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Blue Cryptic (Distorter) 6 | HP: 39/39 | AC: 20 FF: 15 Touch: 14 | Fort: +4 Ref: +10 Will: +8 | Perception: +18 (+21 to detect traps) | PP: 27/32 | Altered Defense: 10/10 | Active Type: Humanoid

About The Patient Lurker

Name: The Patient Lurker
Race: Blue
Class: Cryptic (Distorter) 6
Sex: Male
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Initiative +4
Perception +18


AC 10 + 4 Dex +1 Size +4 Armour +1 Deflection = 20
TAC 14
FF 15
HP 39
Fort +4 Ref +10 Will +8
Special Defenses: Evasion


Dagger +9 (1d4 -1 P or S/19-20 x2)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.

Dagger +9 (1d4 +-1 P or S/19-20 x2, range 10 feet)
Disrupt Pattern +9 (1d6 + 6 + 2d6 typeless x2, range 30 feet, ½ damage if not active creature type)


STR 10 - 2 R = 8 (-1)
DEX 14 +2 R +2 E= 18 (+4)
CON 12 (+1)
INT 17 +2 R +1 L4 +2 E = 22 (+6)
WIS 14 (+2)
CHA 10 (+0)
BAB +0 CMB +2 CMD 14
Move 30 feet


Daily Power Points: 12 (Level six) + 18 (Int 22) + 2 (Psionic Talent) = 32

Level 0: Conceal Thoughts, Detect Psionics, Empathy
Level 1: Chameleon, Hidden Pocket
Level 2: Cloud Mind, Defy Gravity, Natural Linguist


Chameleon: 1 PP for +10 enhancement bonus to Stealth (visual) for 60 minutes. +1 bonus for each additional 2 PP.
Cloud Mind: DC 18 Will save. 3 PP to make a creature unaware of presence for 6 minutes. Effects 1 additional creature for each 2 additional PP spent (DC increase 1 for each additional creature.)
Conceal Thoughts: 1 PP or Psionic Focus to gain +10 bonus to Bluff Checks opposed by Sense Motive and +4 to saves vs. spells/power to read mind for 6 hours.
Detect Psionics: 1 PP or Psionic Focus to Detect Psionics for up to 6 minutes (Concentration)
Defy Gravity: 3 PP to move up or down at 20 feet move for 60 minutes.
Empathy: 1 PP or Psionic Focus to detect surface emotions within 30 feet for up to 6 minutes (Concentration). +2 insight bonus on any Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, or Sense Motive checks that you make in the round when cease concentrating. +5 ft range for each additional PP. 2 additional PP to last 6 hours and benefit whenever concentrating.
Evasion: Successful reflex save turns half damage to no damage.
Hidden Pocket: 1 PP to create extradimensional pocket to carry an unattended object weighing up to 6 lbs. for 1 hour. 4 additional PP to extend to 1 day. Can spend extra points to add to weight limit/number of items.
Natural Linguist: 3 PP to understand and speak a language for 60 minutes. Choose a language or creature to understand. Each additional PP spent allows one additional language to be chosen.


Alertness: +2 to Perception and Sense Motive, Psicrystal
Psionic Talent: Gain two Power Points, Blue
Weapon Finesse: Melee attacks with Light Weapons use Dex to hit, Level One
Psicrystal Affinity: Gain a Psicrystal (+3 to Perception), Level Three
Open Minded: Gain one skill rank per level, Level Five


Clever Wordplay (Bluff): Your cunning and logic are more than a match for another’s confidence and poise.
Benefit: Choose one Charisma-based skill. You attempt checks with that skill using your Intelligence modifier instead of your Charisma modifier.

Minor technological knowledge (Campaign)
Benefit: Can use knowledge engineering to determine the principles powering a given technological device. If you are trained in knowledge history, you can use it determine the sort of society which would produce such a device. You may make a Wisdom check to determine how to activate a given device (this does not imbue the character with any skills in the use of the device. It doesn’t teach to use firearms or welding machines, etc).


Total Ranks = 24 Class + 36 Int + 6 Feat + 12 Background +6 FCB = 84
*Acrobatics +4 Dex +3 Class + 1 Rank = +8
*Appraise +6 Int +3 Class +6 Rank = +15
* Autohypnosis +2 Wis + 3 Class + 1 Rank = +6
Bluff +6 Int +6 Rank = +12
*Climb -1 Str = -1
*Craft (Traps) +6 Int +6 Trapmaker +3 Class +1 Rank = +16
*Craft +6 Int = +6
Diplomacy +0 Cha -1 Race = -1
*Disable Device +4 Dex +3 Trapfinding +3 Class +6 Rank = +16 (+18 with tools)
*Disguise +0 Cha +3 Class + 6 Ranks = +9
*Escape Artist +4 Dex +3 Class +1 Rank = +8
Fly +4 Dex = +4
Handle Animal +0 Cha = +0
Heal +2 Wis = +2
Intimidate +0 Cha = +0
*Knowledge (Arcana) +6 Int +3 Class +2 Rank = +11
*Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +6 Int +3 Class +1 Rank = +10
*Knowledge (Engineering) +6 Int +3 Class +1 Rank = +10
*Knowledge (Geography) +6 Int +3 Class +1 Rank = +10
*Knowledge (History) +6 Int +3 Class +1 Rank = +10
*Knowledge (Local) +6 Int +3 Class +1 Rank = +10
*Knowledge (Nature) +6 Int +3 Class +1 Rank = +10
*Knowledge (Nobility) +6 Int +3 Class +1 Rank = +10
*Knowledge (Planes) +6 Int +3 Class +2 Rank = +11
*Knowledge (Psionics) +6 Int +3 Class +5 Rank = +14
*Knowledge (Religion) +6 Int +3 Class +1 Rank = +10
*Linguistics +6 Int +3 Class +1 Rank = +10
*Perception +2 Wis +2 Race +2 Feat +3 Psicrystal +3 Class +6 Rank = +18 (+21 to Locate Traps)
*Perform +0 Cha = +0
*Profession +2 Wis = NA
Ride +4 Dex = +4
*Sense Motive +2 Wis +2 Feat +3 Class +6 Rank = +13
*Sleight of Hand +4 Dex +3 Class +6 Rank = +13
*Spellcraft +6 Int +3 Class +6 Rank = +15
*Stealth +4 Dex +4 Size + 2 Race +4 Hidden Pattern Psicrystal +3 Class +6 Rank = +23
Survival +2 Wis +3 Race = +5
*Swim -1 Str = -1
*Use Magic Device +0 Cha +3 Class +6 Rank = +9


Abyssal, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Infernal, Orc

=Racial Traits=

Size: Blues are Small creatures and gain a +1 size bonus to their AC, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, a –1 penalty to their Combat Maneuver Bonus and Combat Maneuver Defense, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks.

Type: Blues are of the humanoid (goblinoid) subtype.

Speed: Blues are fast for their size, and have a base speed of 30 feet.

Vision: Blues have darkvision 60 ft. See Vision and Light for details.

Languages: Blues begin play speaking Common and Goblin. Blues with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Draconic, Dwarven, Gnoll, Gnome, Halfling, and Orc.

Naturally Psionic: Blues gain the Wild Talent feat as a bonus feat at 1st level. If a blue takes levels in a psionic class, he instead gains the Psionic Talent feat..

Psionic Aptitude: When a blue takes a level in a favored class, he can choose to gain an additional power point instead of a hit point or skill point.

Repletion (Su): A blue can sustain his body without need of food or water. If he spends 1 power point, a blue does not need to eat or drink for 24 hours.

Keen Senses: Blues receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception skill checks.

Self Reliant: Blues outcast from their kin learn to survive on their own, but often lack in social graces. A blue with this trait gains a +3 racial bonus to Survival checks, but suffers a -1 penalty to all Diplomacy checks. This trait replaces the Pariah trait.

Stealthy: Blues receive a +2 racial bonus on Stealth and Ride checks, and blues always treat Stealth as a class skill

Weapon Familiarity: Blues treat any weapon with the word “goblin” in its name as a martial weapon.

=Distorter Cryptic Features=

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Cryptics are proficient with all simple, plus the rapier and shortbow. Cryptics are proficient with light armor but not with shields. Armor does not interfere with the cryptic’s class features.

Pattern Designs (Su): Unlike normal manifesters, a cryptic manipulates the world around her by creating tattoos and patterns that alters reality in different ways. Cryptic powers show up on the cryptic’s body in the form of tattoos. The cryptic’s known powers can be identified via Spellcraft checks with a DC equal to 10 + double the power’s level. These tattoos do not count against the number of psionic tattoos that the cryptic can safely wear.

When a cryptic manifests one of her powers, it creates a visual pattern of energy during the action taken to manifest the pattern. While the cryptic’s powers have the normal displays for psionic powers – auditory, mental, and the like – this visual pattern unique to the cryptic cannot be suppressed as normal displays can be suppressed.

Altered Defense: A cryptic learns early on to modify the patterns around her to grant her protection as a swift action. The cryptic chooses from the options below and may only have one such effect active at any given time. The cryptic can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to 4 + her Intelligence modifier. The cryptic can maintain this ability as long as she wants as long as she has rounds available, or dismiss it at any time as a free action.

Absorb: The cryptic gains DR 1/-.

Deflect: The cryptic gains a +1 dodge bonus to his AC.

Retaliate: The cryptic gains a +1 bonus on his attack rolls against any opponent that successfully hit him since his last turn.

Every four cryptic levels thereafter, this bonus increases by 1 (to 2 at 5th level, 3 at 9th level, 4 at 13th level, and 5 at 17th level).

Disrupt Pattern (Su) All cryptics are able to disrupt the patterns they can perceive, although the potency of this disruption is based on the cryptic’s focus. When a cryptic gains psionic focus, she selects one creature type as her active type (she does not need to select a subtype). As a standard action, the cryptic can make a ranged touch attack with a range of 30 feet, firing a ray of black energy at the target. If the attack is successful, the cryptic deals 1d6 points of damage + additional damage equal to the cryptic’s Intelligence modifier. This attack deals half damage if the target’s type is not of the cryptic’s active type. Like some other rays, if the attack roll of this ability would indicate a critical hit, the damage is doubled. This ability can only be used once per round, even if an item or other effect would duplicate it.

Lesser Insights: Cryptics learn minor powers they can use at will to aid them in a variety of ways. The cryptic gains 2 talents from the cryptic talent list.

Altered Appearance (Su): A distorter has learned to alter her pattern to mask her appearance. As long as the distorter is maintaining psionic focus, as a full-round action, the distorter can change her physical appearance to look like someone else, granting a +10 bonus on Disguise skill checks. The distorter’s size does not change, and she does not gain any special abilities, even if her new appearance would seem to grant it. The effect ends once the distorter is not maintaining psionic focus or it can be dismissed as a free action.

This ability replaces the Scribe Tattoo feat normally gained at 1st level.

Trapfinding: A cryptic adds 1/2 her level to Perception skill checks made to locate traps and to Disable Device skill checks (minimum +1). A cryptic can use Disable Device to disarm magic traps.

Trapmaker: A cryptic gains a competence bonus on Craft (traps) checks equal to her class level.

Hidden Pattern (Ex): A cryptic learns how to recognize patterns in light and sound around her that can help her to mask her presence. At 2nd level, a cryptic gains a +2 competence bonus on all Stealth checks. This bonus increases to +4 at 5th level, and then again to +6 at 8th level. At 10th level, as long as the cryptic maintains psionic focus, she can use the Stealth skill to hide, even while being observed.

Insight (Su): Starting at 2nd level, and then again every 2 levels thereafter (up to 18th level), a cryptic learns a unique ability related to her perception of the patterns in the world around her.

Bypass Pattern (Su) (Level two Insight): The cryptic learns how to temporarily displace a pattern without damaging it. As a standard action, the cryptic can treat one trap or lock as if it did not exist for a number of rounds equal to her Intelligence modifier, although the object to be affected must have a weight under 100 lbs and the cryptic must make a successful Disable Device check on the trap or lock to be affected. When the cryptic successfully uses this ability, her allies also ignore that trap or lock. After the effect expires, the lock or trap functions as normal, although if the trap would have been triggered due to the cryptic not returning everything to its original state, such as a trap triggered by a door opening, the trap immediately activates. Otherwise, the trap is left untriggered.

Fast Stealth (Ex) (Level six Insight): This ability allows a cryptic to move at full speed using the Stealth skill without penalty.

Enhanced Disruption: At 3rd level and every two levels thereafter, the cryptic’s disrupt pattern deals an additional 1d6 points of damage. This additional damage is not multiplied on a critical hit or by using feats such as Vital Strike, but it is halved if the creature struck is not of the cryptic’s active creature type.

Evasion (Ex): At 3rd level and higher, a cryptic can avoid even magical and unusual attacks with great agility. If she makes a successful Reflex saving throw against an attack that normally deals half damage on a successful save, she instead takes no damage. Evasion can be used only if the cryptic is wearing light armor or no armor. A helpless cryptic does not gain the benefit of evasion.

Rapid Defense (Su): Starting at 4th level, a cryptic can use her altered defense ability as a free action by expending her psionic focus. The cryptic may even do this when it is not her turn.

Warp Perception (Su): A 4th level distorter has learned to alter the way creatures perceive distances by manipulating the visual patterns. The distorter can cause up to her Intelligence modifier in creatures to incorrectly calculate the distance between the affected creature and the cryptic unless each creature makes a successful Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 cryptic class level + the cryptic’s Intelligence modifier). For a number of rounds equal to the cryptic’s Intelligence modifier, each square of movement any of the affected creatures take toward the cryptic counts as two squares of movement, regardless of the mode of movement (flight, swim, etc) or if the creature is corporeal or incorporeal. In addition, any ranged attacks made at the cryptic by the affected creatures that only work within a certain range (such as a ranged sneak attack or Point-Blank Shot) count the distance between the creature and the cryptic as double. This does not affect the range increment of the attack, only if the distance of the attack qualifies.

This ability replaces the insight normally gained at 4th level.
Rapid Defense (Su): Starting at 4th level, a cryptic can use her altered defense ability as a free action by expending her psionic focus. The cryptic may even do this when it is not her turn.

Swift Trapper (Ex): At 6th level, a cryptic can create traps with astounding speed. It takes a cryptic half the normal amount of time to create traps.

Favored Class Bonus: Skill Rank x6


Armor: +1 Spidersilk Bodysuit (AC: +4, Max Dex: +6, ACP: 0)

Weapons: Dagger (2 gp, 1 lbs.) concealed in clothing

Magic Items: Belt of Incrediby Dexterity +2, Cloak of Resistance +1, Handy Haversack, Headband of Vast Intelligence +2 (Use Magic Device, Infernal), Ring of Protection +1, Traveler’s Any-Tool

Other Gear: Concealable Thieve’s Tools

Treasure: 558 gp