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Full Name

Treisdan Drianen Achdarach




Gestalt: Binder 16, Wizard (Enchanter) 6







Special Abilities

Soul Binding (3 Vestiges), Pact Augmentation(4 abilities), Suppress Sign, Soul Guardian (Immune to Fear, Slippery Mind, Immune to Energy Drain and Negative Levels),


Chaotic Neutral




Common, Aquan, Ignian, Terran, Auran, Celectial, Draconic, Infernal, Abyssal, Dwarven, Giant,

Strength 18
Dexterity 23
Constitution 16
Intelligence 27
Wisdom 20
Charisma 30

About Treisdan Achdarach

Found the Vestiges at a young age, he was cast out of his hometown (chased by mob wanting to "Burn the Witch!") and he began to search for more about them. He learned that the Vestiges were forgotten, and he set out to learn all that he could about them. In his searches he found that he could use his own magics to control others, and he set down this very controversial path. His first attempt at dominating the minds of others ended well, or so he thought. The troll did serve him as a loyal companion for a handful of years, saving his life from many threats, but when a paladin saw that the mage had total control over it, he decided that the magic used was evil and attempted to kill him. As he defended himself from the paladin he seized control of his mind, and released the troll. The troll killed the paladin, and sought to kill the enchanter as well. The enchanter ran. He vowed never to control another human again. The total control of another human as well as the many bindings with the vestiges has created a schism in his own personality.
He is appearing at the Avalon Academy to research more on the Vestiges and to learn to control himself more.

Book 4: The Book of Trotting Legs - magic that increases speed, agility, and endurance.
Book 5: The Book of Rising Intellect - Spells for increased mental capacity and function including, but not limited to, different forms of telepathy and telekinesis.
Book 6: The Book of Supporting Bones - Necromancy spells
Book 7: The Book of the All-Seeing Eyes - Divination spells.

The fourth book is hidden away in an abandoned temple deep inside a mountain in the for north. The mountain itself is a long-dormant volcano, and the temple was to a now-deceased god of fire.

Has an Applewood staff topped with a clear crystal

For my own Reference:
Appraise:8(+5)+3= 16
Bluff:16(+10)+12+3+2= 43
Diplomacy:16(+10)+13+3+6= 48
Disguise:16(+10)= 26
Escape Artist:8(+6)= 14
Intimidate:16(+10)+12+3+2= 43
Arcana:16(+8)+3= 27
History:16(+8)+3= 27
Planes:16(+8)+3= 27
Religion:16(+8)+3= 27
Perception:7(+5)= 12
Linguistics:1(+8)+3= 12
Sense Motive:16(+5)+8+3= 32
Spellcraft:8(+8)+3= 19
Survival:5(+5)= 10

Spell Focus: Enchantment
Greater Spell Focus: Enchantment
Spell Penetration: Enchantment
Enlarge Spell
Chained Spell

slightly modified Runed Staff of Enchantment

Gives +2 to DC of saves against the spells cast using it as a focus
also user may sacrifice spell slots 3times/day to cast any of the following spells, the spells may be metamagiced if higher level slots are used.

•Hideous laughter
•Charm person, mass
•Crushing despair
•Mind fog
•Suggestion, mass

Sihedron Ring of Lust and Pride
(functions like a Sihedron Ring, but also provides a +1 on Enchantment and Illusion Spells)

Me seen with Truesight.

What I normally look like.