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So I was playing a Dragonblood Sorcerer at first level. WHen I got 2nd level I had a discussion with my GM to switch to Elemental. The spell list was nice, but Dragon Claws was next to useless as I never wanted to get that close to a monster anyway. We haven't played again yet since I leveled up so I don't know if it plays any better.

I was wondering why the Everflame is a longsword when Serenrae's favored weapon is a scimitar.

Hello, I have played D&D 3.5 and other games like Numenara and 13th Age. I have never multiclassed. I just don't understand it.
Do you get the full abilities when you multiclass or just the ones stated in the feat?
Someone please explain it like I was a 10 year old because I just can't figure it out.


I really can't wait. Hope to see a sorcerer as a guest one day.