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I wish we got an example of an activity with the bravado trait as well

Can I use the prehensile tail to reload while my two hands are full? Or can I change the barrel of a capacity weapon with that? Asking this since it says both that I can use it for Interact actions and that I can't use it for actions requiring fingers or significant (what's significant f.e.). I am trying to build a dual weapon bullet dancer after the GnG errata without having to use pea shooters (air repeaters) because it ruins my immersion but it seems to be an impossible feat without the gunslinger archetype as well to get the buffed dual weapon reload.

Perpdepog wrote:

Love the buffs to combination weapons! I'm really hoping we soon get a Lightning Swap-style feat for them, especially since they're now meant to be more in line with Swap.

Also, I'd love to know why permanent flight was lowered all the way from 17th level to 9th level. I hadn't heard anything about that.

Awakened animals have access to them at 9th level, so they got rebalanced. IMHO it's a powercreep of sorts albeit minor