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With the close of First Edition, I would like to cancel my Adventure Path subscription. Best of luck!

If you want one random person's opinion, as someone who has only read it, I think Ruins of Azlant is a fantastic premise that forgets what's interesting about the pitch around the halfway point of Chapter 2. The whole Roanoke disappearance beginning and traversal of ancient ruins is cool, but the focus shifts pretty quickly to stuff that's about as thematically boilerplate as it gets. For example, there's an npc late in Chapter 2 that was alive during the height of the Azlanti empire and witnessed Earthfall, and there is no support for the PCs to interact with her beyond getting a temporary McGuffin. If your group really, really likes Aboleth in particular then maybe there's something in there. But you'll also be forcing your group to endure about 50% of the combat encounters being underwater.

So, to second a point made above, are the future adventures in the path going to account for the possibility that an evil or neutral party might just decide to eliminate the threat to Eutropia's claim?

I haven't seen this mentioned so I'll assume I'm the first to bring it up - the Strength Check on Page 13 looks to have a typo in the DC. Unless players are meant to fish for natural 20's.