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Bounty Board #3 Shadows and Scarecrows Closed (inactive)

Bounty Board (#1-#7) (inactive)

Bounty #2 Synopsis:
A Druman farmer posts a request for adventurers to begin an immediate investigation into the murder of his prized alpacas! Farmer Harjack's land is located just north of the town known as Petitioner's Point, and all he knows for certain is that a creature comes in the night and drains alpacas of their blood before disappearing into the dark. As the PCs investigations lead them into the nearby wilderness, they'll need to be ready to bring all their skills to bear if they hope to track the creature down to its lair and put it down before it can harm any more defenseless animals.

Slides / Maps > LINK
Resource > (GM Numbat's) Org Play PbP intro
Action Symbols > Single (◆), Double (◆◆), Triple (◆◆◆), Free (◇), Reaction (↺)
Status Symbols > ♥️ hit points, ☘️ hero points, ✋ held items, ⚕ status conditions

Bounty Schedule:

1) Whitefang Wyrm @ GM Merisial the risen @ May-June @ Gameplay
2) Blood of the Beautiful @ QM rainzax @ June-July
3) Shadows and Scarecrows @ GM Computerpro82 @ July-Aug
4) Cat’s Cradle @ GM Melda @ Aug-Sept
5) Witch’s Winter Holiday @ GM Super Zero @ Sept-Oct
6) The Road from Otari @ GM Frost @ Oct-Nov
7) Bounty #7 @ ??/?? (ahead of schedule)

The whitefang wyrm bounty round 1 (inactive)