The Great Katallin's page

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Full Name

The Great Katallin Zelarivu




Fighter 1 35xp




Medium, 6'1" 200 lbs



Special Abilities

1 fate point








Common, Vudrani



Strength 18
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 14
Charisma 14

About The Great Katallin

Init: +2
Movement: 30ft

HP: 12
AC: 18 (+2 DEX, +6 class defense)
Flat-Footed: 13(+3 studded leather)
Touch: 18 (+2 DEX, +6 class defense)
Saves: Fort: +3, Ref: +2, Will: +2/+4 vs Charm or compulsion

BAB: +1
Melee BAB: +5
Ranged BAB: +3
CMB: +5
CMD: 17


+6 Falchion Damage: 2d4+6
+6 Falchion (w/PA 1st attack in round, other attacks at +5) Damage: 2d4+9
+3 Starknife, Range 20ft, Damage: 1d4+4

Power Attack(Character 1st)
Furious Focus(Fighter Bonus)
Weapon Focus(Falchion)(Human Bonus)

Climb +7
Knowledge(Religion) +5
Swim +7


Child of Temple (+1 Knowledge(Religion) and Knowledge(Nobility), Knowledge(Religion) is always a class skill)

Starchild (Desna) (Always know where true North is, +4 to survival checks to prevent becoming lost)

300gp starting

75 gp Falchion 8 lbs
24 gp Starknife 3 lbs
25 gp Studded Leather 20lbs
100 gp Harrow Deck - lbs
25 gp Silver Holy Symbol of Desna 1 lbs
25 gp?? The Eight Scrolls 3 lbs???
1 gp 2lbs of tobacco 2 lbs
2 gp 2 waterskins 8 lbs
5 gp nice engraved pipe - lbs
18 gp liquid assests, see below 4.5 lbs
300 gp Total 49.5 lbs Light load

Light: 100
Medium: 200
Heavy: 300
Lift: 600
Overhead: 300
Push: 1500

Liquid Assets:

Basic Description:

Katallin is an ex-pirate, turned world traveler. He loves three things: Desna, travel, and his sword, though not always in that order. He is a fighter trying to become in truth as good with the weapon he carries as he believes himself to already be.

Katallin is a formidable sight. He stands just over six feet tall and weighs 200 pounds. He has dark hair and light eyes and a somewhat condescending grin ever-present on his otherwise warm face. He carries a falchion on his back and appears to be very comfortable with it's weight and that of his armor, like a man in a uniform. His cloak and boots are always travel worn for he calls only the night sky and his dreams home.


It was 23 years ago that Desna led one fateful pirate into the Eel's End's House of Clouds. There this young pirate met and procured the services of Shazula Zelarivu. That's where The Great Katallin's story begins. From that union were spawned twins, Katallin and Kazital. Boys will be boys and Kat and Kaz where always getting into trouble of one sort or another. Usually with Zeriah, a fellow Varisian girl, and few others thier same age. Kat was usualy the least likely to actually be doing something wrong, but whenever trouble arose, Kat would always put himself between it and Kaz, Zeriah, and the rest of the group.

In doing this was how Kat first met Viraj. One day after swiping some sweet flaky tarts from a merchant cart the group had been pursued by the merchants son, a boy a few years older than Kat. The boy was catching up, so in typical Kat fashion he turned around to face the merchant's son. Kat did not fair well against a boy a few years older than him, and probably would not have survived if it weren't for the intervention of Viraj. Viraj was a cleric of Desna, and knew that Luck had brought this boy before him. Seeing Desna's mark upon him Viraj healed the broken bones, and bruises that Kat had suffered from the merchant boy and made a deal with Kat to come back to work off the favor. Kat didn't come back. Not that he didn't want to or was trying to avoid Viraj, he just got sidetracked. Viraj extended his stay for two weeks waiting for Kat but had pressing matters and left town, trusting to Desna's judgement on the subject.

The next two years were fairly uneventful for Kat. The gang adopted Zeriah's tutor's daughter, Ashasha as kind of a mascot. Zeriah's skills in fortune telling piqued Kat's interest and he would often attend any classes about harrow reading that he could.

Viraj returned to Korvosa a couple years later, arriving at night and before he had made it two blocks into the city he bumped into Kat. Grabbing Kat by the ear he drug him to an alleyway and demanded an explanation. Without being satisfied he forced Kat to take him to his mother. Viraj wanted to take Kat away from his mother to work off his debt. Shazula was intrigued and agreed to send Kat with him, seeing that a life serving a Priest of Desna might actually be able to keep her troublesome son out of trouble. Little did she know that most of the trouble Kat got into was a direct result of shielding Kaz from the trouble he got into. Kat was immediately against the proposition until he learned that as a Priest of Desna Viraj spent much of his time travelling. Then Kat leaped at the opportunity. The next five years Viraj trained Kat in the knowledge and glory of Desna and the proper use of a Harrow Deck. Viraj's travelling companion, Rasha, proved to be quite a distraction. She was a beautiful warrior that Kat was constantly trying to impress. He would spend all his free time from travel, studies, and other duties with Viraj learning the way of weapons from Rasha just for the sake spending time with her.

Viraj was always trying to get Kat to join the Desnian clergy, but Kat was not ready. When the five years were up Viraj decided once again that Desna knows best and returned to Korvosa to return Kat to his family and friends. When they returned Kat found that Kaz was working on shipping vessels and his mother was growing too old to remain in her proffesion, and Zeriah and Ashasha had a street-performing/thieving enterprise established. Kat took up his old place as bodyguard to Zeriah and Ashasha, this time a quite deal more capable. He would also perform Harrow readings for free though he accepted tips. Kat was always longing for something more though. After five year Viraj returned to Korvosa. Viraj had read in the cards that Kat and Kaz must go seek out their father and gave Kat the knowledge of how to find him. With the knowledge that Kat's father was a pirate he was able to convince Kaz to travel with him to meet their father.

Miguel Ramos barely even remembered the night that had lead to him supposedly spawning these two boys. It was undeniable that their rugged good looks had been the evolution of his own. So when these boys came to him he asked his captain to put the boys to work. Kaz excelled as a seafarer. Quickly he was promoted amongst the crew as the navigator. Though Kat knew much about the stars, and had a sixth sense for direction, he could never put that knowledge to good use like his brother could. But Kat could handle a sword. He may not have been the best at swordplay, but he was young and it was obvious that he would get better.

On the ship Kat found himself acting as a moral authority of sorts. He couldn't help but teach of Desna, and perform Harrow readings, especially on those beautiful starlit nights. One day in port at Maginmar he bumped into Ashasha. She had been on the run from some kind of trouble so Kat and Kaz convinced Miguel to allow her on the ship as a cabin girl. This lead to a deep moral conflict inside Kat. He felt somehow responsible for Ashasha's problems, so one night in port not far from Korvosa(or in Korvosa on DM's fiat) Kat convinced Ashasha that it was time to get some closure on her problems back home(though Kat and Ashasha have very different ideals on what form this closure is going to take). They departed Miguel's ship and returned after five years to Korvosa.


"Alone and outnumbered The Great Katallin once bested three marauding pirates!" Katallin has been lucky. Though not really a personality trait, it has shaped his personality. Katallin believes himself to be better with the sword then he truly is. This primarily comes down to him defeating rivals he could not have beaten without luck to have given him the upper hand. Pirates who tried to board his ship while it was weakened after a good haul before getting to port found themselves always slipping on a loose board on the deck giving Katallin an opportunity to land a decisive blow. Or when boarding a merchant ship Katallin was faced with three superior swordsmen who were all dispatched by a snapped line that caused the sail to pull a loose rope tripping up their feet, throwing them off balance and right into Katallin's assault. Kattallin is not completely unaware of his luck, but he certainly thinks its not quite as important as his skill. His personal motto is "Some say better lucky than good, I believe best to be lucky and good." His delusions of grandeur make Katalin rather fearless, and prone to stupidity. His worship of Desna and his history of everything turning out okay make the "discretion" part of valor a completely alien concept to him. He willing throws himself into the fray without thought of personal safety. He willing goes where others fear without worry of repercussion.

Aside from his superiority complex Katallin is a very likable guy. He follows his heart and encourages others to do the same. If he weren't so oblivious to danger he would make a good leader, as his refusal to even contemplate the possibility of failure is rather contagious. He has a joking, never very serious attitude, and even sees death as little more then just a journey to a new realm, and nothing to be saddened by.