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I can se how this would put some ppl off, as it breaks away from the "traditional" cover styles.

Me, I think it's acceptable, I mean this is a book about strategy, not one on say Background Fluff or More Feats Than I Can Fit In My Pie Hole.

If I hadn't seen the cover thumbnail, I probably wouldn't have even bothered taking a closer look.

Considering the sort of MMO feel of 4th Ed, I kind of get spirit of this cover and (if indeed the interior art is similar) the content art too. If anything this would probably make ME (yes, ME) MORE inclined to get it, as I am a fan of that kind of Star Wars Clone Wars/Samurai Jack style of art.

But too each their own.

I like this idea. Could be good for those miniature using tabletop dungeon delver types.

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On the Ral Partha topic:

Ral Partha were bought out by FASA, and when that bellied up, Ral Partha "apparently" went with it...


I recently got my hands on some old Mage Knight Official Collector's Guides and was surprised to see the sculptor for some of the figures listed as (wait for it) Ral Partha (!)

flash_cxxi wrote:

Nice work Lilith. I'm not gonna DM our RotRL AP, gonna play, so I will just pass on the pics to my DM and umm... try to forget that I saw them.

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Yeah. Good luck with that. Seriously.