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FATE??? It's a Powered by the Apocalypse game!

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I'm already Switched. I'm very happy in general with the new rules and welcomed the simplicity of it all.

I will still use Pathfinder for playing the Adventure Paths and the Society Scenarios.

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I checked with my postal office, twice, one when i send you the original post. And another one today (I have just received the Advanced Player's Guide). But this shipment is still missing.

Best Regards
Roman Moreno

Turbiales wrote:

The missing items are:
> The following products are included in this shipment:
> 1 x Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: GameMastery Guide (OGL) Hardcover
> 1 x Pathfinder Chronicles: Heart of the Jungle (PFRPG) Print Edition
> 1 x Pathfinder Companion: Sargava, the Lost Colony (PFRPG) Print >Edition

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Dear folks of Paizo.

The package containing the 3 items you shiped to me in advance, hasn't arrived yet. (But the AP 34, in other shipment, was received about two weeks ago). It is possible to have been returned to you? It's seems to me very strange because in these years i haven't experienced such delay before (About 6 weeks) the average was about 2 or 3 weeks.

The missing items are:
> The following products are included in this shipment:
> 1 x Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: GameMastery Guide (OGL) Hardcover
> 1 x Pathfinder Chronicles: Heart of the Jungle (PFRPG) Print Edition
> 1 x Pathfinder Companion: Sargava, the Lost Colony (PFRPG) Print >Edition

I have just received the order #1461962, shipped 3 weeks ago.

I have checked about every week in my post office and they confirmed they doesn't have it.

With some concern. Respectfully yours.
Román Moreno Urdiales

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33, and feeling younger (Or somebody can say inmature) every year ^_^


I.T. Professional

Type of Person?

Fat with great glasses and really an odd fashion taste. I think I'm the standard geek.

Interesting Points?

Great interest in gaming in general and in roleplaying in particular.

Gaming Style?

I not dislike any style in particular, but I usually run thing "by the book" (If a game is narrative or simulationist or favor delving I use that.)

Favorite Module ever?

Masks of Nyarlathotep.

Most unbalanced character you ran?

A 101 years old human bard, puppeteer and iliterate (And in AD&D it also meaned he cannot cast spells). Ah, and his only positive bonusses were Charisma related.

Nobody expected to him to reach 7th level... and to my knowledge is still alive somewhere... It was an experiment to run a character that can ONLY be roleplayed (Str 6 if i recall correctly) it was useless in combat. I generated it trying to hamper it and do his life as difficult as posible, trying to make a point whith my DM that he was too generous making rerolls in ability scores.

It's somewhat ironic it was the most loved character I ran. Always making a Joke and proving my youngster comrades that it's not always late to make a live worth living. Also he always insisted in do some representations to entertain the kids in all the villages we stay :)

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First I must apologize for my poor english.

I was about to preorder Pathfinder RPG and I found that the only shipping method available is "Priority Mail". It is possible to preorder with another Shipping method (First Class USPS, for example)?

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First, I must apologize for my poor English.

I was about to order the Pathfinder RPG when i find out that the shipping method is Priority Mail (It's A LOT more expensive) and is the only option available.

¿It is possible to made available the First Class USPS mail for this kind of preorder?

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Please, keep the rule. As I use it a lot in High-Level combat to Speed up the game.

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I'm guessing if the DVD has any kind of subtitles. It will do to me a lot to understand the movie.

Obviously, I'm not an english speaker.

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First I must apologize for my poor english.

I has an issue with the Alpha rules the las session (Crimson Throne Module 2).

The party was fighting a daemon (Leukodaemon) flying at 10 feet. The Melee specialists wanted to jump 5 feet high (Acrobatics CD 20) and they faced the fact that the Jumping dependig on Dexterity.

As a mater of fact my players and I not liked the dexterity based jumping. The only player who did make the jumping was the low strenght rogue and that was... weird. A High-Streght bargarian in rage was not capable of make a single test in a looong combat (Long because the fighters were not capable of reaching the Demon)

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I think this skill is a waste of space. It can be better implemented with Ability Checks of power Checks.

There is no need to create a skill only for a kind of spell. It's similar to the Scry Skill of 3.0 that was adressed in 3.5. It's a return to the exclusive skills and I don't like it.

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I Always Houseruled Tumble as:

CD 10+BAB or 15 (Wathever is better) to pass through a threatened area.
CD 20+BAB or 25 (Wathever is better) to pass through a space occupied by enemies.

And has always worked wonderfully to me.

CD 15+BAB seems a LOT harder.

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First, I must apologize for my poor english. As I am not an English speaker.

For the this session (The Third in the Campaing) a new player joined the group, in this case an Elven Warrior.

Some of the players leveled up their characters to level 2, and in case of the wizard I noticed a possible abuse of the new skill rules.

As the Characters advance in levels, if they invest the points in class-skills they can benefit greatly for the free +3 in class skills.

Example: A 3.5 Wizard of Int 16 in level 2 has 25 ranks (2 Base + 3 Int Bonusx5)

A Pathfinder Wizard of Int 16 In level 2 can have the equivalent of 40 Ranks! (Assuming he choose to invest 1 point on every class skill he has) It damages in some way the retrocomatibility.

As with the rest of the session they used the diplomacy in every situation with the king of Spiders, and make through every situation without combat.

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First i must apologize because my English is very limited.

I began to master Curse of the Crimson Throne a week ago, under the Alpha 1 rules. They killed Gaeren, but there was some errors in the interpretation of some rules, this is the reason i has not posted the testing of season 1.

For the second session I introduced to the players the Alpha 2 rules. There was some confusion with the changes of the Skill system, the players liked the way it was done in Alpha 1, and there was some discussion about the balance of the new rules.

The Party has 1 Human Cleric, 1 Elf Evoker, 1 Elf Rogue and 1 Dwarf Fighter. The Evoker was very pleased with the improvement of his first level touch attack.

After all the players converted to Alpha 2, a new player created a Half Orc level 1 Barbarian PC, the player doesn't noticed any difference.

They began pursuing some city watchmen turned rogue. As my group were composed by some sneaky players they infiltrated the slaughterhouse and killed the thugs almost one by one.

I Houseruled that the NPC classes do not receive the level 1 hp bonus (My group adopted the +6 flat bonus). And the combat with the warriors were easy.

When confronted with Verik, they meet a true challenge, Verik received the first level bonus and also the +1/Hp per level bonus of the favored class. Verik singlehandedly put the barbarian below 0 hit points and the player used for the very first time the orc fury racial trait. Of course the action of the barbarian was entering rage, put himself in positive hit points and known down Verik.

And thats all. All the players were really involved. The next session will be in second level and probably will be some grapple checks.