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Up and hello !

What is the speed of the armed hand ? 15 feet (like Mage hand) or 30 feet ?

When the hand attack a foe "within 30 feet", is it "30 feet" from the wizard, or "30 feet" from the hand ?

Thanks !

And barbarian should increase STR (for dmg), DEX (for CHA), CON (for rage), and CHA (for equilibrate the D10), with poor WIS (for will) ? while sorcerers and wizards use 1 or 2 stats ?? Barbarian will became useless without great charisma boost...

But giant crocodile and dire ape have poor AC, can't pass DR by their own means, and stay for only one fight (and Dire Ape has few hp)).

Yeah, they have a good range, but the wizard/sorceror can cast Enlarge Person at this level.

I think it's a good palliative for groups without figthers/barbarian/pala !

Allow more spells choices for wizards domains ! Lets the player choose between 3, or 4 spells for each domain powers.
A specialist should choose what he wants learn !

Allow the "bonus skills" in consideration of differents stats, not only the Int. :
- a Str. bonus of x gives x (x/2 ?) Str. skills in bonus ;
- Int. gives Int. skills in bonus ;
- Cha. gives Cha. skills in bonus ;
- ...

I think you should allow to remove "at-will powers" at first level, or propose a specific rule for universe where magic is less prolific...

Don't you think that these feats should be revised ?
For example : Spell Focus for conjuration school is useless, but Spell Focus for Necromancy school is useful.

Here, a houserule inspired by a Dragon Mag' :

Allow the player to choose between 3 differents effects for Spell Focus :
* +1 to the DD of each spell of the school (generic effect) ;
> Useful for Ench., Necro. & Illus.
* +1 to the spellcaster level for duration & effects ;
> Useful for Trans., Abj. & Div.
* On a dice, 1 becomes 2.
> Useful for Evoc. & Conjur.

For Great Spell Focus, the effect is the same, but more powerful (it replaces the effect of Spell Focus, of course) :
* +2 to the DD of each spell of the school (generic effect) ;
* +2 to the spellcaster level for duration & effects ;
* On a dice, 1 & 2 become 3.

PS : sorry, my english is "approximate". : )

Yep, magic is a great phenomen, for me it's obvious that it can do things most powerful and terrifying that a simple sword !

It's not a problem if a warrior is less deadly than a mage at high level, that's logical : it's team play ! The people that thinks "level down" and save or die" are not fun, should try D&D4.0.

I think you should propose this rule like an option, like "replace save or die effect by 10dmg/cl" for example.

It's too strange : Necromancy can't kill on bad saves, but illusion, yes !

A powerful necromancer (sorcerer or wizard) can't kill on one dice, but bard could !

I agree totaly, IMO the necromancy has lost too many things.

So sad... :'(