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Oakbreaker wrote:

It is my low level (2) Abyssal Bloodrager.

This stemmed from another thread asking about 7 Int so with all the stats present maybe it will help get an image. I want opinions not the wrongbadfun talks. He believes to be a dragon due to being raised by one. Sorta...He is half elf/orc and hates orcs with a passion. I play him as very rash and quick tempered but with enough sense to leave it to his 'lessers' who can relate to the vermin of the universe.

Professional bodybuilder, strongman etc., who is agile for a guy his size. He's more street-smart than your average shmoe, and he's likable in a childlike way, but he has a noticable learning disability, just above the threshold to be functional in everyday life. So basically Rocky if he was even more ripped.

Addendum: I play 8-9 Int as simple or airheaded, 6-7 Int as functional but disabled, and 5 Int as mostly disabled, ie extremely slow to learn anything outside of 1 or 2 primary interests/simple tasks.

Calybos1 wrote:

Why ban something when you can tax it? Didn't Prohibition teach people anything?

"To boost the British economy I'd tax all foreigners living abroad."
"Bring back hanging and go into rope."
"I'd reintroduce flogging... every Thursday, round at my place."
--Monty Python, City Gents vox pops--

I ban untaxed feats. Any feat chain consisting of less than 5 feats is a heinous insult to the state, and taking consecutive feats in a chain is compulsory. Adding Strength to damage is considered tax evasion, as is making a Will saving throw (if and only if the thrower does not have a caster level.)