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Do we have an ETA on when the download issue will be resolved?

my order was still pending. messaged customer service and they made it available. the download is now in my digital content but when downloading all I get is a blank map and 2 pieces of artwork

I’m sure customer service is busy dealing with the issues on this. Has anyone heard of an ETC for this issue or did you have to do anything to get your download to become available?

Lukas Klausner wrote:
The download still ain't working for me.

Same, still shows as pending for me and no download available

Aaron Shanks wrote:
There is a technical delay. We are working on the PDF. Thanks!

Thank you for the update

I’m having issues with my order (Order #36644365) it was shipped Monday and the ups site hasn’t updated and says to contact shipper if it doesn’t update after 3 days. I’ve tried emailing and calling but get no response back. How can I get help on this.