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Ok, I have a ninja that is about to be 7th lvl in PFS play (I can burn a GM chronicle or wait and play in another scenario). But my problem is - which way to go now?

He has all ninja levels with the trick vanishing step, flurry of stars, and offensive defense.
His feats are extra ki, imp intiative, iron will
He carries a katana and a lot of shurikens.

This was my first PFS character and I did not put a lot of thought in it when I built him. This was the first time I played the ninja and realized some of the drawbacks to the class, afterwards. However, If anything - he is a survivalist. I have noticed that between skills, capabilities, gear he usually has, and my style of play that he has gotten out of every tough scrape or encounter, and has successfully contributed to the end of several scenarios. He was only taken into uncouncious once - due to some horrid reflex saves vs AoE spells. I am a very tactical and patient player and would spend a few rounds waiting to get into position to spend ki and attack, if there was an opportunity to exploit a dual stike or flurry for more damage.

But I am not thrilled with staying on a straight ninja path for him. Currently I am thinking of rolling into fighter. It offers more feats (two weapon fighting katana & wakizashi), better armor (mithril breastplate or elven chain), more HP, better BAB advance, and a better fort save advance(currently at a incredibly low +2 fort save). Only downside is the skill point hit.

But do any of y'all have some input or suggestions for something different - or staying purestrain ninja. It is too late to think of a prestige class.

Greetings, I am working on a new character and I have searched this website and messageboards for some answers, but really have not found too many answers or some of the explanations I could not grasp.

So I am throwing this out to the people who are more knowledgeable than me. The character plan is a Gunslinger / Inquistior so I have a few questions of what is reliable and allowable.

Eventually once he gets a second double barrel pistol, would the Rapid Shot feat stack with both pistols (one in each hand) to be able to shoot four bullets - two bullets at a -2 and two at a -6?

Is the Sword and Pistol feat worth it? It looks like it eats a lot of feats to get that ability.

Is Ragathiel a playable religion to serve in PFS?

Basically my plan is to have this character be multiclass using a double barrel pistol and bastard sword in combat - the spells gained are mainly spells to augement his weapons or character interaction with the NPC's - going Conversion Domain.

Any thoughts / limts I am overlooking?

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Hello, I am looking into some input, I have played Pathfinder for a while now and have recently gotten active into Pathfinder Society. I am aware of some differences, but I was working on a Ranger build in a past game. When the game stopped I never got a chance to play this character - so now I am looking into playing / building him in PFS.

So I am curious, and am looking for some input from some more knowledgeable players, the ranger build I was starting had three archetypes, does PFS have a maximum that can be applied to a character? The three archetypes I selected do not clash with each other as they each effect different capabilities of the Ranger class.