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Oh I'd forgotten about the strix. I could probably use the starfinder conversion rules for them.

I understand the game designer's reluctance now. I was more interested in space games where the flight capability would be an interesting perk and an infrequent utility at best.

This is an example of The prejudice I referred to;

https://www.reddit.com/r/dndnext/comments/2yk9ky/handling_aarakocra_as_a_dm /

http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?450387-Flight-ability-Does-this -make-the-Aarakocra-overpowered/page3

Fortunately for the game mechanics my characters can not do much else while flying. They don't have extra arms for manipulation and their legs are wings as well. They might be able to bite you if they could get close enough but I'm assuming any race above throwing rocks should be able to keep that from happening.

Thank you, I will check out the contemplatives entry and thank you for the reassurance about the dragonkin.

I should probably quantify my post. I am a Science Fiction writer whose Prime race revolves around flying. I have spent the years modifying role-playing games to allow my characters to take part in them and I have noticed a tendency for role-playing game producers to not want PCs to fly.

Thank you all for the ideas, I currently use forcepack stats for flight in starfinder. The two races mentioned in first Contact, one is a gas bag and the other has "space" flight capability so I'm still looking for a feathered flight example.

I've noticed most role playing games don't have a problem with fully aquatic races thus the term flight prejudiced.

I hope in my frustration I have not worded any of this too strongly as I really like this game and want it to succeed.

Before the discovery of certain fossils scientists believed that there was a maximum flight size for a life form. Some still do.

The Tengu are in the Starfarer's Companion page 34. (which is Starfinder Compatible)

Maybe the compatible products are just playing it safe, but I hope they don't cripple the Dragonkin.

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Why in this day and age do any RPGs have this prejudice against allowing PCs with flight?

In this game they even took a Tengu that is known for it's flight capavilities and stripped those from it.

Should I expect the up and coming Alien Archive Dragonkin to be flightless also?

I believe this is an inherited prejudice from older RPGs and outdated scientific beliefs. Argentavis magnificens and quetzalcoatlus would like to have a word with you)

I realize this may help a PC avoid difficult terrain, but any creature that can throw rocks could hit a medium sized flying PC.

Please don't cripple this game by stripping flight from flighted races.

Never mind.

I found another button I needed to push on the website, that and mobile.

I ordered the Starfinder. Pdf and it mever made it to my downloads?!

How long does it usually take?

The payment wemt through so I don't know what the holdup is for a download?!