:
You may want to check over at

I will use their databases for the appropriate sections, but I can't find any databases of stat-based data types like the examples I gave. Their HTML tables are formatted for viewing and format terribly when copied into spreadsheet tables.

CSV files are really what I need but XML would work too.

Similarly, has paizo ever standardized their field names ("character name" "alignment" "race", "damage die" "morale bonus" etc.)? With standard names the different programs and spreadsheets could import and export XML data very easily.

I'm looking at you paizo. Or if somehow you haven't done this, then I'm sure your new online game development team has had to solve this problem or one close enough to it to be useful to your developer customer base. I think providing standards would go a long way toward enabling interested parties to develop new tools on the latest technologies.

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I'm working on a char sheet in google spreadsheets including some basic automation. I will be sharing it and hope other multi-PC and linux users will find it useful.

Does anyone have electronic tables of class, archetype, race, weapon data, etc. from previous work that I could use to create my lookup tables? Typing it all in by hand is going to kill my productivity.

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Anthony Adam wrote:
Tyrannosapien wrote:
I guess I don't understand what this indexes.

I'm only about half way through typing it all up, so posted where I was at so you could see I hadn't forgotten. By Saturday, all 200+ archetypes I could find on the PRD will be linked from the one list.

It provides everyone with a one place handy dandy link so they can check their design space, see what's out there and can go straight to the pages they need to see.

Got it thanks for the explanation and the hard work!

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N. Edward Lange wrote:

i just saw my own item! that was a huge relief, but i immediately realized that one of the sentences really should have been two... it was a run-on and i could have stated its point much better in two sentences (and had plenty of word count). so, now i'm worried for a whole new reason :(

So which did you vote for :)

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I guess I don't understand what this indexes. For example, there are 10 Barbarian archetypes in the APG that aren't on this list. Referencing this link:

Sorry if this was explained inline, but I couldn't find it. No big deal, but I'm concerned this contest makes assumptions I'm not aware of.

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Tough time of year to try to get stuff like this fixed too. That said, you deserve some reassurances that their data center is equipped to handle "normal" weather conditions for its region.

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