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Or a Paper Minis set?

Bout time, Chris. :P

Thank yee kindly. I'll add it to the pile of stuff I need to prep.

Biggest lesson I've learnt so far? I need to buy a printer. :S

Pretty much as the topic says. I'm starting GM'ing soon, and to begin my campaign off, I'm going to use one of the free pathfinder society scenarios, mostly to let it be easy on myself and because some of the players are new to pathfinder.

My question is there are a set standard as to how to convert these scenarios to an XP based system, or has someone done it already, or do I need to do the entire scenario manually?

When will these games be available for player signup?

I've got to change my default posting choice, otherwise that's going to get really annoying. :S (I'm Tradyk, by the by).

I've done PbP once, a while ago, in DnD 4E, but the game didn't last very longg, people just stopped posting.

One problem I've had is that I didn't add a picture for the character when I initially made it, and now I can't figure out how to add one. The edit tab on the character listing doesn't show an option to load/choose an image.

I'm interested as well. I've done a little pbp in 4e a while ago, but this would be my first PbP session for pathfinder. I've been wanting to try a Zen Archer Monk for a while, so will whip one up if you've still got space.