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Like the title says, how many APs has your group played from start to finish? And how long did they take to play through?

I've only completed one (RotRL), and played a couple more partially. RotRL took approximately a year of bi-weekly sessions.

Everything from Dex damage to move-attack-move, what 5E'isms would you love to see in a possible future Pathfinder 2.0?

If you pick any Paizo Adventure Path to get converted to 5E and released in a hardcover compilation (like Shackled City or RotRL) which would it be? If not something already out, then something all new?

I'm curious as to if any of the Paizo staff has given 5E a whirl, and what their thoughts are on the new edition of D&D.


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Hi all,

Biweekly (Sunday evenings) Pathfinder group is seeking a couple of new players in it for the long haul!

Email me if interested: Grim213 at


Hi Paizo,

I ordered Serpent's Skull Map Folio, but received Skull & Shackles Map Folio.

I admit, they both involve Skulls, but... :)

(order 1993005/2091944)


Old-schooler looking to dip my toe in PF a bit...

Any local PF games going on?

I want 5 copies of the Heroes Handbook, so everyone at the table can have their own. Any plans for selling separate copies of this particular book?

Btw, I'm not interested in printing my own from the .pdf - I want full-color, professionally printed Heroes Handbooks.

Please cancel my Pathfinder Adventure Path subscription.