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Can I have one please?

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When Kobolds of Golarian was screwed up at the printers, you used a Canadian printer and everyone noticed the increase in quality. I was gonna ask why you didn't do this again, but I guess no-one would pay for the second run.

If the Chinese printer screwed up as it appears, I bet someone has already been sent to a gulag for it.

-Proud Canadian

Wendifa Apprentice: tice

Does not do what the OP thinks. Its a DAZE attack only, that uses class [and not caster] level

Composite bow correct? Then don't forget to add Adaptive for only a flat 1000gp. ities/adaptive

So you don't get screwed when hit with Strength damage

Otherwise, +2 is good

I know this is a dead thread but I have to say how awesome Paizo is.I just spent hours searching the interwebs for a D&D mini checklist in excel spreadsheet form. Low and behold, there it is in Liz's link above. It's missing the last set [Lords of Madness] but I can fill that in myself.

Again Paizo, you rock so much!


Wow, 4 minutes for my answer... sweet!

And there it is , on page 37, the Nirmathi Irregular.

again.. super-mega-awesome thanks for such a quick reply!

Hi All:

This is my 1st post here so be nice!

I can't recall where I saw a ranger archetype for the Nirmathas region. It had reduced favored terrains and enemies at higher levels but increased the bonuses to your existing one [humans/forest I believe] in their place.

Does anyone recall what this was called or where I read it?