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Flies out mournfully in the dragon's wake.


Awrk, awrk.
'Rein in', not 'reign in'.
Awrk, awrk.
Flaps slowly off.

NSpicer wrote:

::coming up for air again::

Okay. Just 9 more items left to go, and I'm still struggling to keep from writing a novel on every review. There's some really innovative stuff in here. And some great examples of what to do (and not do) in a wondrous item's design. I'd encourage everyone (regardless of whether you make the Top 32 or not) to read through the comments and feedback on each item. There's some good insight in everyone's analysis.

And now, time to dive back in. I'm hoping I can wrap up all my feedback before tomorrow. Wish me luck!

::takes another deep breath::

<Ominously flaps wings and comes in to perch in the thread>

Awrrrk! Luck. Wish you.
*There is a magic twinkly noise, and suddenly NSpicer is translated into the solo module Caverns of the Snow Witch which operated under a variant third edition system where characters did indeed have a Luck score. Suddenly he must grapple with mindflayer ripoffs and a death spell which simply desn't want to let go... Ahh, the perils of using the word 'wish' in a D&D environment. *
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