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And it remains in the Top Downloads From Other Companies for the third week in a row, four years after its release. That's really cool!

Any idea on the sudden popularity?

How similar are Rituals to 3.5 and d20 Modern's incantations?

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Thanael wrote:
You has me at "catfolk thief and gnoll merchant". Also Pett. (Mroooar?)

Why do I keep hearing Rita and Runt?

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Creighton Broadhurst wrote:
Thorr-kan wrote:
I don't supposed there will be a print version of this one, like there was of the first Village Backdrops compilation?

Absolutely there is. It's already up at Amazon and

Amazon UK. Print copies are on the way to Paizo as we speak (I'm surprised they are not there already).


I'll be buying this when the print becomes available.

I don't supposed there will be a print version of this one, like there was of the first Village Backdrops compilation?

Wolfgang Baur wrote:
Deadshot, I'd love to do these as an app, but I lack the skills required to make that happen. Most folks who do have the chops would pretty much have to take it on as a labor of love.

(Late to the party, as usual).

Maybe the kind of thing that would be contracted to a third-party developer? It would make for an interesting afternoon's play.

That's not right!

Arrived yesterday. I love the color cover. Print's much easier on my poor eyes than the PDFs.

USPS says it's coming...

Any ETA on the color hardcopy?

Scott Gable wrote:
You have amazing timing, Thorr-kan! :D

Wait; my id was right?! That's a first.

Preordered and downloaded. Waiting for shipping.

Scott Gable wrote:
I'm still waiting on a proof for the color copies.



<BLAM! dragdragdrag>

Sorry; my id got away from me for a sec there. I've been reviewing the PDFs. And now I want the color version *more.*

I hope the b&w is selling like hotcakes.

Scott Gable wrote:

@Thorr-kan: I've talked to the wonderful Mistress of the Webstore, and she says this can be done! When I get the color prints in order (see response below), I will set this up, too. :D

Scott: now I get to eat crow. I only purchased _Incantations in Theory and Practice_ from Paizo. I got _..from the Other Side_ from another vendor.

So, I'll buy the whole thing, and I'll spring for color too! Let me know when the preorder's available.

Any chance of a credit for those of us who purchased the PDFs in the past?

This was fun little read!

Is it just me, or does the Priory seem like the perfect setting for the module From Shore to Sea?

How well would this port to the Freeport setting? I picked up a bunch of Freeport stuff cheap over Xmas. It's fascinating, but not enough pregenned adventures to hang a whole campaign on. Would Shackled City make up the difference?