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I Have Influence on: No One


Danger: 0, Freak: +3, Savior: +2, Superior: +1, Mundane:-1



About Tycho "North Star" Simpson

North Star

Hero Name: North Star
Real Name (if different): Tycho Simpson
Abilities: Memory Manipulation, Psychic Constructs, Superhuman Strength and Speed
Look: A young caucasian male whose outfit that he is wearing depends on the viewer: some see him as wearing a school uniform, some see him in superhero garb, some in standard teenager fare (teeshirts, hoodies, jeans, and sneakers), and others see him in a wierd array of outfits.

Little details about his height, weight, and build change from viewer to viewer as well, although the details are only minor changes at best.

Team Moves

When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, give them influence over you and spend 1 team from the pool to clear one box on your doom track.

None as of yet.

When did you first learn of your doom? as a child, the cult that raised me told me it was my sacred duty to rule mankind. This is a cult that was created by my future self who sent a psychic copy of his conscience back in time to ensure his birth and ascendancy.

Where did you get your sanctuary? Alleghory is the name of the superhero who protects the timeline and space from the interference of powerful entities, preventing future threats from happening. He arrived at the citadel where the cult was raising me, and he spirited me away from the cult after using magic to wipe my presence from the memory of everyone that was present. What he did not count on was the amount of power Tycho had. Knowing that he had a matter of minutes before he began rewriting the minds of everyone in his vicinity, Alleghory syphoned off most of the power that Tycho was emitting and used it to create a demiplane, which he promptly deposited Tycho into, said 'learn to leave' and then promptly vanished. After a few months, Tycho emerged into Alleghory's own sanctum, a 2 story house in downtown Halcyon City. Thus began a truly rocky mentorship, with Alleghory presenting Tycho with a almost impossible task, which lead to another task, and then another, and before he knew it, Tycho had a pretty good grasp on using his power, mostly to channel it into his body. He learned the basic of mental manipulation, but Alleghory warned him that should he come to rely too heavily on those powers, they would consume him.

Why do you oppose your nemesis? Because he is everything that Alleghory taught Tycho he should not be: a tyrant who uses his power to crush the wills of anyone who stands in his way.

Who, outside of the team, is crucial to defeating your nemesis? Alleghory has repeatedly promised that when the day comes, he will stand with Tycho to change the course of the future for the better, but Alleghory is getting older, and less active.

Why does the team matter to you? Because they are the first people his age that he has been around, and he views them as a sounding board for making sure he isn't slipping into dangerous, mind-bending territory.

You told Wingblade all about your doom and the danger you’re in.
You’d love to kiss Hashtag before your doom comes.
*Any Other Abilites Unique to your Playbook

Features: A meditation space; art, music, and food; a library of valuable tomes (really my memories of my future self).

Downsides: I will need to mark one box on my doomtrack; The best I can do is a lesser version, unreliable and limited.

Nemesis: My nemesis is my future self, the being that I am prophesied (or destined, depending on your point of view) to become. A psychic ruler of minds and master of the entire world, who controls all he sees (and what he can't see as well).

Doom Track: _ _ _ _ _

What brings your doom closer: Overexerting yourself, facing danger alone

Doom Signs:
X Portal: Mark your doom drack to appear in a scene with anyone you want.

X Infinite Powers: Mark your doom track to use an ability from any playbook, one time.