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I've managed to convince my girlfriend that she should give Pathfinder a try. Her conditions being that we start out by running a solo adventure, and that said solo adventure be a horror adventure. She's an English literature postgraduate and loves Gothic themed horror, fantasy and sci-fi. It would be wonderful if someone has some ideas on what would make for a good pre-made short lvl 1 horror adventure, which potentially could tie in to a longer adventure. I've been GM'ing for 10 years, so adjusting the difficulty down to 1 PC should be easy, but I'm having difficulties finding an adventure with the right feel for just one PC and time constraints don't allow me to create an adventure from scratch at the moment.

Another slight challenge I'm having is that she is blind. She is able to see contrasts on screens, so she can read with a large font/zoomed in, inverse color scheme and such, but not anything on real life paper, and it would be difficult for her to find the correct sections of her sheet on a normal character sheet. Does anyone know of some good tools or digital character sheets which would be of help to a blind player? She uses an iPad or her phone for reading non-work related shorter texts and knows little about using technology in general beyond standard day to day use.

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Greetings and salutations!

A week or so ago I mentioned to my wife that we should start a pathfinder campaign just the two of us, with me being the GM and her the player. Asking her what she wanted to play she promptly said "A pirate!" - so lo and behold, Skull & Shackles it is. She even bought herself some pirate dice.

Now, I've quite often GM'ed lengthy campaigns and from time to time also run solo games. From my experience solo game'ing can lead to exceptionally enjoyable roleplaying, character development and excitement, with the challenge being encounters and the limited skill set of one single PC (which can be offset somewhat with cohorts, GM PCs - or playing a bard or rogue).

I was wondering - has anyone played Skull & Shackles as a solo campaign and if so, what were the pitfalls and challenges? I've been trying to search the forum but can't quite seem to find any discussion on it :-)

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We've slowly started module 3. Well, technically we won't switch to me as a GM for a few weeks, but the players are so excited that they write to me constantly, telling me what their PCs do and are asking tons of questions :-)

One player is particularly invested, using pretty much all of his wealth to rebuild Drezen, investing in stuff such as the Lyre of Building and setting up production facilities to ensure that all of the refugees are able to make a living - he effectively wants to eradicate poverty before it becomes a problem.

The first task he wishes to complete is returning water to the dried up rivers surrounding Drezen. By studying the maps I've provided them, he reasons that the closest source of water which can be persuade to come by Drezen (and which was the likely source of water to begin with) is The Lake Lost to the Sun.

I've been trying to research, but can't find any other source of water close by, unless they buy a few Endless Decanters of Water or something.

Now, my problem is that I can't really find any information on The Lake Lost to the Sun, other than this bit from the Pathfinder Campaign Setting book on The World Wound:

"The Lake Lost to the Sun: The Lake Lost to the Sun was a grim place even before the demons came-a large narrow body of water with unusually still , dark waters of an unknown depth , said to be the lair of particularly aggressive and unusually intelligent water orms. The lake's dark waters look nearly black even under the noonday sun and have a curious habit of reflecting the image of an overcast sky even on sunny days. The druids of the Green Faith avoided the lake , believing that intruding upon the ancient , primordial nature spirits found there would cause them to rise up and defend those dark waters . The lake's dark reputation persists to this day, and even demons do not frequent this area . What strange and ageless source lies at the lake's bottom still remains a mystery."

Soe - does anyone know of any other source of information on the place, know or dare to speculate on the "strange and ageless source" at the lake's bottom, or should I perhaps just let them find some underground river they could divert? I'm not sure I'd dare to lead water from that place past Drezen, even if I could cleanse the abyssal taint somehow :-)

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Greetings folks - I tried to see if there is any thread already discussing similar re-writes, but I can't find any.

We've recently begun playing Wrath of the Righteous but I've already read through all of the modules quite thoroughly (with the result that my wife has been looking at me disapprovingly, pointing out I'm supposed to be working on graduating...).

I quite like module 1 - 5, find them to be brilliant. Module 6 is ok, but I did find parts of it, especially the end, to not be quite up to the same level of "awesome" as the rest of the campaign - which we play non-mythic, I rather set the lvl cap at 25 with individual classes being capped at 20. Therefore I've decided to re-write the module a bit but before I get down to the nitty gritty details and plan everything (which really has to wait till I've graduated anyway, lest my wife orders me to sleep on the couch), I'd like to get some feedback on my general line of thinking - whether it's just stupid, could work or even sounds rather nifty. My aim is to make things feel more epic and be more memorable for the PCs.

Needless to say, what follows contains countless spoilers.

The plan is as follows:

Part 1 - I'll largely keep it as it is. The changes I'll make really stay within the normal boundaries of being atmospheric, descriptive and reaction to and incorporating any crazy actions the PCs are bound to take.

Part 2 - Rather than the Lexicon of Paradoxes being able to tell the PCs what they need to do in order to close the Worldwound, I want the PCs to find out themselves. Most of the encounters in this part will remain as they are, but much of the story will be driven by the work of one of the PCs - the party wizard - who has expressed strong interest in joining the Riftwardens. The PC and Arvashniel will, at the end of module 5, be asked to research a way to close the Worldwound, and they'll have reached two conclusions at this point. The Nahyndrian Chisel used to break the wardstone in Kenabres is likely to be integral in breaking the link between planes, and they need more information. They'll get the information needed from two sources, I'll replace the Sutur with Areelu Vorlesh's research notes (heavily encoded) on the Worldwound, and the two wizards unwittingly helping Vorlesh, Wivver Noclan and Opon, will provide the remaining information. As such large chunks of part 3 as written will be added to part 2.

Part 3 - The Riftwarden PC discovers that the Worldwound cannot be closed once the ritual to enlarge it has begun (by this time the PCs will have experienced earthquakes and other symptoms for some time). I expect this bit of information still will result in the PCs rushing to Areelu Vorlesh's lair and the PCs will be met by a smiling Vorlesh, covered in blood from sacrifices and so forth. Skill checks, as well as the evidently surging energies, will confirm that the ritual already has been completed and in the ensuing battle Deskari himself will grow ever more visible on the other side of the portal. Once the death blow is dealt to Vorlesh Deskari will use her soul to hasten the ritual, resulting in an explosion as the portals are ripped wide open and countless demons surge towards the PCs.

Part 4 - As this happens time seems to slow down and the PCs are once again called to the chapel of Iomedae - they are greeted by Iomedae and Sarenrae (who is the mother of the PC with the touched by divinty trait). They'll inform the PCs that the gods have decided not to interfere in Deskari's invasion of Golarion and effectively have given the planet up in order to prevent direct war with the Abyss. Iomedae and Sarenrae opposed this course of action cannot defy the other gods. Even so, they wish to tell the PCs two stories and introduce them to someone.

Iomedae will by the way of a story inform the PCs that there is only one course of action now - the only thing which can close the worldwound is the collapse of Deskari's realm. This can only be achieved by killing Deskari not once but twice, but that it is regrettable that the time needed for such a course of action still would leave hundreds of thousands dead and countless demons in former Sarkoris.

Sarenrae will tell the PCs the story of the Circle of Hierophants and how her heart is saddened by the corruption of its noble druids into siabraes. She will then tell the PCs an old fairytale of how a specific ritual these druids performed could send them two weeks back in time, and the dire consequences of a paradox which occured when a young druid once stole the ritual, travelled back in time and prevented his daughter's death.

While this occurs the PCs will undoubtedly notice that there is no singing in the chapel and how once corner of the chapel is shrouded in darkness. Skill checks can inform the PCs of a demonic presence within the darkness. Once tales are told Iomedae will have a look of disgust on her face while Sarenrae will seem strangely hopeful. It is at this time Iomedae waves her hand, the darkness disappears and the PCs can see Nocticula. Her powers seem to be suppressed, but it is still difficult not to be fascinated by her.

She is more straightforward than the goddesses. She has nothing to gain from Deskari's plans, if anything one of her rivals will grow in strength, the relationship between the divine and demonic will suffer even more and trade to her realm might very well diminish. She wishes Deskari to die and she knows how the PCs can kill him. The Nahyndrian Chisel the PCs carry will weaken Deskari considerably if they manage to force it into his body somehow. If the PCs work quickly they might be able to kill him a first time this way before he teleports.

After this the PCs quickly have to find Deskari again and confront him a second time. While the PCs might be able to track Deskari down and kill him, his realm won't fall apart quickly enough to guarantee no other demon will seize control of it. The solution, Nocticula proclaims, is simple. Once Deskari is dead, call out her name and she will appear to claim Deskari's essence, power and realm. She will then make the realm crumble and the Worldwound collapse at once.

I rather suspect the PCs won't trust her, and with some prodding Nocticula will tell them that she has made a deal with Sarenrae. If Nocticula collapses the realm and the Worldwound, Sarenrae will grant Nocticula some of her divine essence, transforming Nocticula into a goddess - and Sarenrae will inform them that in the process, Nocticula will have much the same experience as Arueshalae had, which Sarenrae hopes will lead to Nocticula's redemption.

From here on things move pretty much as I, S and N told them they would, with the one exception that the PCs are struck deaf and dim light surrounds them for the next 24 hours, so as to prevent them from observing whether the Worldwound is closed or not while they search for the ritual. The PCs are transported to the edge of the Stonewilds, where they'll have to fight their way through demons and fallen druids (which should be rather easy on their level) and they'll eventually find the ritual and go back in time.

Part 5 - The PCs have moved back in time and will have to be veeeeery careful not to change what they've already perceived will happen, lest they pretty much be ripped apart as reality unravels and tries to repair itself. They have to get into Deskari's realm, figure out where exactly Deskari is likely to retreat to once he has been killed, make sure they know the location well enough to teleport to it, figure out how to stop Deskari from teleporting away and either trick him to or use brute force to have the chisel weaken him in order to have an easier battle the first time they confront Deskari. The second time he will be at full power.

Nocticula will claim Deskari's realm (unless the PCs find another solution), she will collapse it and Sarenrae will be true to her promise. Nocticula will, however, not be redeemed unless the PCs do something truly extraordinary which lies outside the boundary of my imagination.