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About Titania Evangeline Snow-fell

Name: Titania Evangeline Snowfell
Race: Feral(Modified) Human
Class: Barbarian(Invulnerable Rager) 3
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Alignment: NG
Deity: Kord
Languages: Common, Giant, Elven

Stats: 14,14,13,13,12,12
STR: 18 = 14 + 0 + 0 (+4 Feral)
DEX: 14 = 14 + 0 + 0 (-2 Feral) (+2Human)
CON: 15 = 13 + 0 + 0 (+2 Feral)
INT: 09 = 13 + 0 + 0 (+4 Feral)
WIS: 14 = 12 + 0 + 0 (+2 Feral)
CHA: 12 = 12 + 0 + 0

Comeliness: 15;

Hit Points: 42/42
Init: +2

Melee: +7
Range: +5

AC: 20:12:18
DR: 1/-

Barbarian 4+INT+1+FC = 4+FC = 5 + 2 Background
ACP = 0 //Armour Check Penalty
*Acrobatics: 8 = 3 + DEX Mod + 3 - ACP;
@Appraise: -1 = 0 + INT Mod + 0;
Bluff: 2 = 0 + CHA Mod + 0;
*Climb: 8 = 1 + STR Mod + 3 -ACP;
*@Craft(): -1 = 0 + INT Mod + 0;
Diplomacy: 1 = 0 + CHA Mod + 0;
Disable Device: NA = NA + DEX Mod + 0 -ACP;
Disguise: 1 = 0 + CHA Mod + 0;
Escape Artist: 2 = 0 + DEX Mod + 0 -ACP;
*@Handle Animal: 1 = 0 + CHA Mod + 0;
Heal: 2 = 0 + WIS Mod + 0;
*Intimidate: 5 = 1 + CHA Mod + 3;
Know(Arcane): NA = NA + INT Mod + 0;
Know(Dung): NA = NA + INT Mod + 0;
@Know(Engin): NA = NA + INT Mod + 0;
@Know(Geo): 00 = 01 + INT Mod + 0;
@Know(Hist): NA = NA + INT Mod + 0;
Know(Local): NA = NA + INT Mod + 0;
*Know(Nature): NA = NA + INT Mod + 0;
@Know(Noble): NA = NA + INT Mod + 0;
Know(Planes): NA = NA + INT Mod + 0;
Know(Religion): NA = NA + INT Mod + 0;
@Linguistics: 1 = 2 + INT Mod + 0;
*Perception: 8 = 3 + WIS Mod + 3;
@Perform (): 1 = 0 + CHA Mod + 0;
@Profession(Farmer): 3 = 1 + WIS Mod + 0;
@Profession(Hunter): 4 = 2 + WIS Mod + 0;
*Ride: 0 = 0 + DEX Mod + 0 -ACP;
Sense Motive: 2 = 0 + WIS Mod + 0;
@Sleight of Hand: NA = NA + DEX Mod + 0 -ACP;
Spell Craft: NA = NA + INT Mod + 0;
Stealth: 5 = 3 + DEX Mod + 0 -ACP;
*Survival: 8 = 3 + WIS Mod + 3;
*Swim: 8 = 1 + STR Mod + 3 -ACP;
Use Magical Device: NA = NA + CHA Mod + 0;

Class features, Feats, Traits and Racial Traits:

Class features:

Weapon+Armour Prof
The warrior is proficient in the use of all simple and martial weapons and with Light and Medium armor and shields (Sans tower).

Fast movement, rage
Invulnerability (Ex)(DR 1/-)
Extreme Endurance (Ex)( Heat: Fire Resist 1)

Rage Power
Brawler (Unarmed stike 1d6)

First Level: Iron Will
Third Level: Exotic Weapon Prof (Iuak)

Armour Expert (-1 ACP)
Giantslayer (Favored Enemy Giants (1/2 bonus))

Racial Traits:
Bonus Feat(Cold Endurance)

Land speed +10 ft.
Natural Armour +4
Unarmed Strike
Fast Healing 2
Darkvision 60ft

AC, Saves, Attacks:

AC: 20 = 10 + 4(Armour) +2(Dex) +4(Natural);
Touch: 12 = 10 +2(Dex);
Flat: 18 = 10 + 4(Armour) +4(Natural);

Fort: 5 = 3(base) +2(CON);
Ref: 3 = 1(base) + 2(DEX);
Will: 5 = 1(base) + 2(WIS) +2(IW);
+2 Cold (Cold Endurance)

Melee: 7 = 3(base) + 4(STR);
Range: 5 = 3(base) + 2(DEX);
CMB: 7 = 3(base) + 4(STR);
CMD: 19 = 10 + 3(base) + 4(STR) + 2(DEX);

Weapons: (850+812)
Name: MW Blue Ice Greatword, Damage 2d6, Crit: 19-20 x2, Range: NA, Weight: 4, D-Type:S, Notes: none
Name: MW Blue Ice Iuak, Damage 1d6+1, Crit: 19-20 x2, Range: NA, Weight: 02, D-Type:S, Notes:Ignores first 3 points of hardness

Armour: (100gp)
Chain Shirt (+4 Armour, +4DEX, ACP -1, 20%)
--Weight: 25.0

Adventure Gear:(8gp, 3sp,2cp )
Back Pack (2)
Bed roll (5)
Chalk * 10
Flint and Steel
Pouch, Belt (1/2)
Sack (1/2)
Sewing Needle *4
Water skin (4)
Whetstone (1)
Trail rations *2 (1 each)

Special Substances and items:


Tools and Skill Kits:


Peasant1 (brown skirt, white shirt, brown bodice, White kerchief)

Weight Total: 46
Light: 100, Med: 200, Heavy: 300


1257 gp
10 sp
0 cp


You see what looks like a Tall muscular human woman of 6 foot 8, with platinum blonde hair and blue eyes.
Wearing a chain shirt, carrying a Machette and a Large sword.


Used breastplate since I didn't have any chainshirts.
And used her stats to determine some of her looks.

Data and Background:

Name: Titania Evangeline Snowfell (Tess for short)
Jobs: Hunter, Farmer
Likes: Comfortable clothes, farm work
Dislikes: Jerks, Comments on her size (as she is bigger then most folk) or negative comments on her looks.
Favorite foods: Meats, potatoes, Eggs, Milk, Honey, syrup, Fish, Alcohol
Hobbies: Exercise, Training,
Background History:

Titania was born to a poor farming familiy a good distance from Hommlet.
She looked up to her mother and saw her as the ideal form of femine beauty and prayed to be like her mother.

Tess doesn't remember much of those happy farm life days when two hill giants attacked her home when she was over 4 years old.
Tess ran deep into the woods to through off one of the giants that was chasing her.
It didn't help that less then an hour later she was being chased by a group of goblins lead by a few hobgoblins.

During the Giant Attack, Giant Chase, respite, and goblin chase Tess was praying to surive but also being Bigger, Stronger, Tougher, ... etc to aid in her survival.
Unbeknownest to her Kord heard her prayer and granted it, but is would be one that slowly grow with her.

After the goblin chase was over she was so lost in the woods she couldn't find her way back.
She used what knowledge she had to survive adn most ate plants in the the beginning.
Her first few months were hard and her first winter out in the woods was the hardest,
though she was luck enough to find a very small cave for shelter and winterized it as best she could before winter came.

At the age of 6 she ran into some humans and she thought she was going to be saved, but they were slavers.
Tess managed to escape, but this would cause her to be distrustful of people until a long while after she worked with Elmo on her first giant kill.

At the age of 7 she started hunting her hunters and the first Hobgoblin she killed carried a rare weapon for the area, a Masterwork
Blue Ice Iuak, she decided to take it as her personal weapon to use since it was much better then her self made wooden weapons.

Over the years of constantly hunting and being hunted and aided by Kord's blessing, her body to changed and was becoming; bigger, faster, stronger, hardy, and more resilient to the environement.

As years past she wiped out the area's goblins and Hobgoblins, to the point where other hunters entered the area.
She observed these other hunters, listening in when she could and this did lead to her regaining some of her lost language skills,
she even learned elven from watching a small group of half-elven hunters, since some prefered common and others prefered elven.

When she was 16 she ran into Elmo and his group as she was chasing a rabbit for dinner.
It was an akward moment and sequence of events before Tess joined Elmo on a giant hunting job.

She took to learning what she could from Elmo and the group, When Elmo's hunting group found the giants they were hunting Tess joined in and did her first Giant Kill and took it's Full Blade as a trophy and as a new weapon two which lead to her getting even stronger as it was too much weight for Elmo's group to use But tess was just able to use it and as she got used to it she got stronger still.

Elmo then invited Tess to come with him to Hommlet, she opted to observe from a distance first before going into town.
When Tess felt it was safe, she did enter town and entered the Welcome Wench for food.
It took a while for Tess to feel like settleing near the town.
She became a farm hand to a local farmer named Pete and she also worked as a hunter.

Due to Tess' size and being used to living in less civil conditions she asked if she could setup a living spot in Pete's barn since it was only half-used.
it was during her first few months in town that some local men caught her eye, but didn't interact with them at that moment sicne she didn't know at that point how to talk to them.
Over the following months Tess heard rumours of thoese men's preferences, and it made her remember how she used want to be more like a more average yet beautiful and slightly stronger then average woman.
Tess started quickly internally comparing herself to the local women and started developing a bit of a complex about her more masculine looks,
not liking them since they weren't femininely attractive, yet treasuring them since they helped her survive all that time.

Over the course of the last year she has learned how to be a bit more feminine, as she started off more masculine then any tomboy in the town's history.
But she does still prefer comfort and function over fashion compared to most of the other women in town.

The Men that caught her eye:

Here is some basic Data for the GM

Name: Soloman
Race: Human
Class: Ranger (3)
Align: LG
Age: 20
Prof: Farm Hand and Hunter
Stats: 12,16,11,12,14,14
Lean in build, yet 6 foot 5 inches tall, white skin with silver eyes and white hair
Kindly, Wise, Fair, Honest, Fatherly, Religious

Name: Josh
Race: Human
Class: Barbarian (3)
Align: NG
Age: 19
Prof: Hunter and Farm hand
Stats: 16,12,14,11,14,12
Athletic Muscular in build, yet 6 foot 3 inches tall, white skin with Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair
Assertive, Brave, Boastful, Playful, Agressive.

Name: Richard
Race: Human
Class: Barbarian (3)
Align: CG
Age: 18
Prof: Hunter and Guard
Stats: 18,12,14,9,12,12
Very Muscular in build, yet 6 foot 6 inches tall, white skin with Green Eyes, and Red Hair
Brave, Assertive, Proud, Stubborn, Machismo