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"Why, you're the one that speaks with the earth! You saved our men some days ago, and now perform yet more wonders before me. Allow me to assay its original worth; I have kept stringent record of every item that has come through my hands, and I would be ashamed to charge you any markup, particularly seeing as you have enriched this armor far more than I might have done.

Ah, here it is. An even 1200 gold that cost me, bought in dwarven lands far hence. Once the work of a neophyte laborer--you might have seen, ere you put your hands to it, how oddly its weight was to bear--I would say that this piece now outclasses all but magical armor. And these decorations, like the great gullies and crevices of the Earth herself, increase its value as art beyond even that as armor.

Yet I shall not take a copper more than that 1200 gold from you. This piece is already more yours than anyone else's."

More plainly, this non-masterwork armor is now masterwork due to the consummation of your craft.