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Whilst playing Starfinder, the group I was GMing for came across a mysterious recording in a language none of them knew.

P1: Wait, wait, wait. This is the future, right? What about Google Translate?
GM: Well I guess, but-
P2 (interrupting): You mean Space Google Translate. We're in space.
P3: Spoogle Translate, if you will
*table laughs*
P1: So GM, how about it?
GM: Using Spoogle Translate, you-
P2: Spoogle Spanslate.
*table looses it, game suspended for a few minutes to recover*

I can tell you're quite the connoisseur when it comes to fine staffs and so just for you my good sir, if you'll step into my showroom here, I can sell you any staff you like. In fact, you seem like such a nice person I'll even throw in a free wand!

Anyone want to buy some totally legitimate discount spell pouches?