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Please delete my account. There are far too many victims in the fanbase here these days.

I do realize that all digital content will be removed.

Thank you.

Castilliano wrote:
Torillan wrote:

I'm assuming that Quickdraw used to draw a bow and shoot is similar? The feat description says "weapon". Nothing about only "melee".

For example, my goblin ranger now has quickdraw. If I combine that with Hunted Shot, it seems to mean he just whips off 2 shots quickly.

Am I understanding it correctly?

You are not.

Quick Draw is draw + Strike for one action. That's it. It's not a free action, nor is it a passive bonus to other action choices that involve Strikes.
Hunted Shot is a separate action that gives 2 Strikes.
You could draw/shoot then in your second action do a Hunted Shot pair of Strikes (if they're already your Hunt Prey target).

I think "drawing from your other hand" is an interesting solution!
Remember, since Quick Draw is only giving a mundane Strike, it can't be combined with better maneuvers so it shouldn't be able to set up anything that exploits loopholes. Using Quick Draw to free up a hand for another action feels reasonable given that Quick Draw kinda sucks.
And really, being able to better use the weapon on your back than the weapon in your hand is a bit silly.

I appreciate the clarification! Your description makes perfect sense. Thanks!

I'm assuming that Quickdraw used to draw a bow and shoot is similar? The feat description says "weapon". Nothing about only "melee".

For example, my goblin ranger now has quickdraw. If I combine that with Hunted Shot, it seems to mean he just whips off 2 shots quickly.

Am I understanding it correctly?

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Kobold Press' Midgard setting is on my list.

Interested! I should be able to whip up a character in a day or two.

BTW, I backed the KS for SWADE, and am currently working on a conversion to use Kobold Press' Midgard setting.

Missed my chance, but please add me to the wait list should a spot open up.

Have fun!

I left the Pathfinder system ages ago. I enjoyed 1e for a long while, and was an initial AP subscriber for several years. But after a bit, it got a bit too much for me. Lots of cool rules additions, but I'm from the KISS method of schooling.

I have played 5e since it was released, and have been having a blast. Kobold Press has really stepped up to their Midgard setting, and I will always love 5e.

So, today, I downloaded the playtest pack, and started to peruse. I gotta admit....I like what I have seen so far. Is there room to grow? Of course. Do I like everything I've seen so far? Mostly yes, a few things I am on the fence.

I think Paizo is on the right track with 2e, and I am looking forward to seeing what they put together. So for now, Midgard will get the 5e treatment, and I look forward to rediscovering Golarion!

Off the a good start, Paizo! Thank you for your efforts.

Really excited to see the new stuff added in. Can't wait to see what you guys put together!

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Nice! Backed the 5e version of the hardcovers, and still pondering some add-ons. Happy that Elvish magic was added!

Hmm....I was wondering where my money went......

Looking forward to seeing what this might be!

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
I'm trying so bad to save money for the hardcover of this book! As someone who's ALWAYS used the Egyptian pantheon as my go to list of deities, the book really intrigues me. And I've never run a game in settings like the others mentioned, simply because there wasn't much material to go on. So, I save my pennies and hope to get it soon.

Totally worth every penny. I love how the nation of Nuria Natal is implemented into the setting.

Speaking as a KS backer, you will NOT be disappointed!

I am gonna bow out for now. Work is eating up additional time the next few weeks.

Thanks for the opportunity, and good luck guys!

DaWay wrote:
I would like to make a decision by friday.

Sweet! I should be able to get a character done in the next couple of days.

Interested. Thinking Dwarven or dragon born fighter. Subject to change.

Alistair Orm wrote:
"I think it is what some call a hellhound! Watch out, it breaths fire!"

Alistair's warning diverts Alaric's attention, and so he switches targets to aim at the hellhound.

longbow attack: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (3) + 8 = 11
damage: 1d8 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8

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Wolfgang Baur wrote:
Southlands Bestiary PDF also released today to backers. Should be available here later today or sometime tomorrow.

Looks good! The artwork and layout are, once again, top notch. Kudos to Kobold Press for releasing excellent materials! My fave publisher! And setting!

Rolen Philandril wrote:
Updated with ability score increases accordingly.

Also, Rolen, I believe studded leather armor is 12 + dex, not 11 + dex.

[note: merely looking at sheet formatting, and noticed as my character also has studded leather]

Almost done....hope to post later tonight or tomorrow.


Aiming for human ranger (archer).

DundjinnMasta wrote:
I have been researching Red Hand of Doom / Scales of War for the last week. I have begun making a draft of the game but stalled on it this weekend while I was taking care of other things. I am down to setting the expectations and the crunch for the game.

Thanks for the update. I'm keeping an eye out on this.

Brief perusal only, but a LOT of words! Layout is gorgeous.

BTW, please post the link here once you do get that started. Thanks.

DundjinnMasta wrote:

Recruitment thread during this week. I will post here with a link once it goes up.

Glad to see we had all this interest.

Sweet! Thanks for letting us know. I'll keep an eye out...

scranford wrote:
My vote among those would be Legacy of fire...


Have not played/read any on your "strongly considering" list....

I'm good with any, but I will list the ones I am most interested in (in order of preference):

Legacy of Fire
Jade Regent
War of Burning Sky
Serpent's Skull

Definitely interested. Want to get some experience as I am looking to run a PbP in 5e myself down the road.

I hope to have my character finished later tonight.

DoubleGold wrote:
um, the skilled feat to gain 3 skill proficiencies. Would you allow us to take that more than once as we level up to learn 3 more?

It's Seekers call, ultimately, but the RAW only allow that to be taken once.

seekerofshadowlight wrote:
@ Torillan, as a whole reworking of a class, I am gonna say no. I will look over this but I am not gonna toss out a whole class and replace it when I frankly do not have enough time in the system to see if its justified. You may use the spell-less ranger from unearthed arcana however.

No worries. I thought that is what I had linked to (it was on the WOTC site, but now that I looked at it again it is under "Houserule").

So, again, not to worry, I am perfectly happy using the standard ranger class.

He'll be human, as I think I'm gonna utilize a feat to start with....

Alright...will you allow the variant ranger?

Very interested. I'm still looking at classes to play. Will make a decision soon.

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My goal is to be able to post a pdf with my builds for all to use. It would obviously be rather barebones, as there won't be much "fluff".

Just a bump...I haven't given up on completing this!

I hope to have some more races posted soon, and then I'll go over a few of the Arcane Backgrounds I've come up with.

Interested. I'd kinda like to play a class I don't have much experience with, but would like to explore. Count me in for a gnome Alchemist.

I can post with the alias later.

Wow....talk about thread necromancy...

Anyhoo, yeah, I dropped my AP sub due to increasing lack of time to play, and I didn't see the need to carry on, difficult decision that it was.

I still have all my original books, arranged safely on a shelf. Haven't taken to step toward zip-locking them up yet...but I wonder now if maybe it's time.....

Got a two-fer this time!

First, the Gnolls!

•Bad Reputation: Gnolls have a -2 Charisma when dealing with any race other than their own. (-1)
•Bite: Gnolls are able to bite opponents at Str+d6. (+1)
•Greedy: Gnolls really hate to share. They have the Minor Greedy Hindrance. If the PC wants to increase this to the Major version, treat it as if “buying” a Minor Hindrance (since it is technically “upgrading”) (-1)
•Laugh: Gnolls have a yapping laugh, which can be both annoying and somewhat disturbing at the same time. This effectively gives them the Taunt skill at d6. (+1)
•Low Light Vision: Gnolls ignore penalties for Dim and Dark Lighting effects. (+1)
•Scent: Gnolls have a very keen sense of smell, and receive a +2 Notice when using it. (+1)

Next, Gnomes...

•Clever: Gnomes are very clever. They start with a d6 in Smarts instead of d4. (+2)
•Luck: Gnome characters draw one additional Benny per game session. This may be combined with the Luck and Great Luck Edges. (+2)
•Outsider: Due to their reputation as diabolists, Gnomes are generally discriminated against by others. Their Charisma suffers a –2 modifier outside of Gnomish society. (-1)
•Small: Gnomes are typically less than 4’ tall. Their small size subtracts 1 from their Toughness. (-2)
•Low Light Vision: Gnomes ignore penalties for Dim and Dark Lighting effects. (+1)

As always, suggetions and constructive criticism are welcomed. I'm working on the Ravenfolk for the next update.

Adventurer#33 wrote:
you got the wrong elf Edgar my elf is a hunter.

Oops! Sorry...read the wrong name.

So, the above question goes to KDtompos...

Llaelian wrote:
Sorry for the delay. I will have everything up by tonight. Had two long days at work plus one of my daughter got a stomach bug :(

Hope she feels better soon! Been seeing quite a bit of that in my ER...

Oops...I should clarify. These shifts are 11am to 11pm for three days in a row.

I get some sleep, but free time is scant. I get up early to get the kids to school.

Sorry for any confusion.

before i go into a tangent, let me ask this, are you a nurse or doctor, or some other health person that helps care for injured/sick people?

My official title is "Clinical Care Technician"...basically a nurse without authority to give meds. Otherwise, I can do everything else (IV/blood draws, Foley caths, splinting, etc.)

I get occasional minutes throughout the day to check posts, just don't have all the rules here with me!

So, posting isn't an issue, in case anyone was curious.

Tvarog wrote:
Jeepers, Torillan, don't forget to get some sleep eventually. :)

I will. Thanks! For reference, I work in a suburban ER...and its a full moon week! WooHoo!

Should have a complete character by tomorrow.

Sorry for the delay, but I'm in the middle of three 12 hour shifts in a row.

For the sake of TRUE random, here are the rest of my Halfling Outlaw's rolls:

[dice=Height 3'4" plus]1d10[/dice]
Weight: 1d100 ⇒ 44
100 lb.
Hair Color: 1d10 ⇒ 6
Eye Color: 1d10 ⇒ 10
dark brown
Distinguishing Marks: 1d100 ⇒ 52
snaggle teeth
No. of Siblings: 1d10 ⇒ 10
5! (must be Catholic...)
Star Sign: 1d100 ⇒ 71
Vobist the Faint (Darkness & Uncertainty)
Age: 1d100 ⇒ 75
50 years...call me "Grandpa"...
Birthplace: 1d100 ⇒ 9
the Moot
Name: 1d100 ⇒ 27

Torillan wrote:

Alrighty...here we go for me Halfling:

[dice=Fel:] 2d10 + 20
[dice=WP:] 2d10 + 30

Just realized I mixed these two up for halflings. Consider them swapped.

Alrighty...here we go for me Halfling:

WS:: 2d10 + 10 ⇒ (3, 6) + 10 = 19
BS:: 2d10 + 30 ⇒ (7, 2) + 30 = 39
Str:: 2d10 + 10 ⇒ (5, 8) + 10 = 23
Tough:: 2d10 + 10 ⇒ (8, 1) + 10 = 19
Agility:: 2d10 + 30 ⇒ (6, 2) + 30 = 38
Int:: 2d10 + 20 ⇒ (6, 9) + 20 = 35
Fel:: 2d10 + 20 ⇒ (3, 4) + 20 = 27
WP:: 2d10 + 30 ⇒ (2, 4) + 30 = 36

Starting Wounds:: 1d10 ⇒ 3
Starting Fate Points:: 1d10 ⇒ 5

Halfling Random Talent:: 1d100 ⇒ 60 Savvy

Random Starting Career:: 1d100 ⇒ 48 Outlaw
Random Starting Career (Optional):: 1d100 ⇒ 86 Tradesman

Going ahead with Outlaw for career.

So...smart and quick Halfling outlaw...hmm, wonder which career direction he'll be taking?... ;-)

Well, if you still have room...

1d10 ⇒ 5

A Halfling! I'll have some stats later on.

BPorter wrote:

Thread. Full. Of Awesome!

Thanks for posting this.

Thank YOU for checking it out! This has kinda become a labor of love now. I work on it when I can, piecing together a players guide of sorts.

At some point, once races are finished, I'm going to work on some Arcane Backgrounds that I feel are appropriate to Midgard. As I love the Hellfrost setting from Triple Ace Games, I may be adopting some of the rules to Midgard. For example, I really like how Elementalists are done in Hellfrost, and will most likely be using that as the primary magic using background. The Highwizard from that setting would make a good one for the Elves, using a more ritualistic approach to magic, and with cool staves to boot.

Just some musings about what I'd think might work for a full conversion of Midgard.

Thanks again, and stay tuned!!

I'm thinking of tweaking the Gearforged a bit...any thoughts, anyone?

For the minor races, I am still working on them. Here is my first take on Centaurs though.

• Big: Due to their large size, centaurs get a +1 to their Toughness. Also, because of their inherent strength, Centaurs can carry twice the normal load for their Strength die type. (+2)
• Clumsy: A centaur on a slick, rocky, or hard surface suffers a -2 to all Agility-based skill rolls. (-2)
• Fast: Centaurs are naturally swift runners. Their base Pace is 10. (+2)
• Illiterate: Centaurs have no written language of their own, lost to the ages. Hence they cannot read or write in any other language, no matter how many they speak. (-1)
• Impulsive: Centaurs are creatures of whim and passion. As such they tend to speak and act without thinking. (-1)
• Kick: A centaur can kick with his hooves for Str+d4 damage. He can both kick and attack with a weapon in the same round at -2 to both attacks. (+1)
• Strong: Centaurs start with a d6 Strength and their maximum natural Strength is d12+2. (+2)
• Uncouth: Centaurs have a very hard time getting along with other races, and thus have a -2 to Charisma when dealing with non-centaurs. (-1)

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