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Crazy Bird Lady wrote:

I like it here! I feel right at home!

*scatters birdseed for the cuckoos*

Look boys, dinner!


Soars over head and smiles at the destruction.

Nice and quiet. The perfect place for a nap.

The Assassin wrote:
Little Kiba wrote:
The Assassin wrote:
Sees all the young people running around I see this place has potential. Lots of new apprenteces to choose from.
Psst. Pick the werewolf!

There Wolf!

blossoms popping right before my eyes.




KaeYoss wrote:
Smurf Cleaver wrote:
Anyone noticed that the OP started this thread and then disapeared? Hmmmm.

Well... his first complained wasn't really received too well.

Of course, he started with a complaint, and a big one, one that would make these boards useless, so, he might have gotten what he deserved there.

He has a whooping total of 2 posts. So he didn't exactly do much else here, either.

We might have overdone things a bit, but then again, what goes around comes around.

Of course, this thread was his second post. I believe we tried to be nice in the beginning and explain why it wouldn't work and why it would make the boards useless to us. It was only after we felt ignored that we got snarky and sardonic.

"If you wish goddess, I will carry you and your champion."

Brwaaaktor, Eldest Chicken wrote:


A smiling face hides a poison heart!


There is the smell of treachery in the Winds my bretheren!


Be forewrned!

There are two smiling faces, only one is poisoned. Beware that you do not choose falsely.

Alderyk, King of the Fallarin wrote:

Turns to see the Pteradon King has joined him.

What do you seek?

I seek truth. The strange natterings of this world are disrupting the harmony of the multiverse.

Hey, where did my dot go?

Jack's Right Hand Man wrote:
The Pteradon King wrote:
*flaps his wings* Squak I will help in any way I can.
Pteradon King? And I thought this place couldn't get any weirder.

Oh it can get much weirder Kevin.

*flaps his wings* Squak I will help in any way I can.

My brothers, the winds have called to me across the ages and told me about your struggles and your nachos. I come to you now from the distant past to aid you in your holy work. Let us now rejoice together.