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Armor Coat - when raging your AC is shot to crap anyway, so why not have something you can dump in an emergency?

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Big fan of the simple stuff like False Life (Level 2). Always useful from low to high.

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I don't have time to publish the build right now but I have an INT based fighter for shattered star that was built from a PFS build. Half level ranks in all INT skills and at least one rank in every other skill (except the three that aren't class skills). That Combined with serious combat capabilities.

This build is entirely possible.

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Additionally, SKR has stated on a number of occasions that the lack of +1 attribute enhancing items was a deliberate design exclusion.

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Half Varisian (mother's side), Half Chelaxian (father's side) Ranger/Fighter/Student of War. Grew up in Varisia with two Pathfinder parents, one of which died on an expedition, the other who has retired to run a stabling service for adventurers and exotic mounts. I grew up in my parent's shadow (even occasionally going on some "expeditions") and now I feel it a matter of pride to continue the family name in the chronicles.

The character will be a tomb exploring first and foremost who happens to wield a sword and board.

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To all saying "let it slide", there's a community use policy for a reason. If you're going to use Paizo images to which they've been kind enough to grant non-profit use to the public, the least you can do is follow the policy. If Paizo wants to hold their copyrights and trademarks, they have to defend them, that's the way it works.

Also, this is not some "random blogger," it's PZ Meyers, one of the most vocal atheists behind Dawkins. I'm an avid reader of the blog, so it's wasn't difficult to see.

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GringoireDM wrote:
oh, and please make a review on appstore, because there is an idiot's one star that is killing me... he says "not sure how it works"... hell guys, i think that this is a very simple app... i could say "for dummies" in fact the youtube video is a little ironic as you can see. :D


I've been holding my tongue on this for two weeks. In fact I've written this post twice now only to delete it both times. This time I'm not going to continue to hold back.

I realize there is a language barrier here, but honestly, you need to tone down your attitude to your customers. You've referred to customers as cheap in the past, tell them they're wrong regularly, and you're now using terms like "idiot". While tone is very difficult to convey over the written word, what you write often comes off as whiny and unappreciative of those who if not are already customers, are potential customers. When I see your posts I have come to the point that I assume that they will be somehow less-than-friendly. Since in your position of sales, perception is reality, what you're doing is painting your product in a very negative light.

I bought Summoner, I find it a solid application that does its job well, but your posts have made me completely uninterested in providing your group with any further business even though I think your products have potential. Takilian Rueshin does a great job presenting what's changing and often sounds appreciative and friendly to your customers. This may come off as harsh, but you should consider vetting what you post before you do so, and strongly consider letting Takilian do most of the talking, because frankly, I find comments about customers such as this one to make me completely unwilling to send you guys any more money, and frankly it's kept me from even considering putting money down on anything else.

The reason Paizo does so well is that they put out good product AND have a great public face. You have half the equation, I'd hate to see you guys fail because of the other half.

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leo1925 wrote:
2)A few bonus tricks? Seriously? A benefit that goes away when the animal companion gets INT 3?

*grabs a bag of popcorn and waits for somebody to bring up Jason's blog post.*