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Executioner Slayer 3 | HP 30/30 | AC 18, Touch 14, FF 14 | CMD 17 | Fort +3, Ref +7, Will +2| Per +8 | Sense +6 | Init +4







Strength 13
Dexterity 18
Constitution 10
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 10
Charisma 13

About Thousand-Faced Koan

Ten Minute Background:

Five Background/Concept Elements
1. Koan prefers to take on human forms as opposed to his Kitsune form. He tries to distance himself from his past in this way.
2. Though he was elated to have his beloved sister Koayi join him in his travels, he was very scared to bring her along. He constantly worried for her safety in his line of work. He was also very ashamed once she saw what he did for a living. Even now, he tries to tip-toe around the subject if he can, giving her as little details as possible.
3. His style of dress is very minimalist. Unlike his sister, he refrains from the gaudy jewelry and fine cloths and sticks to more practical fabrics and colors. When in his personal human form, he displays his vibrant, Yakuza-like tattos proudly. His prematurely graying black hair is kept in a bun and his facial hair is always trimmed down.
4. Due to his line of work, Koan often dissociates while on a job. He sees killing as a means to make end's meet, and won't often kill outside of a job unless either he, Koayi or Vera are in danger.
5. Koan's falling out with his family was initially caused because he refused to follow in his father's footsteps as a master woodworker. His anger and resentment drove him to "joining the military", which greatly angered his father who saw it as Koan trying to "become human".
Two Goals (One for him, one for me)
1. Koan wants to trust in his sister and her capabilities. He wants to be able to accept her into his side of the world and realize that she can fend for herself.
2. My goal for Koan: I'd like for Koan to realize that if he survives Rappan Athuk, it will be his ticket to living a life free from his violent past.
Two Secrets (One he knows, one he doesn't)
1. While on one of his typical wanderings, young Koan spotted his Uncle Yuuma in Human form walking into a human establishment. Out of curiosity, he hid behind bushes hoping to catch a glimpse of what the old man could possibly have been doing there. A while longer, he finally saw his Uncle exit in a hurry with a bloodied hand. It was then that he learned that his Uncle was an assassin, and it was he who introduced Koan to the lifestyle. He never joined a military, but instead was trained by Yuuma and his clan of assassins.
2. Lord Boar sent Koan to Rappan Athuk under the guise that, if enough treasure is retrieved, they will be even, but Lord Boar knows that his return is less than likely and hopes that whatever lies in Rappan Athuk will kill him.
Three People
1. Koayi Aimaina: Kitsune PC Applicant: Koan’s twin sister.
2. Vera Bondan: Half Elf girlfriend. Knows that Koan is a Kitsune, but not that he is a contract killer nor that he owes so much money.
3. Endo "Lord Boar" Muragi: Crime Lord. Hired Koan for the assassination of a young heir, which Koan flubbed. Lord Boar now requires that Koan pays him back for the mistake. He sends him to Rappan Athuk in search of treasure. Secretly, he hopes Koan dies instead.
Three Memories, Mannerisms, or Quirks
1. Koan prefers big bustling cities as opposed to his old familial home. He likes feeling insignificant in a crowd of people. He feels very uncomfortable in the wilderness.
2. Koan has most of his (human) body tattooed, describing fairy tales that have been passed down through his family. Most prominent is a golden nine-tailed fox on his chest which symbolizes the Matron of the Aimaina family line.
3. He has a habit of wandering off on his own which started during his early childhood where he would wander into the woods and into different human encampments. Now that his sister has joined him in his journeys, he is trying to not be such a loner.


Masterwork Scimitar 315
Masterwork Comp Long Bow +1 500
Masterwork Chain Shirt 250
Cracked Magenta Prism Ioun Stone 800
40 arrows 2
20 blunt arrows 2
20 Incendiary Arrows 10
3 Grappling Arrows 3 (Acquired at Pye's)
Masterwork Thieves Tools 100
Deluxe Dungeoneering Kit 130
Slayer's Kit 22
Wayfinder 500
2 Spring-Loaded Wrist Sheaths 10
150 towards CLW wand