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Hi people, i dont know where to publish this thread so i write here sry. I have a question. I bought every corebook of starfinder (PDF) but my first lenguage its Spanish. Recently Devir Iberia its publishing Spanish PDFs of Starfinder on Drivethru but there are PDFs that i have yet. Its there any possibility of take them without pay because i have them but in english (of this website) o what could i do? i prefer not to pay them again in my lenguage. Thx for the answers.

I bought Deck of many Wolrds a few months ago and i want to ask if its possible get template cards to create my own worlds cards?

That its the question, is it possible to spend money to upgrade your companion with Weapons or a better armor like a PC?

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How does work cordinate assault (from mechanic) now with experimental weapon or armor?. Because it has reference to exocortex and drone but not to new options.

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Starship are an fundamental part of the game, i would like read this book.

I asked the same in my last thread.

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Hi to everybody. I have my hardcover COM book and i have read it all. But i would like to apply Vanguard and others classes to my NPCs and i dont know how to do it. The same with new alternative class powers.

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Well, this is my first time here sharing my opinion in a thread theme that i like it. Sry for my english because i am practising still. So lets begin. I like Starfinder in first time because its different to the tipical heroic fantasy. My passion since i was a child were sci ci inspired by films and video games. I would say that I like action in sci fi games in part from that inspiration from child. So between most notable inspiration are Colony Wars: Red Sun a videogame from PS1 or PSX where you are a pilot contracted to help others civilitation but the most importance of the game its defeat a corrupted giant space ship called Red Sun. Another good inspiration for me was Dino crisis, ok it isn´t sci fi, but like Metal Gear, could be a operativa (starfinder) getting infiltration in bases with Puzzle mini games. When i grew up i tend to more sci fi games but with more action like Starcraft or Dune. All this about videogames. About films i should say that Dune, alien, predator, madmax, Titan R.E. (i like it so much, its a old 3d animation film), ghost of mars by John carpenter were very important to my taste nowdays. I am sure that i forget a lot more.