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Ok I found my notes:

Mending Needle
Aura moderate transmutation; CL 11th
Slot -; Price 14,850 gp; Weight - lbs.
This magic item appears as an overly large mithril sewing needle with a length that is usually between 4 to 6 inches. The needle’s enchantment has the means to fully mend a destroyed, damaged or broken item. The needle can perform this function three times a day.
To operate place the needle in or on the damaged item in question with damaged parts next to the equipment – if applicable. Speak the command word and the magic from the needle will restore the item to its previous condition. However if a magic item is destroyed - the item itself, such as a magic weapon, will be restored to its master work quality, but the magic bonuses will not return.
If the owner wishes to restore a magic item with its original benefits, they need to put the needle in or on the item and speak the command word three times. This will activate the needle to repair the item and its magical properties, but will also destroy the needle.
The mending will not work on magic items that need a wish or miracle spell for repair.
Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, Empower Spell, Maximize Spell, mending, Make Whole; Cost 7,425 gp

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OHHH! I CANNOT BELIEVE I FORGOT THIS...I was looking over some old character sheets remembered this encounter. A good friend of mine is known to be vicious, but can run some great adventures. This was a 3.5 campaign and we got an offer from some local nobles to kill a red dragon marauding the lands. So we figured, "sure why not?"

He was easy to find and we approached the base of these mountains through some woods. But the closer we got to the entrance of the lair - the trees were burned and had no branches - just massive tree trunks. Strange, but really nothing to catch our interest.

Well at the mouth of the cave the six of us split up in a semi circle. All fully buffed with fire resist, fire protection, etc, etc, etc. Y'all know the drill.

As we got close enough the dragon comes soaring out of the cave - at an angle. He buzzed us - just out of our reach and went sky ward. On his way he grabbed two tree trunks! This got our attention! After some more spot checks it was noticed that the base of the tree was carved and cut into a point - the ranger noticed that all the base of the trees surrounding us were without branches, carved at the base and basically rammed into the ground.

Then the dragon acts, yeah these were his personal javelins. He threw both at the wizard huge tree trunks being thrown with the strength of a dragon - it was not pretty. Wizard is dead. Well the shock of losing the wizard and this entirely new strategy spooked all of us.....The dragon acts again and flys down grabbing two more tree / javelins, and flys back up. We asked if the cleric had air walk to combat the dragon in the air, but no. After a second volley from the dragon we ran screaming like little girls, and the dragon claimed three more people - including my Warblade.

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Ok, this is an old story, but in the 80's I just got into AD&D and have been playing it for a few years wih some other people. Well our characters were between 12-15 level, when we get a adventure to investigate why all contact with a mining town in the mountains has been lost. The king had sent in patrols but no one ever returned.
Us being the awesome group that we assumed we were - went into the mountains. We came to the town first, busted windows and doors, things strewn about, but no bodies and little blood to no blood.
Farther up into the mountains we go and we find two sites where combat took place a few broken and melted weapons and armor but again no bodies (again weird).

Well soon we were at the entrance of a mine and proceeded to enter. As we went along deeper into the mine we started to find strange formations that was unnatural to the mine exterior or anything else we had seen.

Finally we were attacked. These things had enlongated heads, outer jaws of teeth and inner jaws with teeth that can project outward, bipedal but with great climbing abilities, and a whip like tail. They attacked with their hands, teeth, and tail, and even had acid for blood.......

Yeah, this right around the time of Aliens and the DM thought it would be cool to create the critters and throw them at us......

Well there was seven of us of various classes, the wizard and elven fighter mage quickly went through their spells as waves of these things kept coming. My character and another person failed their save (if I remember he based it of paralyzation) and were victim to two face huggers. The rest retreated as gear and weapons was getting destroyed by the acid. But the exit was blocked off by more of these things. The wizard casted a wall of fire and the cleric a blade barrier. But the DM (in glee this latest creation) declared that the blades were also effected by the acid from their blood. So these things kept charging it until it was gone. At this point the Wizard, who had his girlfriend at the time playing with us said ok we are out of here.
He pulled out a scroll of teleport and took her character with his - leaving the rest. We were even more upset - until he rolled a 97 and fatal mishap.

Essential the story the DM created is that a super high level lich went exploring to other worlds and dimensions and brought back some eggs to study. Since he was undead, they did not react to him and after some experiments he got bored with them and left them in the mine to be discovered by the miners. He had a queen, eggs chamber, hatching chamber all that. We just never got that far.

Needless to say the group fell apart after that.

Lantern Lodge

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It does sound interesting and fun. I am assuming that the world is already created with demographics, religions, kingdoms, societies and such.

A friend of mine ran one campaign in which he had the world mostly fleshed out, but it was kept secret from us - other than the local area. The higher knowledge skills in Local, History, or Nobility - those players would have access to a little more information of that nature.

He allowed only core classes at first (and Cavalier), but as the party started exploring, questing, leveling, he would expose more of the world he created and open up other classes. So when characters died, they could roll up in one of the newer classes discovered in that region or area.

It was a lot of fun as it forced us, the players to communicate more with eachother (especially with players who ran more knowledgeable character) to learn of this world and societies the GM created.