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KnightErrantJR wrote:

1. There was no set way to adjudicate mass combat. It should have been fairly quick to figure up how much a "unit" was worth, and how that unit would fare against another unit with one or two dice rolls, because . . .

2. There were "real time" and "turn based" elements going on at the same time, and they didn't mesh well. Before combat even started, more units would arrive and support this or that house, and while we were in the middle of resolving something via standard 3.5 rules, "real time" things were being done that apparently affected our characters that had no say in said "real time" issues because we were still busy trying to resolve something using 3.5 rules.

I agree wholeheartedly. My suggestion for the future is that the first 75% of the event be the negotiations and wars, mostly resolved with simple die rolls / circumstance bonuses like I imagine a LARP would be run. The last 25% could be a tactical fight between the remaining houses ala 3.5. This way people would feel they had a chance to have a "proper" fight with their character if they were lucky to survive that long.

Considering all the challenges, and that this was the first crack at it, it at least showed how much potential a mass event like this could have if tweaked a bit. I had a freakin blast!



I had an absolute blast playing in each of the 3 scenarios I entered. My GMs were awesome and it was a very well run event. I was amazed it was not more chaotic than it was- Josh did an excellent job of herding us around as needed.


George Krieger wrote:

P.S. Congrats to Hans House, M.D. for intriguing his way to having his character crowned Queen. Thanks to the Shackleton brothers for some of the best roleplay I have ever seen, hands-down. Long live Queen Sho'Benigm and House Sardavic!


Thanks George. That was so much fun. It was awesome to know that we stirred up so many hornets nests at once that it ultimately destroyed us. And that the end result was still our Matron on the throne! The evil drow gods work in mysterious ways.

Thanks to all members of House Sardavic for being such a cool bunch to game with.

I echo the concerns with all the chaos but once I realized what it really was we were there to do (something a little more LARP-like) I threw myself into it with gusto and had a blast!

My most fun moment was probably bellowing that one of the other house leaders was a coward to goad her into a duel (as my character's cursed sword demanded).

The whole thing was nuts and almost disturbing it was so chaotic, but ultimately I had a great time.



"I certainly had fun playing Voltura Caldrana, the matron of the House of Dark Flames....even with the botched assasination attempt on my life. (I tip my hat off to whoever you are since I didnt catch your name) :-)"

Actually that was me, if you mean my walking in your front door to challenge you to a duel to the death. That combined with shouting to everyone assembled that you were a coward to try to goad you into a fight. But I must protest it was the sword of Vanity that made me do it! Overconfidence is a killer!

Unless I have the wrong guy. I had a blast holding off an entire house of ten for two full rounds!

It was a good way to go.