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Grand Lodge

Character: Heggal
Role: Life of the Party

Skill Feats:
+3 Strength
+3 Constitution

Power Feats:
[X] 6 Hand Size
Proficient with [X] Weapons
Reveal an ally with Diplomacy in its check to acquire to add 1d4 [X]+1 [X]+2 [X]+3 to your check.

Card Feats:
Weapon [X]2
Spell [X]4
Ally [X]5 [X]6
Blessing [X]4 [X]5

Greatclub +1, Greatclub +3
Cure x 3, Holy Feast
Animated Shield, Chain Mail
Besmara's Tricorne (Loot), Belt of Giant Strength
Surgeon, Sage, Exalted, Sacred Killer, Standard Bearer, Evangelist (allies that have Diplomacy in their check to acquire)
Blessing of the Gods x 2, Blessing of Cayden Cailean, Blessing of Gorum x 2

Man's Promise / Kraken / Abrogail's Fury

Beat the boxed version of your game too, now, Mike.
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