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First of all, Paizo should be making the images for replacements available so that people can print off their own fixed versions if they want to. Other companies do this.

Secondly, I agree - printing a few extra cards should be part of a future expansion. Again, other companies do this.

Gary Johns wrote:
Most of the rules make sense with the "spirit" of the game and was how I interpreted them till I read the messageboards.

Yeah, cards which just need clarification I wouldnt bother with, but the recharge check being wrong on Detect Magic, and the Warhammer missing the MAGIC trait, Scorching Ray saying "BASIC" - they are the ones I would 'fix'.

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Is there a chance that you can release images of the fixed cards, so that I can print off my own versions and slide the printout into a card sleeve over the top of the original card?

I'm going to do this myself using photoshop, but it would be much nicer (and quicker) if you were able to offer the fixed images so that we can update our sets.