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Oh! And reminding FaWtL to sign up for taig's Twelve Days of Third Partymas Year Two! Make it less likely (statistically) that I'll win anything and more likely (statistically) that you will*!

* By virtue of the fact that, at present, if you're not signed up, you're at 0%, and, therefore, any chance whatsoever increases from that. XD

NEW PAGE BUMP~! Doooooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiit~!

(If you want to.)
Thanks for keeping the fires burning! :D

I'm glad to!

(Subtle part four bump!)

Return of the bump part five!

Also, thank you all for your prayers and well-wishes: it means much to her.

EDIT: spelling!


(There is nothing else. I have been shamed by maybe missing a page. I dunno. But it's shameful that it might have happened.)

Eight is enough~!

... but not really. See you all next page~!

(Though I'll likely trim the pyramid a bit...)

So sign up, or share this link with your fellow Paizonians!

Free stuff for people! AWESOME free stuff!

If you keep telling people about it I'm going to have to keep increasing my odds.

Puts on bunny ears, a cute little bunny nose, an adorable cotton tail, and grabs a carrot.

That's okay, dignity is overrated anyway.