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P. 17 there seems to be a skill missing For obstacle 4 - Urexhl's Fiery Wrath. Is this because the intent was to remove the skill and force only Thievery, or should there be a missing skill that was not caught during the finishing process?


I recently subscribed to the Special Edition Core line for PF2 and it seems to be stuck in the side cart, I was wondering if it would be possible to get it processed or if I'm stuck waiting the 11-20 day time period it's giving me?

Thanks for any help you can offer

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In regards to the swine scopes, the success conditions mentions removing the eyes would mean that Ahksiva never notices the PCs, or the crit success says that Ahksiva remains unaware as they distract the eyes and that enemies in encounter B take a penalty.

This makes no sense as if they aren't spotted, then there shouldn't be an encounter in B because Ahksiva can't warn Reast. Can we get clarification on what exactly should be happening, or if someone obviously smarter than me can explain it, I would be more than happy as I'm just sitting here scratching my head.

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Zaister wrote:
Thod wrote:

Monsters bad: This is a repeatable. It uses in low tier 4 different mephits - unfortunately the icon for the mephits is the same across all four. I replaced the roll20 mephits with a recent set of different ones (Kingmaker). In regard to the higher tier - these are among the worst bestiary pictures there are. Sodhound is an ordinary dog, cinder rat is the dire rat, Brine Shark is an ordinary shark and the Zephyr Hawk is also an ordinary bird.

This isn't a roll20 fault. There is only a single image for each type of elementals and the small ones just don't have a nice depiction. But Paizo is known for the great artwork - and here this is a let down.

How is it Paizo's fault if Roll20 does not label their tokens nicely?

By the way, there is individual artwork available for all Bestiary monsters on the Bestiary Battle Cards.

The PDF of the battle cards is $41.99, I take great offence at the fact that I will need to pay an 3 times the price of the bestiary PDF itself just to have pretty pictures of the few creatures that don't have picture in the bestiary.

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Would you be able to Follow the Expert? It's not really exploration as far as I could tell. When I ran it I just told the players they could either roll to indicate their participation in the negotiations or not roll to indicate abstaining from that particular challenge if they didn't have a great skill set for it. Worked out well with them succeeding on all the challenges but one.

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I feel that touting "The Silverhex Chronicle" as a backer unlockable is extremely misleading as the scenario is already a free product available to anyone that has a account.

A better option might have been to offer 7 unlockable scenarios and saying that they can go download "The Silverhex Chronicles" right now to get a brief taste of what the River Kingdoms have to offer to the avid adventurer.

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Things I would like to see at GenCon 2018:
-Pathfinder Society Playtest (Very Likely)
-Pathfinder Society Specials (Very Likely)
-GenCon 2017 PFS & SFS having been reported (ehhhhhhh)

Joking aside, it's been long enough, I feel some sort of explanation isn't an unreasonable expectation now. I don't care if it's something as simple as "I've been busy", cuz yeah stuff happens in life. But we are 8 months past GenCon, and we haven't heard a peep in 2 months. Some sort of acknowledgement would likely make people less on edge about this, but it's like those in charge have buried their heads in the sand. Just step up, let us know you hear us and that you are working on it, it's really all I want at this point.

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I am willing to trade a Tiefling for a Rougarou boom

Bunny librarian

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Thomas Hutchins wrote:
Also a little bummed that they added racial requirements to archetypes that didn't have one in the book.

That one I have to say I was somewhat expecting...

Can't have average joes running around with big ol' snakes can we

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Ragoz wrote:

Same. All the classes designed for full casters and the feat so I could play old prestige classes are locked away. I was looking forward to this for a long time.

** spoiler omitted **

I like getting the books, I feel this just sets a dangerous precedent for locking things that shouldn't be locked

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I'm curious to see what these chronicle based options for Paths of the Righteous is, because I'm currently really unimpressed. It's forced me to shelve 2 fun concepts I've been working on.

Just a quick question about the riding gecko.

It's explained as Giant Gecko with the "giant" template.

Do they mean the Giant Gecko from Inner Sea World Guide, or the Lizard, Giant Gecko from Bestiary 3.


Profession, Disappointment: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7

Although it's called a surprise attack, it's not in the same context as a surprise round. In this situation, it's just flavour text to indicate that you make the uncommon act of smashing your firearm in the enemies face rather than firing it as one usually would.

By that logic, I could fight someone, and they flee. I encounter them 3 days later, and I can`t challenge and Iaijutsu Strike them because I have attacked the target of the challenge before in an unspecified period of time.

Cerwin wrote:
The problem with the first interpretation is that in the line following what you quoted it says that in order to perform the strike your sword must be sheathed. So you can't attack with it before doing the iaijustu strike. This is the iconic move where in one motion the samurai draws and attacks with one motion.

However, if I get close, hit with a reach weapon, and next turn I challenge, drop weapon, 5 foot step, and use my katana I negate the issue that you're talking about because my sword never left the sheath and I still have a move and standard action in bank for the full round Iaijutsu strike.

Ok, that's what I was planning on doing, I just wanted to see if it made sense to others as well.

Reading over the rules of the Iaijutsu Strike, I came across a situation I'm not quite sure to handle.

It says that that after I challenge but before I attack the target of my challenge, I may perform an Iaijutsu strike. To me, I see this as 2 things :

1) I can attack someone on one turn, and then next turn, Swift action challenge, full round Iaijutsu because in theory i haven't attacked the target of my challenge yet (I attacked before he was my target, as weak as an argument that may be).

2. I can only Iaijutsu as a first hit on any creature even before I have challenged it.

I find the rules are vague enough to be able to exploit the first situation, but I just want some feedback to hear what your opinions are.