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This video will take you back to San Francisco in the year 1906. More specifically, one week before the earthquake and resulting fire that destroyed some 80% of the city.

The video was shot by a camera mounted on the front of a trolley as it travelled down Market street. You will notice some suprised reactions as people see the camera. The video was sent to New York by train one day before the devastating earthquake and fire, and doing so surely saved the video because the creator's office was destroyed.

I have never seen video with horses and wagons sharing the road with automobiles. So much to see in the 11 mins, make sure to allow the trolley to turn around to catch a glimpse of the newsboys waving.

San Francisco in 1906

Closest thing to time travel I have seen :)

One of my favorite things on Youtube

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Hello Paizo CS,

Order #2245652 arrived without my Penumbra book "Crimes and Punishment".

It does not appear to be backordered...can you look in on this? Thanks...


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If you like science, exploration, especially if you have kids, you might want to wake them later and check this out. New rover Curiosity lands on Mars in less than two hours. Tonight!!!

Live coverage thru NASAtv...pretty cool...

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Trying to pull up the list of PFS scenarios directs me back to the front page of the Paizo site. In fact, can not get to the point where I can click on the "place in cart" button. Made sure I was logged in, but something is wonky. Any advice??


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Please drop the Shackled City (from order 2144323) that I moved to 2142176. I will pick it up at a later date...

Thanks as always for great customer service...

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I was about one minute from finishing mowing my front yard when I caught a rock with the mower and aforementioned rock launched into the rear window of my truck. Total window carnage.

I figure it was a one in a million shot. (exaggeration) I finally make a one in a million shot and this is it?? :)

Nothing else was destroyed today, so that is good...

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please put these two orders together and ship via priority...thanks!




I am sure I will get an email of new total but wanted to make sure...


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Hello Paizo,

A lill problem when I received this order.

All was great except my Complete Kobold Guide to Game Design Print Edition was missing.

In its place I received The Kobold Guide to Board Game Design.

They do sound alike...

Where can I send it back to? Can you go ahead and send out the Guide to Game Design copy to same address you sent this order to??


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Can you make sure that my pending order has the holiday discount placed on the entire order? I think I missed a few things, like the flipmat, mini,etc...


order 1881993 i believe....also I changed it to priority...ty for confirmation!!!

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Can you guys change my pending order from standard to first class mail please?


Order # 1881993

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Can you guys...

1. Combine 1837017 with 1871402 using priority shipping

2. Combine 1719779 with the 1871402 order also

(you can now take off suspended...)

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Getting into WW is a great read!

I support the unveiling of more PF fiction !!

Liberty's Edge

Can't wait to read this...

Further, I support all Blog posts using the word "rapscallions"...

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Maybe. just indicated a good time to buy. (Dallas to Seattle at least)

Price dropped $73 since yesterday/early this morning. 73% chance that it will rise in the near future at least $50.

I bought a few days ago at a bit more dinero. Check it if you need tickets. Hope the price drop corresponds to where you live as well.

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Arg!! I forgot to add the discount code for January. Is it too late or can you all add it for me?



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Could you guys please move Paizo Order #1565652 to my side cart, so it will go out next week with my larger shipment?

Thanks much,


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A while back I saw a link to a Gencon Survival-type Guide, and now I am looking for this link and can't find it.

I think Erik Mona wrote the guide, if that helps. I could be wrong on that, but I do remember that the author is a Paizo employee.

Any of you have this link??