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Don't you sass me, son.

I felt that, and I'm a ghost by gum!

Today's political situation would have me rolling over in my grave, if I weren't a ghost. Where's my stick?

Joe Lieberman wrote:
John McCain wrote:
These young people don't give us older guys any respect do they? Things sure were different when this country was founded. I should know, I was there!

If only you had won that election... Then I'll bet that the Democrats would have seen that I was pulling for the winner and would have made me their majority leader for showing them the way.

That's how people like you and me did things back in the Roosevelt era. The Teddy Roosevelt era.

You might remember when I said this, Joey:

"A vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends upon the character of the user."

If I were still around, I'd have you all brought to my private lodge in Cuba, then I'd practice "Talking softly but carrying a big stick". Only I won't be doing any talking.